Best campgrounds with cabins in Texas

some of the best Campgrounds in Texas with cabins include;

  • Galveston island
  • sea rim state park
  • Palo Duro Canyon state park
  • Caddo lake state park
  • Bastrop state park

So, you want a small gateway from your normal city life and you’re not sure where to go? How about a cabin in Texas? However, hearing about camping grounds, you’re probably thinking about tent camps and some rough experiences or maybe having to rent an RV. What if I tell you you can actually enjoy a whole cabin all to yourself and family or friends at very affordable prices? Well, you can find yourself a nice cabin from our list of best campgrounds with cabins in Texas. 

Best cabins in Texas

There are some amazing places to stay the weekend and you’re actually gonna enjoy everything from the spectacular views to the amazing serenity of the woods and having nature so close to you. To make this easy for you, we have put together a number of the best campgrounds with cabins in Texas. We have included the pricing for each as well as the availability and where to book.

Galveston Island State Park

The Texas glamping hub near Galveston state park

Who doesn’t love a beach/coastal gateway? Well, this state park gives you that and much more. If you’re in for a Bayside adventure on the beach, then this is your place. Located on Galveston Island, this state park had cabins, well situated away from the busy east side that’s full of tourist activities.

You can enjoy some activities such as;

  • Fishing
  • Paddling
  • Swimming

You also have incredible views of nature all around you. 

You have two lodge-style cabins to choose from. One is the Stewart house and the other is the ranch house, both with most of the accessories and amenities you need for your stay. 

 Cabin specifics;

  • Can sleep 6- 8
  • 1-night minimum stay
  • Charges $200 per night

Sea Rim State Park

sear rim state park cabin

This one is a very good choice for anglers and paddlers. This campground is located very close to the McFiddin wildlife refuge and is on the edge of the shore, a perfect sport for adventure. So if you’re one who likes paddling, there are a number of trails to select from, with different levels of difficulty. You can enjoy your stay in a cabin nearby while you take part in your paddling adventure. 

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Cabin specifics

  • Can sleep 6 people
  • 1-night minimum stay
  • $95 per night

This cabin provides all the amenities you might need for your stay and has enough room to sleep 6 comfortably.

As for the adventure you can borrow all the gear you need for your water sports or bird watching since this park sits at a nice position to spot the birds on the central flyway route. 

If you’re interested in this type of adventure you can check the availability and get booked for this cabin early enough.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

palo duro scanyon state park cabin

The Palo Duro Canyon is the second-largest Canyon in the United States. Located on this Grand Canyon is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. If you are in for a hike and a number of other adventures while in Texas, this could be the right spot for you.

There are several cabins in this state park but I would recommend staying in the ones built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Not that the rest are not good but these will give you an absolutely stunning view of the greater part of this area.

Cabin specifics

  • Sleeps 2-4 people
  • 1-night minimum stay
  • $60 per night

You will note that the cabins here are slightly smaller but they have ample space to stay 2-4 people. There is also a range of amenities that you will need for your stay as you enjoy your adventure.

You can check the availability and book this cabin below 

Caddo lake state park

caddo lake state park cabin

This one is slightly different as it gives you a chance to explore a whole different surrounding.

This state park is located in swampy areas. You can actually enjoy some paddling with the canoes that are available for hire nearby.

As far as the cabins are concerned, there are a variety of cabins here. Some can sleep only two while other bigger ones can sleep up to four.

Cabin specifics

  • Can sleep 2-6 depending on the cabin
  • 1-night minimum stay
  • Rates start from $95 per night
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The price range also varies a little bit according to the amenities provided and the number of people they can accommodate. Note however that there are alligators within the property but it shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the alligator safety rules. Cheaper cabins also do not have bathrooms inside but it’s sorted out with restrooms close by that you can use at your convenience. 

This could be the best state park for you to visit in Texas if you’re on a budget. 

Bastrop State Park

a cabin at bastrop state park

If you’re interested in staying in an environment of a recovering forest and enjoying peace and serenity, then Bastrop State Park is the best place to visit.

This place is actually a historical icon. The Bastrop State Park was burned down in 2011. However, there have been some fruitful efforts by the Civilian conservation corps which have seen a great deal of the parks restored.

There are a number of cabins here which you can select from. Most of them are the older stone-built cabins while there are some new builds too. This actually gives you a wide variety of choices. 

Cabin specifics

  • Can sleep 2-8 depending on the cabin
  • 1-night Minimum stay 
  • $110 per night

The cabins here can house anywhere from 2-8 people and you will have sufficient room and enjoy the peace of Bastrop State Park.

Those are our top picks for the best campground with cabins in Texas. While there is plenty of other places to stay in Texas, campgrounds such as these are often better off since most of them come with adventurous activities that you can actually participate in while you enjoy the stay.

Be sure to book any of those above beforehand since you can check the availability and get to know which ones are actually available to you.

If you’re not familiar with Texas and you would like to rent a car to help you move around, places to eat or book a taxi or even book the best flight to Texas, head over to our bookings page below for the best deals on any of the services above. Happy adventure!

Best campgrounds with cabins in Texas- FAQs

How long can you stay at a campground in Texas?

Most of the state parks in Texas have a rule of “14 days in and 14 days out” This basically means that you can only stay at the same campground for 14 days and you cannot return to the same campground until 14 days have elapsed. so, if you’re looking to be camping in Texas for more than this period, it would be better to stay at more than one campground.

What is the best season to camp in Texas?

If you’re looking to stay at a campground in Texas, it is highly recommended that you go during the winter or spring. This time usually sees the least number of people on the campgrounds and you will be able to avoid the hot weather. Most of the cabins in the state parks are well-conditioned and you won’t have to worry about the weather at this time. However, if you choose to visit during winter, there might be less adventure that you can involve in.

What is the most popular state park in Texas?

The garner state park and the Palo Duro Canyon state park are the most popular state parks in Texas. The two are famous because of the scenery and surrounding they provide as well as the wide array of cabins that are available to choose from when you visit. Most importantly, however, the two have some of the best adventures to get involved in because of where they are situated.

Where in Texas can I camp for free?

Some of the best places in Texas that you can camp absolutely free include the following;
Wildlife Management Area
Big Bend Country
Gulf Coast
Levelland City Park
Dunas City Park
Stinnett Park
Magnolia Beach
You can camp in these areas for absolutely free as long as you have your equipment and you follow the set rules.

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