Have you forgotten your password and youre stuck with getting back into your NTSA TIMS account? You dont need to worry. This is a step by step guide on how to reset NTSA TIMS account password in easy and simple steps.

Note that you cannot be able to access your TIMS account without your password. Thats why its important to reset it when you forget it.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here is how to reset your NTSA password easily;

  1. Visit the NTSA portal

    To begin the process, you will need to visit the official NTSA TIMS portal where you can access your account. ntsa-tims-portal

  2. Click forgot password

    on the portal, you will see the sign in page, where you are required to enter your details in order to get in to your account. Just below the sign in button, you will see the forgot password. Click on the forgot password button as illustrated below to initiate the process. ntsa-tims-account-forgot-password

  3. Enter the required details

    You will then be required to enter your username or ID number. Make sure you enter the correct ID number or username you used. After entering the correct information, click on proceed to continue to the next step. ntsa-password-reset

  4. Verify your identity

    The NTSA system has a way if verifying your identity according to the provided details. The last digits of the phone number you provided will appear. Always confirm to see whether it is the correct number. After confirming the number, a confirmation code message will be sent to you via SMS. This will help you verify the identity and proceed to the next stage. ntsa-tims-account-verification

  5. Enter your verification code

    After you receive the verification message, you will need to enter the verification code sent to you when required in order to be granted permission to change the password for the account. ntsa-tims-details

  6. Set your new password

    After you verify your identity, you will be allowed to make changes to your current password. As a result, you will be required to fill out your new password. It us important to make sure you enter a valid password that you can easily remember. ntsa-tims-account-login

  7. Confirm your password to complete the process

    This is just a confirmation of the new password that you have just set. Make sure you enter it correctly as you set it. You might be limited if you do not enter the password correctly. After the process is complete, you should be able to see the following screen. change-NTSA-TIMS-password

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How to modify your existing NTSA TIMS account password

how to reset NTSA TIMS account password

with the new NTSA TIMS system, you can be able to modify your existing password without necessarily having to go to the forgot password process.

the process provides for modifications to the existing password without necessarily having to reset it. You might need to do this when you think someone knows your password or you want to make it more memorable.

This is a simple process that takes a few minutes to complete. Just follow the following steps to go through the process;

  • Login to your new TIMS account by entering your correct details.
  • Go to the user centre
  • Click on the modify password button
  • Select your verification method
  • confirm phone number if you select mobile verification
  • Click send to send authentication code to your phone number
  • Enter your verification code
  • Enter your old password
  • Enter your new password
  • Confirm your new password to complete the process.
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with those few simple steps, you would have changed your password successfully.



Why is my NTSA account disabled?

At times, it is possible to find that you are disabled or barred from accessing the NTSA TIMS account. This usually means that the individual trying to access the service is not duly authorised to be accessing the account. Several unsuccessful attempts might lead to disabling of the account.

How do I access my NTSA Tims account?

To access your NTSA account, you will need to visit the official NTSA TIMS portal, from where you will enter your username and password to sign. After authentication, you will be allowed to use the various NTSA services on the portal.

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How do I change my phone number on Tims?

Note that the change phone number option has been temporarily suspended by the NTSA due to multiple cases of abuse. If you need to change your phone number, you will be required to visit the nearest NTSA offices near you with your original ID for purposes of verification before you make the changes.

How do I activate my Tims account?

To activate your TIMS account, you are required to visit the NTSA TIMS portal. From there you can click on register to be directed to the registration portal where you will enter your details to create and activate your account.

How do I recover my Tims account?

To recover your TIMS account, you will need to reset your password. Visit the NTSA TIMS account, click on forgot password, verify your identity and then enter a new password to change your existing one.

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