Peackock slow or not loading?


Peackock slow or not loading?

Streaming is a process which sometimes consumes a heavy internet connection or data connection. If your internet connection is low or poor, you might experience aa lot of buffering, which makes the transmission if the videos slow. Is your peacock slow or not loading? Let’s find out the possible causes and how to solve them.

To understand why that happens, it’s important to understand how it works first. Basically, during streaming, the data that makes up your video is transmitted to your device in a continuous stream rather than separate data packets which are smaller like it dies when downloading the video.

If a delay happens during this transmission process, you are likely to experience the pauses on your show, which is called buffering. These delays in transmission could be caused by poor internet connection or a problem with your browser.

How to fix Peacock tv slow or not loading

Main causes of buffering on peacock tv

Buffering is most common when the internet connection is poor or there is a problem with your device or the streaming service. However, there could be some other issues that are likely to cause buffering or low video quality.

The following are the main causes of buffering;

  • poor internet connection
  • Your router is transmitting at a low speed
  • You are logged into different devices
  • You are using VPN
  • There might be a server issue.

As we have explained, the video stream usually gets slow and starts loading amidst watching because the parts that you are supposed to see have to be downloaded first before you can watch them.

The main issue comes back to the internet connectin. If you have a poor internet connection you are likely to experience a lot of buffering.

How to fix slow loading or buffering on peacock

One among the above issues might be possibly affecting your video quality or the streaming speed of your videos. Now that we know the possible causes, what can we do to fix this?

If your peacock video is slow or not loading, try doing the following;

  • Stop any large uploads or downloads or games that are using the same network as the one you are streaming on. Having huge uploads or games going on in the background consumes more day which makes your video slow.
  • Use a single device to stream. Multiple devices sourcing from the same platform are likely to cause the stream to buffer.
  • For the internet speed, you can have anything not less than 3mbps. However, some streams require heavy consumption or high internet speed. A minimum of 8mbps might serve you best.
  • try reloading the program if the buffering continues since sometimes it might be a server problem.
Peacock slow or not loading?

How to check if peacock servers are down

We have found out that one if the main issues that come with buffering might be that the servers are down. Therefore, after doing all the other things to remedy this situation, you might find out that it is still not working.

This possibly means that the TV server might be low due to maintainance or any other issues. However, to be sure, you can head over to the status page of peacock tv to check the current status.

There is a downdetector, a tool that is used to determine if the servers are down. If the servers have a problem, it means that you can only wait for the developers to fix the issue.

If not, you can try any of the other options we have mentioned above.

Other remedies

Apart from restoring your internet and reducing the number of devices you are using or stopping background usage, there are a few things you can check into.

They include the following two basic remedies;

  • Checking your router
  • Disconnecting your VPN

check your router

sometimes, the internet might be coming in at just the right speed. However, the router might be transmitting it at a slower speed. This might be due to minor disconnections or any other issues with the router.

Checking your router might help you discover what the problem is and fix it. Check all the cables and make sure they are firmly in place. This should take just a few minutes to conduct and fix.

If that was the issue, the stream should just come back on with the right speed, preferably better that it was before.

Switch off the VPN if you’re using one

VPN incredibly slows down the stream speed. This is because the video being transmitted from peacock tv servers has to bounce between additional servers under the VPN before it reaches you.

Switching it off will do away with the process that your video has to go through before it reaches you. This time it will be at a higher speed and therefore you won’t have any buffering any more.

how to fix peacock tv buffering

If you try all the above and the app isn’t working, there might be another problem which might need to be fixed a different way. See our guide here to know how to fix peacock app not working.

A summary of causes slow peacock video steam and how to fix them

causehow to fix
slow internetrestore your internet connection
vpndisable vpn when streaming
multiple devicesuse a single device when streaming
huge uploads/downloads in the backgroundcancel any uploads when streaming
routercheck that your router is working properly
how to fix peacock slow or not loading

For problems such as subscription issues, you might need to contact peacock tv customer support for help. Be sure to check out our guide to the support contacts here as well.

Get customer support from peacock

Peacock slow or not loading-FAQs

Why is Peacock so slow on my TV?

peacock streaming becomes very slow when the internet connection is poor. If you are experiencing this, make sure you disengage all the other devices using the same network to reduce the work load on the internet connection. You should also avoid using multiple devices to stream.

Does Peacock stream 4K?

Basically, most of the programs on peacock are in are quality. Not that the option of UHD 4K quality is not available, but you have to pay a premium and upgrade your plan to get videos in this high quality. Remember the higher the quality, the more internet you need.

How do I fix Peacock streaming quality?

Low quality is caused by almost the same issues as when the peacock app or website is buffering. You need to check your internet connection. You might also want to check if the servers are down or clear cookies and storage in the app settings to improve your quality and stream speed. If those don’t work, consider refreshing the app or restarting the streaming device you are using.

Does Peacock premium have better quality?

Yes. The peacock app is likely to offer more content and better quality when you purchase the premium. You get to see EPL games as well as other versions of the common programs that you have never seen before. However, if you are experiencing problems such as slow streaming, it might not help as much since it might have something to do with your device and internet connection.

How do you clear the cache on a Peacock?

To clear cache on your peacock app, go to the settings of your device, select apps, select peacock app, tap cache and storage, tap clear cache to clear cache. This will significantly improve your streaming speed and quality. If you experience problems with the app, it is one of the things that you want to do first since it helps a great deal.

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