Peacock video quality support and frame rate

Video stream quality is key in any streaming service. You don’t need to go through an hour or two of bad picture quality just trying to catch your favorite program. If you’re looking to buy a peacock premium soon, it’s good that you understand all we got to do with Peacock video quality support and frame rate as well as any other features that come with it.

Peacock comes with a number of features and programs that you don’t want to watch in low or medium quality. So, what quality does peacock support and what do you do when the quality goes down? Let’s find out;

Peacock TV video quality

peacock has a great video quality range provision for all its customers and services. Peacock supports all programs running on 4K UHD quality.

If you do not have any other issues, especially with the internet, you are likely to enjoy the program quality there is. However, not all programs on peacock are available in 4K quality.

Besides this great capability, the picture quality is refined. The video quality for most soccer and NFL football is great and can steam very well at medium internet speed connections. Most of these are aired in 1080p so you can be able to access them at a quality of 1080p.

Peacock offers its services in full HD for premium subscribers. On top of exclusive access, you are able to get the programs of the highest quality that they have to offer.

Peacock video quality

Bad video quality on peacock

It is normal to experience bad video quality on peacock tv sometimes. It could be anything, maybe the settings, your internet, or even a thunderstorm interfering with the transmission signal.

It is never easy to decide which issue is affecting your video quality just by looking at it. You need to get around your device or account to check the issue.

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Sometimes, it might be a problem with the peacock servers. So before you are convinced that the problem is with the internet connection or your device, you should try checking whether peacock is down.

It is a simple process that requires visiting peacock’s status page and check on the down detector to see if it is down at that moment.

What frame rate is peacock

After a long time of relatively low quality, it’s finally possible to have sports events aired on peacock at 60(59.96)fps. However, it’s not confirmed yet and you might want to turn on your HUD developer menu on your apple TV to see.

For the match replays on premier league, you might still see a lower quality due to the lower frame rate. If you check, it might still be streaming at 30(29.97) fps.

There’s more to the quality than just the frame rate. For some reasons, some devices might support a higher frame rate than others, hence a better quality. So also check that your device can support high streaming quality.

Another important factor is the subscription option you take. If you want the best streaming services at up to 4k quality, you’d definitely wanna take a peacock premium or peacock premium plus subscription.

For the peacock free subscription, you will only get select programs in HD quality. The rest might not be available in the free option.

peacock tv frame rate and quality

Peacock Video quality support

While you might say that peacock supports a certain quality of video stream, you still have the option of selecting the quality of the video you want to watch. You have three video quality options to choose from.

You can select between low, medium, and high quality. They range between 240p and 1080p. However, for UHD 4K-enabled programs, you can stream at up to 1440p.

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Selecting between those is very simple. All you have to do is go to the top right of your video and click on the settings icon. Select between the video quality options and you are good to go. If everything is okay with your device and the subscription, you should see your video change to the quality you selected immediately.

what devices support Peacock?

You can access peacock on a number of different devices. These range from your mobile devices to your TV in the house. For mac, windows, and Chromecast, there is a web player to help you access the services off the internet.

The main platforms that support peacocks include; android, android TV, ios, fire tablet, fire tv, smart cast tv, LG smart tv, Samsung smart tv, Chromecast, x-box one, and Vizio smart cast.

Finally, peacock is on PlayStation 4 and Roku to cover almost all the platforms that are commonly used for streaming. Note that for all these platforms you can access the services on peacock on high quality and you have so much control over that.

peacock support

4K movies on peacock

All the content on peacock is usually in HD. You can view all your favorite shows and program in HD since peacock supports high-quality video. However, for even better quality, you can upgrade to premium to have any shows you want in up to 4K UHD.

Generally, there is high-quality content on peacock in all the supported formats that we have on the various platforms. Remember it is possible to select between different resolutions when watching during the streaming.

Peacock video quality support and frame rate-FAQs

What video quality is Peacock?

So far, several programs on peacock are in 4K but they are only available to premium users. However, almost all the content on peacock is in HD. The additional high quality is available for a few select programs for free, but as for the premium option, you definitely have more programs in HD.

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Why is the video quality poor on Peacock?

At times the video quality of videos on peacocks is quite low. This could be due to a number of issues that affect the stream quality. The most common one is due to internet connectivity. When your internet is low, you are like to have a problem watching your favorite program on peacock. There are other issues as well, ranging from servers being down at times to cache on your browser. You can learn more about poor video quality on a peacock and how to solve it in our guide here.

Can I change the video quality on Peacock?

You can change the resolution or video quality you are watching simply by selecting a video to watch, tapping on the settings icon on the top right corner then selecting between auto, low, medium, and high quality to watch. This might have nothing to do with your device at all.

Does Peacock stream 4K?

Initially, there wasn’t an option of watching any program on peacock. However, later on, peacock added the option of watching in 4K but it is only available to members who have premium and premium plus subscriptions. All programs have the HD option though and you don’t have to have the premium for you to access any program in HD.

Where is settings on Peacock?

The settings option is always visible after you sign into the peacock account you are using. You should be able to see a navigation menu, from which you can scroll to settings and find anything you want to change, as well as manage your parental controls.

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