Air Canada Refund Request Process

air Canada flight ticket refund requesting

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to apply for a refund from Air Canada

  1. Visit the air Canada official website

    Go here to access the service.

  2. Go to my bookings

    On the website, navigate to air Canada bookings

  3. Enter your air Canada booking details

    Enter your air Canada booking number and your last name as specified

  4. Go to find my reservations.

    The navigate to my Air Canada reservations.

  5. Now cancel your Air Canada flight

    Select the cancel air Canada ticket to cancel your flight.

  6. On the dashboard, click on the refund request option.

    This shall start your air Canada flight refund requesting

  7. Fill out the air Canada refund form online

    An air Canada refund form will then appear for you to fill in in order to initiate the refund process.

  8. Enter your details in the refund form and make the submission.

    Go to refund status to check the time for your air canada ticket refund processing. 

If you cancel your flight and aren’t sure if air Canada can refund you, you don’t need to worry. Air Canada is refunding customers for every canceled flight. Find out more about the Air Canada refund process/contact in this guide.

However, for you to be refunded, you will need to go to their website and apply for a refund. There are several policies that govern the refund as specified by air Canada. 

After applying as per the policy, you will now keep checking the refund status. Normally, it will take some time to be processed. However, if it tends to take too long, it’s important to contact It Canada customer support. 

Here Is Air Canada Refund Policy

how to get a refund from Air Canada

As we mentioned, air Canada has its policies that govern the refund program. The following are important to note from the policy;

  1. For non-refundable air Canada tickets, refunds are only processed for flight cancellations made within 24 hours after booking the flight. 
  2. For a refundable ticket, you can receive a full refund even if you cancel an hour before your departure time.
  3. You can get a refund from air Canada if you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours.
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How Long Does It Take To Get An Air Canada Refund

It normally takes up to 3 months to get a refund from Air Canada but most of them take 2months after requesting.

Usually, if you have not seen any updates on the status of your refund for two months, you can follow up with Air Canada customer service.

The refunds might also depend on the mode of payment you used to buy the ticket. Some methods will take more time. 

It is also important to note that refunds can be in the form of travel vouchers. 

What number do I call for An Air Canada refund?

The air Canada refund number is 1 888 247-2262 

Air Canada has a contact dedicated to handling refund issues. If you have seen a delay in the refund you requested, you can reach customer service through the contact below;

They will then send you an email to confirm your status after you sort out the issues pertaining to the refund. 

Common problems with the air Canada refund process

Air Canada Credit Card Refund Issues

  1. If the credit card you used at the time of booking is different from the one you use now, the refund will be deposited to your old account.
  2. If the account does not exist now, you will have to contact the financial institution to help complete the process.
  3. If the institution rejects the refund, air Canada will notify you and you will be requested to initiate a new refund. 
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Incomplete Air Canada Refund Issue

If you requested an air Canada refund but have received a lower amount, you should feel free to contact customer service.

You can also visit the Air Canada website to access the refund form. Then enter your refund details and submit a new refund request. 

Air Canada Travel Voucher Issues

Air Canada has the option of converting the ticket value for your flight into a travel voucher. 

If your request was successful you normally receive an email from [email protected] notifying you that your air Canada travel voucher has arrived. 

The voucher usually contains 15 digits and it starts with 14. If you requested and have not seen it, check your spam folder or junk box for it. 

Other issues can always be resolved through the Air Canada phone number. There are separate phone numbers for different issues and for bookings from different places. 

Take a look at the main phone numbers to contact air Canada for different countries below;

air Canada
CountryAir Canada Phone Number
Dominican republic(888) 760-0020
South Korea+8 223 788 0100
Russia+7 495 771 6471
Hong Kong+85 280 090 6519
India+91 114 717 2900
Singapore+656 238 8112
New Zealand+6 450 874 7767
Chile+5 680 040 0142
UAE+9 714 211 2537
Thailand+662 718 1839
Australia+61 180 095 4196
Puerto Rico(877) 321-0173
South Africa+2 711 463 1147
Qatar+1 514 393 3333
Brazil+55 113 254 6630
Philippines+6 328 737 9710
air Canada contacts for different countries

If you still want to fly with Air Canada and you do not see the need to cancel the flight entirely, you can now change your flight date and reschedule your flight for another time. Find out more about changing your flight here

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Does Air Canada have to give me a refund?

Air Canada can give refunds for canceled flights sometimes. However, in some instances, some flight cancellations might not be eligible for a refund. If you canceled your flight or it was canceled due to covid 19, then you will automatically be eligible for a refund from Air Canada.

How do I talk to an Air Canada representative?

To talk to an Air Canada representative, you will have to call any of the following two numbers; 1-838-247-2262 (Toll-Free) or 1 (888) 247-2262. This will take you to the IVR menu which will lead you to a representative of Air Canada. Sometimes it might take some time before getting to the representative but following the steps swiftly might help you reach the representative faster.

Does Air Canada have a chat line?

Yes. Air Canada has a live chat on its website. since it is automated, you do not need to enter your details such as your name. you can get some help there. Where it gets insufficient, there will be further directions on how to tackle the issue or which department to contact for help. The live chat is up 24/7.

How long does it take to get a refund from Air Canada?

7 weeks to 3 months. It really isn’t well defined. However, airlines have strict rules to do their refunds within 7 business days. As for the ticket agents, the time might stretch up to 3 months if you do not do a proper follow-up or if there is an issue. Make sure to contact the ticket source if there is any tendency of delay pertaining to the ticket refund. Here is how to contact them directly without having to wait for them to get back to you.

Why is my Air Canada Refund taking so long?

You might be wondering what is taking so long to process your air Canada ticket refund. However, sometimes it takes up to 3 months to process it depending on the financial institutions. If there is an issue with your credit card or the bank takes a long to process the transaction, it is possible to have a long wait before you can be refunded.

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