Honda fit price in Kenya

  Honda fit price in Kenya 

Honda Fit is one of the most common cars on Kenyan roads. As a result, people have developed more interest in this particular vehicle. This guide seeks to explore the Hond Fit price in Kenya as well as a number of other things there are to know about Honda Fit.

Since there are a number of models for this same car, the prices vary as detailed below. Note that there are many other factors that affect the price apart from the model.

Honda fit price in Kenya summary 

Honda fit models and their prices in Kenya are summarized in the table below.

ModelImport priceLocal purchase price
honda fit price in Kenya summary

About Honda fit

Honda Fit is a five-seater hatchback that has been in supply in Kenya since 2001. Honda fit prices in Kenya vary a lot. It is very popular in the country due to its reliability and convenience. When compared with other vehicles this becomes one of the cheap cars that one can purchase easily in Kenya. Honda is not very popular in the SUV world in Kenya but it’s one of the greatest dominants of the subcompact vehicle world. 

Honda fit hybrid in Kenya

It takes little time to understand why many people have these cars on Kenyan roads. It might look small but the comfort and reliability that it comes with confirms its popularity. The fit is a sub-compact vehicle that offers the normal sedan efficiency, a desirable speed as well as the luxury of a small SUV its size. All these combined in one vehicle tell you why it becomes the most sought-after Honda vehicle in Kenya.

Taking a look at the Honda fit price in Kenya, you might easily see the difference in the price of a new and a used one. The average price of one is sh. 1,500,00-2,000,000. The table above summarizes that very well. Comparing the prices is very important in order to make a wise decision on whether to buy it locally or import a used one from abroad.

Honda fit specs and fuel consumption

Honda fit interior

One of the major factors why people love this car is its efficiency. The efficiency adds up to the low cost spent on fuel purchases and maintenance. 

  • The car boasts a robust 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine which produces up to 117 horsepower at 6600rpm. 
  • On an automatic transmission, the car can manage up to 11.9 Km/L around the city and 14.5 km/L on the highway.
  • On a manual transmission, the car can manage 11.5km/L around the city and 14.0km/L on the highway. 

Either way, the car is highly efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. There is a good chance that you will save more with such a car.

Honda fit price in Kenya- Buying guide

Honda fit new model for sale in Kenya

When buying a Honda fit car, there are a few factors you should consider. We highlight factors that affect both used and new cars, locally purchased and imported ones.

In an effort to find a good car, the buying guide will help you avoid buying a car you will regret having bought afterward. It’s advisable to consider the following when buying a Honda fit.

1. Brand new or used?

Buying a car in Kenya can be difficult. This happens mostly when you have to decide whether to buy a new one or a used one. Now, when comparing the price, there is a notable difference. Used cars tend to be cheaper when imported than when purchased locally. Brand New ones are very expensive when imported and cheaper when purchased locally. So, when chasing affordability, it is best advisable to weigh the options you have first before settling in a vehicle to purchase. If you decide to import one, this guide will help you through the whole process.

2. Your budget

If you need to purchase a car, the main thing you will look at is obviously how much you have for it. If you have enough to buy a new one, you will absolutely go for the new one. However, sometimes you will have something around the mentioned price. This is where you need to look at all the available options and see how good they will be. Sometimes, you might need to check for discounts to get something off if you do not have enough. However, sometimes, car sale scammers use huge discounts to lure their victims. So you ought to be careful about discounts too. 

3. The model

The model of the car usually goes hand in hand with the year of manufacture. You will realize that a 2015 model would be sold for less than a 2019 model. The new features and the greater efficiency that comes with the latest models will make the prices go higher. In comparison with the money you have, it will be very important to consider the model of the car. However, if it’s not the economy for you, you can go for the latest model to access the most advanced features available. 

4. Where to buy the car from 

The place you buy the car from will also greatly determine the price of the car and the quality. There are so many trusted dealers in Kenya. Buying the car from a trusted dealer will help you acquire a car in proper condition and avoid losing your money to fraud. Since there are so many places you can buy the car from, it could be very important to go through a number of them and decide on which is the best one for you. When buying a car from abroad, it is important that you find trusted sellers who can make the shipping process simpler. Most of these cars come from Japan. There are several companies that aid in this process. Find one that is reputable enough to handle it for you.

5. Condition

The condition of the car is very important to its functionality. This especially applies to used cars. Depending on the previous owner, the car might be in good condition or in bad condition. This is why you should consider having a qualified mechanic to help you inspect the car will really be of importance. After you are satisfied that the car is in good condition, you can go ahead and make the purchase. Checking that your car is in good condition helps eradicate many problems that might arise in the future. 

buy new honda fit

Honda Fit price in Kenya-FAQs

How much does a Honda Fit cost in Kenya?

The cost of the Honda fit depends on a number of issues. However, approximately, starting from sh. 1,400,000-2,000,00 you can have a brand new one purchased locally.

How much is a basic Honda Fit?

Honda fit prices are fair compared to other vehicles. For a brand new Honda fit in Kenya, you might need up to 1,50,000 or more to purchase one.

Is Honda Fit a 5-seater?

Yes. The Honda Fit is one of the most compact fives seater vehicles available in the Kenyan market. It has plenty of space inside as well as exclusive features that will fit into the minimal space.

Is Honda Fit a good car?

Honda Fit is one of the most used cars In Kenya. It provides a wide range of efficiency and comfortability in a small space. We can say it is a good car based on its performance and features.

Honda Fit’s new model

Honda fit is one of the most exclusive versions of Honda fit available. It boasts a number of features that make it better than other versions. The price might be slightly higher but it is worth the additional features that it comes with.

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