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How much is Mercedes G wagon in Kenya-price of G-wagon in kenya

The Mercedes-Benz G wagon is a very powerful and luxurious SUV, that is not that popular in Kenya, but is usually purchased by a few adventurous businessmen and successful artists. Most of us curious about the car industry tend to ask how much is Mercedes G wagon in Kenya. Don’t worry we got you covered.

Mercedes G-wagon retails at anywhere from ksh.12million – 33million in Kenya. However, it is important to understand that these prices are not fixed and they are likely to vary with the dealership.

Mercedes G-Wagon price in Kenya

  • The 2015 model goes for Ksh. 12,000,000
  • The 2016 model goes for Ksh. 15,200,000
  • The 2017 model goes for Ksh. 19,500,000
  • The 2018 model goes for Ksh. 21,300,000
  • The 2019 model goes for Ksh. 25,300,000
  • The 2020 model goes for Ksh. 28,100,000
  • The 2021 model goes for Ksh. 33,080,000
Mercedes G wagon prices in Kenya

Mercedes Benz G wagon key features

Mercedes G-class

As you are well aware the Mercedes Benz G wagon is usually distributed into two different specifications which include the model AMG G63 and the model G550.

Both of the G wagon models have great performance although the AMG model has slightly more brutish engines as opposed to the model G550 contributes to faster performance.

The Mercedes G550

The Mercedes G550 has an adventurous look due to its iconic style and reinforced and durable steel body. It easily cruises on highways, rough stretches, and hilly roads without losing momentum or speed.

The car model can easily sprint from zero km/hr. to 100 km/hr. as it has a 4.0L engine that generates up to 420 horsepower. The interior of the car is roomy and has a wood finish, a heat-resistant sunroof, and hand-stitched leather. The seats are very supportive and comfortable.

new Mercedes g-wagon for sale

Key features of the Mercedes G550

  •  Rain sensor wipers
  • Keyless start and entry
  • Nineteen to twenty-inch tires
  • Maximum power of 416 horsepower
  • The engine capacity of 3983 cc
  • Acceleration from 0-100 km/hr. In about 5.6 seconds
  • Adaptive and reliable cruise control
  • All-wheel drive
  • Interior LED ambient lighting
  • Can hold up to five passengers
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Mercedes model AMG G63

Most of us tend to wonder how much is Mercedes G wagon in Kenya. The Mercedes model AMG G63 is quite expensive and has the following features. It has a 4.0L V8 turbocharged engine with a horsepower of 577.

Everything in the model is developed to intensify and quicken the model’s response. Exhaust routing and fuel pressure are some of the developed factors. The car model can easily accelerate from zero to a hundred in about 4.3 seconds.

It is a four-wheel-drive car. It can easily glide over muddy, rocky, and bumpy surfaces without transferring shock toward the cabin. The cabin abounds in materials that are handcrafted which include front seats that are lushly countered to provide extra support for the shoulders and your back.

The new 2021 model comes in different colors that you can choose from that including gloss and matte options.

Mercedes g-wagon for sale in Kenya

Key features of the Mercedes AMG G63

  • Rain sensor wipers
  • A screen of 12.3 inches
  • Performance breaks
  • Can hold up to five passengers
  • Maximum power of 577 horsepower
  • All-wheel drive
  • Engine capacity of 3982 cc
  • It has a 4.0L V8 twin-turbocharged engine type
  • It can easily accelerate from zero to a hundred in about 4.3 seconds
  • It has adaptive and adjustable suspenders
  • It has a unique body style and grille

You should know that the prices above can be negotiated hence you can buy your g wagon at a low price than the one shown above. The prices for G wagon vary depending on factors that include the seller, the year it was manufactured, specifications, variations, and conditions.

Some of the car models tend to be cheaper compared to the others hence it can be a great deal.

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Before you purchase your g wagon, you should be in a good position to inspect the car thoroughly and be sure you know about the seller’s reputation. Most buyers tend to notice issues after purchase, which is why you should always consider purchasing your Mercedes g wagon from a reputable and trustworthy dealer.

The dealer should be in a good position to handle all the car affairs including bidding, clearing, shipping, and also registration of your new Mercedes Benz model G wagon.

Mercedes G-wagon for sale in Nairobi

The Mercedes G-wagon is available in Nairobi at several different car dealerships allover the city. However, the prices of this car are not the same at every dealership in Kenya. That is what it is important to discuss the price of the G-wagon in Nairobi.

The car goes for a minimum of ksh.12 million anywhere in Kenya. This also marks it’s minimum price in Nairobi. However, since there are many dealers, including those who can import the car for you, you might be lucky to find the car at a much lower price than that.

Online dealerships like Jiji and Be forward might help you find this car at a lower price. This option is available for used cars in most cases, so don’t expect to find a new one cheaply unless it has a discount.

G-wagon for sale in Mombasa

Since there are several dealerships in Mombasa that provide this car, it is wise to consider a number of them before making up your mind to purchase it.

Most of the cars in Mombasa are imported and their prices could be higher or lower depending on the logistics. Therefore, considering a number of sellers first would be advantageous.

How much is Mercedes G wagon in Kenya-FAQs

How much does a G Wagon cost in Kenya in 2022?
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The price of a Mercedes G-wagon in Kenya ranges from ksh.12 million-sh. 33million. You could get it for less when you buy a used one from one of the car dealers in Kenya. the price also varies with the model and the year of manufacture. However, the mentioned range of price is what it is valued at in Kenya.

How much does a 2021 G Wagon AMG cost?

The price of a new 2021 G-wagon in Kenya is Ksh. 33 million. Depending on whether you are buying it new or used, the price of this car can slightly vary. however, this car still remains one of the most expensive cars in Kenya.

How much is a fully loaded G Wagon 2021?

The price of a new Mercedes G-wagon 2021 is ksh.33million in Kenya. This car is one of the most expensive ones in the country. however, used ones are valued at a lower price. due to its luxury features and its exclusive design, this car still holds the top rank in vehicle history in Kenya.

Who owns a Mercedes G Wagon in Kenya?

Due to its high price, this car is one of the rarest owned cars in Kenya. Very few people own it in Kenya including president Uhuru Kenyatta, influential lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and famous news anchor Jeff Koinange among a few others. This car costs up to 33 million shillings, which can explain why very few own it in Kenya.

Is the G Wagon bulletproof?

No. The G-wagon does not necessarily come with bulletproof armor in built but it can be added as per the user’s preference. even with the amour added, the car still maintains its design and its luxury. The option can therefore be added at any time.

What is the most expensive G Wagon?

The Mercedes G650 Landaulet is the most expensive Mercedes car. the G650 is a beefy convertible with exclusive features that match its luxury. This car goes at an average price of sh.12million-33million in Kenya depending on the year of manufacture.

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