Kayo 502 Bad Gateway Error Fix

A 502 bad gateway error is common across many websites. It’s basically a result of one server receiving an invalid response from another server. With Kayo, this sometimes happens and you need to know what to do when it does happen. Let’s find out the best Kayo 502 bad gateway error fix.

To understand that, we first have to go down to the main cause and why you are getting a 502 bad gateway error. Regardless of your setup, you might receive this error when you are using kayo. The problem might not be your internet connection or your device.

causes of 502 bad gateway errors on Kayo

we have a few other causes of this error that might not necessarily be the invalid server response but have a great impact on the same. they include the following;

  • The traffic load on the server
  • The server is unavailable at the moment
  • The server might have taken too long to respond to the request from your browser
  • You might have entered the wrong name when searching
  • what you are searching for is not associated with Kayo.

However, the fact that this error is a result of an invalid server response doesn’t mean there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. There are a few things we can do when we encounter this error. We have to go through each of them to know why it’s important to try it and how it might help.

how to fix 502 bad gateway error on kayo

How to fix kayo 502 bad gateway error

Here are the main things you can do to fix a 502 bad gateway error on Kayo;

  • check your internet connection
  • Refresh the page
  • check and disable any VPN connection
  • Check your firewall program for any restrictions .

1. Review your internet connection

Since you are accessing the program online, probably via the app or streaming off the web, it is important to have a stable internet connection. If your internet stable is unstable, you are likely to experience video playback errors and slow stream speed as well as low stream quality.

However, trying to find something specific on Kayo might be a problem with a slow or unstable internet connection. Although it is not the main problem, a slow internet connection might play a big role in the error.

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2. Refresh the page

A 502 bad gateway error might be just a small glitch on the Kayo page you are visiting at that time. Sometimes, just visiting the page afresh or just refreshing the page might help a big deal.

Of course many times this does not help so much but at times the error is as simple as that and you can fix it at any time by refreshing the page. However, if refreshing the page does not help, you might as well want to visit a different page or just stream a different program on Kayo.

3. Disable any VPN connections if you’re using any

A virtual private network(VPN) might be another cause of why you are receiving a 502 bad gateway error on Kayo. Essentially, it is a redirection of your IP dress to a different location.

For this to be done, there must be additional server requests and this means that more servers are involved in providing your request. Therefore when you are on a virtual private network, there are more chances of experiencing the 502 bad gateway error.

Trying to browse without the VPN might help fix the issue. An easy fix here would be just switching off the VPN and accessing kayo normally from the app or browser.

4. Check your firewall or antivirus program for any restrictions

The basic job of a firewall program is to prevent any malicious attacks on your computer software and hardware. Well, does it mean then that sometimes Kayo has malicious software? absolutely not.

Sometimes the program prevents a lot of things, so of which seem malicious but are perfectly normal and okay. Your kayo web page or stream might fall victim to this too.

So, if you experience a 502 bad gateway error on Kayo, try checking your antivirus program or firewall for any restrictions. You can switch it off for a moment then try searching for something on Kayo before turning it back on.

How do you fix 502 bad gateway?

other forms of 502 bad gateway error

There are other forms of this error, which are signified by the message that accompanies the 502 error. they are not different but their cause slightly varies and they might mean something quite similar.

They include the following;

  • 502 bad gateway
  • 502 proxy error
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  • 502 service temporarily overloaded
  • 502 that’s an error
  • Temporary error 502
  • HTTP 502
  • Error 502
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Additional fixes for kayo error 502 bad gateway

Apart from the common fixes that we have recommended before, there are some other few things that you can do to fix the error. However, it is important to wait for Kayo to fix the server errors before you try again.

If you have tried all the others and they are not working, try the following ;

  • Try resetting your browser if possible. Chrome and firefox have that option.
  • Try waiting for a while, the servers might be down for maintenance.
  • Try visiting the help page or the Kayo Twitter feed to see the status.
  • Try restarting your browser
  • Tap the F5 key to refresh

It is not very likely that the Kayo 502 bad gateway error fix will work. You might have to wait for the error to be resolved if you try all these options and they do not work. If you do not experience other issues associated with this error, it means that the error might not be on your side.

Try to check the status of kayo to know if the issue is on your side alone or if kayo is down at the moment. Check kayo status below;

How to fix kayo 502 bad gateway error

If you experience any problem apart from the error, you can visit this guide to know how to troubleshoot them.

how to resolve 502 error on Kayo

Kayo 502 bad gateway error fix-FAQs

Why do I keep getting 502 bad gateway?

The gateway error is probably because there is a request timeout or a server invalid response. You can try refreshing the page you are visiting. In most cases, this error occurs because there is either an overload on the server or the servers are down for Maintainance. Try checking the status of Kayo at the moment. If the servers are not down, try checking the internet connection.

Does 502 Bad gateway get fixed?

Unless the error is from the servers, you can easily fix the error. You can try to clear the cache and then try to revisit the page. Alternatively, check on the internet connection before trying to visit the page again. However, if the problem is with the Kayo servers, it is advisable to wait for a while before trying again.

What is a Bad gateway error?

A bad gateway error is basically an error that is caused by an invalid response from the inbound server or maybe the request timed out while trying to source your information request. You can fix this if the primary cause is on your side. However, you might have to wait a little bit for the error to get resolved.

How do I fix 502 bad gateway on iPhone?

You can simply refresh the page you are viewing on the iPhone to fix the error 502 bad gateway error on the iphone. However, if the problem is not on your side, this might not work. You simply have to wait for the problem to be resolved by the provider before you can access it properly. It is important to check the status of Kayo at the moment to see whether the problem is on their side.

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