Toyota Vellfire Price In Kenya, specs, features, and honest review

Toyota Vellfire Price In Kenya

Generally, the price of a brand-new Toyota Vellfire in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 4,000,000-Ksh.8,000,000.

If you know the Toyota Alphard, then you probably know this car. Toyota vellfire is a luxury vehicle that has been in the Kenyan market for over a decade now. In this guide, we are focusing on the Toyota Vellfire Price In Kenya, specs, features, and an honest review of the car’s performance.

This vehicle is actually a sub-model of the Toyota Alphard. They boast almost the same features but the Vellfire is more luxurious compared to the Alphard. The Vellfire has more attention the luxury than anything else. Before we get to the price, we need to know more about this car and what features it has to offer in order to know whether it really offers value for the money you are about to spend.

About Toyota Vellfire

Toyota vellfire

The Toyota Vellfire is one of the most prominent Luxury minivans that have hit the Kenyan market over the past decade or so. It is most popular among celebrities and youthful people because of its attention to luxury. It is considered the most significant competitor to Nissan Elgrand. Despite its sporty look, this car has a lot of head space and matches quite well when it comes to performance.

Toyota Vellfire prices in Kenya by model

2017Ksh. 4,000,000
2018Ksh. 5,000,000
2019 Ksh. 7,000,000
2020Ksh. 7,800,000
2021Ksh. 8,000,000
Toyota Vellfire prices by model

Toyota vellfire for sale in Kenya

This car is in its second generation now Basically, the second generation of this car started production in 2015 up to date. over the years, there have been major changes to its functionality and features including the introduction of the Electric version. It comes in different trims, and variants including the following;

  • 240S
  • 240/350G
  • 350S C
  • 350G L 
  • 350G Executive
  • Royal Lounge
  • 240 Hybrid
  • 350G L

All the above variants are ranked according to their level of luxury. The executive package is the most expensive but it serves its customers well with a number of updates that add up to its luxury. Besides being spacious and luxurious, this car comes with a number of other features that make it a huge improvement from its counterparts and older versions. Let’s now see what this beast has to offer in terms of the interior, exterior, specs, and performance.

Toyota vellfire interior

Toyota vellfire interior

the Toyota Vellfire comes with a rather ‘spicy’ interior. By spicy, I mean the clean and well-created interior space. This car’s interior features huge seats with a pure leather finish and enough space in terms of legroom and headspace.

The seats are highly adjustable and they feature a number of control features for maximum comfort. Besides all that the vehicle comes with a well-crafted sound and infotainment system. With a number of well-positioned speakers and a customizable LED screen in the front, it is possible to have maximum comfort while enjoying the ride.

Some models of this vehicle, especially the executive class have an additional ambient LED lighting feature which makes the internal space lively and comforting. Generally, it is a luxurious model and most of its luxury lies within the interior.

Just to highlight, the following are the most remarkable features of the Toyota Vellfire interior;

  • Ambient LED lighting
  • spacious interior
  • huge lounge seats
  • advanced infotainment and sound system
  • Ample control features.

Toyota Vellfire Exterior

Toyota vellfire exterior

Unlike its interior, the exterior of this car has relatively little to offer. However, this does not mean that it is not as good-looking as it sounds. The vellfire is quite flashy and wavy in its design, a feature that makes it perfect for a spacious interior and a good-looking exterior. One thing with this vehicle though, it is highly customizable, especially on the exterior.

All the models are quite similar considering the fact that they share most features on the exterior and fewer features on the interior. t is hard to tell the difference between the Trims when it comes to the exterior. The greatest difference is notable with the customized models which have extra features compared to the others that have comparably fewer notable features.

The exterior is basically spiced up by the enormous size along with chrome and LED headlights, fog lights, and 17-inch wheels that give it a sturdy sporty look.

Basic specifications and performance of Toyota Vellfire

The following are what make up this machine;

  • maximum power-280ps
  • Engine capacity-2494 cc
  • acceleration-0-100km in 8 secs
  • seats-6-8
  • drive-115.32 Bhp
  • fuel consumption rate-7.1 liters in 100km
  • Fuel capacity-58 liters

An honest review of the Toyota vellfire

It is difficult to gauge the performance and credibility of this vehicle just by seeing it. It will be much better if you gauge it by getting an honest review or getting first-hand experience before you buy it. That is why we included this section, just to help you know how far this machine is likely to take you and how well it could serve you.

The Toyota Vellfire is a sporty, quite boxy, and classy luxurious MPV that is cherished for its huge size and premium luxury features. The Vellfire comes in different trims and versions as we specified earlier. the different models are powered by the following different engine types

  • 2.4 L 2AZ-FE I4
  • 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6 

Alternatively, there is a hybrid model that comes with both an electric and petrol engine. this model uses a 2.5-liter petrol hybrid and a rechargeable EV battery that allows you to use both the electric option and the petrol version in a ratio of 60:40. It also employs the  Continuous Variable Transmission(CVT) system which makes its performance better.

In terms of the interior, this vehicle has some of the most advanced features that make it luxurious. It boasts some of the following premium features;

  • Panoramic TV monitor
  • HD surround sound system
  • LED ambient lighting
  • comfortable lounge seats
  • spacious interior

To add to that, the vehicle comes with a number of safety features that include the following;

  • airbags
  • hill start assistant
  • ABS with EBD brake assistant
  • rearview camera

In general, this vehicle is one of the most luxurious vehicles in Kenya. with its price, it’s relatively a good deal since it will provide you with some of the features that cars with the same price are not likely to provide you with. If you are looking to buy a luxurious minivan, this could be the best choice for you.

Commonly Asked Questions About Toyota Vellfire

What is so special about Toyota Vellfire?

Toyota vellfire is one of the most luxurious minivans in Kenya. With a number of executive and premium features, you can get maximum comfort using this vehicle. It is simply valued for your money and you can get a nice experience using it. The Toyota Vellfire seems to stand out among all its competitors Like the Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Alphard. It is simply the luxury that makes it special.

Is it worth buying Vellfire?

Judging by the standards of the Toyota Vellfire, it is possible to choose it over a number of many other vehicles. The attention to detail and the premium luxury features make it more admirable and of course valuable to buyers. Well, for that kind of price, it is totally worth bying a toyota vellfire in kenya in 2022. if you want more luxury features, go for the latest models.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Vellfire?

Averagely, the consumption rate of the Toyota vellfire is 16.3 kmpl, Which is relatively low compared to other vehickles of the same calibre. It is a little manageable despite the high performance of the Toyota vellfire. There are Hybrid models that combine both electric and petrol power. These are more efficient and can work better than either purely petrol or EV models.

Which is better Alphard or Vellfire?

This question gets asked a lot. The two have a special kind of attention directed to luxury. However, the toyota Vellfire seems to have a little more of that compared to its counterpart, the Toyota Alphard. The alphard comes out as a quite beefy model while the Vellfire is quitre wavy in shape. In simple terms, it is better to go with the Alphard for power and performance and the Vellfire for luxury and more premium feature.

Why do people buy Vellfire?

The main reason why people buy the Toyota Vellfire is because it has a lot of luxury features which make it a good fit for long journeys across the country. It could be cheaper to use such a car than to take a short domestic flight within the country.

How much is a brand new Toyota Vellfire?

Generally, the price of a brand-new Toyota Vellfire in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 4,000,000-Ksh.8,000,000. However, the prices tend to vary a little depending on the dealership you are buying from. If you import the car the price might be lower as well.

Which one is expensive Alphard or Vellfire?

The Toyota Alphard price in Kenya ranges from. 7 M to about Ksh. 9 M while that of the Vellfire ranges from Ksh. 4million to Ksh. 8million. The Alphard is slightly more expensive since it has more features and it is quite luxurious compared to the Vellfire.

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