How do I fix Binge Bad Streaming Quality?


How do I fix Binge Bad Streaming Quality?

Not liking the stream quality on the video you’re watching on binge? You’re probably asking How do I fix Binge Bad Streaming Quality?

Well, you can easily change that and enjoy higher or better quality. It is difficult to do it if you don’t understand how it works first.

Are you having trouble with Binge steaming quality. Here are easy fixes that work;

How to fix bad quality on Binge

Follow the process below to fix bad quality on Binge;

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to fix bad quality on Binge

  1. Sign in to Binge

    Sign in to your Binge account as normal and select a video to watch.

  2. Tap the settings icon

    If you’re using mobile, tap on the “viewing options” icon, if you’re on browser use the “audio and settings” and if you are using TV, use the remote control up button to navigate to the quality settings icon.

  3. Choose between the available quality settings

    You will see the SD(standard definition) and HD (high definition) options under the quality settings. Select between them just by clicking on the one you want.

  4. Select the quality you want

    Under the available video quality options, select the one that suits you best. You can either choose a better quality or lower quality depending on the internet connection.

With that simple process, you can change your stream quality to suit the internet speed you are using so that you can enjoy the video with the best quality.

how to fix bad quality on Binge

How to change streaming quality on gaming consoles(PS4 and PS5)

How do I fix Binge Bad Streaming Quality on a gaming console? Well here is how;

If you are enjoying your favourite program on binge using your console, you can still change the video stream quality to also suit your needs.

The following is a simple process you can follow to change the video quality of your stream on Binge, on your gaming console;

  • Select a video to watch
  • Using your game controller, open the options tray on the left top of your screen
  • On the options, select video quality you want. There is SD (standard definition) and High definition.
  • Tap on the video Quality you want to select it.

Binge Subscription and video quality support

It is important to note that the subscription you have on Binge will directly affect the stream quality you will be watching your videos in.

For basic plan subscribers, you will only have access to standard definition (SD). On the other hand, if you have premium or standard subscription, your default video quality will be set to High definition (HD).

Note that on the standard and premium subscriptions, you can change to standard definition but on the basic subscription, you cannot change to high definition. It is best to use the premium or standard subscription to have access to high quality videos.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no provision for 4K streaming by Binge. You can enjoy your video in 1080p High definition quality. However, you might soon be able to stream in 4k on Binge.

Binge streaming quality

Why you have bad streaming quality

It is possible to have trouble streaming videos in the quality you want on Binge because of other issues other that your subscription plan.

The following are the main other problems that can cause low video quality on you Binge video stream;

  • poor internet connection
  • Using more than one device with the same account
  • You have not changed from default settings

The above three reasons could make your video quality low even if you have premium subscription. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and you have changed the video quality settings from default since it is often set to standard quality. (SD)

Also try to use a less crowded internet connection and use a single device to stream to reduce the load. This essentially improves the stream quality.

Learn more about binge issues and how to resolve them here.

What quality does Binge stream in?

Binge currently provides it’s content in the following two quality variations;

  • Standard definition (SD)
  • High definition (HD)

If you sign up for basic subscription plan, you will have all your videos on standard definition by default. However, if you have a standard or premium subscription plan, you will be able to stream your videos in High definition.

As we mentioned earlier, right now, Binge does not support 4k streaming and therefore the best you can stream in right now is 1080p HD.

Other Binge bad video quality fixes

There are a few more fixes that you might want to try if all the other ones fail. They include the following;

  • Disable VPN if you’re using any
  • Try pausing your video before restarting it to stabilise the stream
  • Check the internet connection
  • change your internet connection
  • Upgrade your subscription to access high quality streaming
Binge quality support


How do you fix BINGE quality?

To fix Binge quality, open any video on binge, select the settings icon and navigate to video quality settings. You can the select between standard and high definition according to how you prefer it. Note that if you are using a basic subscription plan, you cannot access videos in high definition.

Why is BINGE so glitchy?

This might be as a result of poor internet connection or maybe using a device that is not compatible with Binge. Always check that you have a stable internet connection before starting your stream. Also use a device that is up to date to ensure compatibility with Binge.

Does BINGE do 4K?

Binge is only major streaming service in Australia that currently doesn’t offer it’s videos in 4k. There has been quite an uproar over the same from the users in the recent past. However, there are plans to do so very soon and the 4k feature might be incorporated to your videos to have a better stream quality.

Why does my video keep buffering even though I have good internet?

That might be an issue with the compatibility of your device with Binge. You need to check whether the version if your device that You’re using is up to date or generally compatible with binge. Check your device compatibility with Binge here.

Does BINGE have Dolby Digital?

Yes. Binge specifies that only select packages have the HD option but most of the content on Binge has Dolby digital. Specifically, the standard and premium subscription package has all it’s content available in HD wile for the basic subscription, you can only get standard definition.

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