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What is the price of a Toyota Fielder in Kenya?

What’s the price of the Toyota fielder in Kenya? Well, it all depends on the model of the car. Older versions of the car like the 2007 fielder cost up to Ksh. 800,00 while the latest models cost up to Ksh. 2.9million. we will see why this difference between the prices actually exists in a minute. But first, let’s understand the general features of the Toyota fielder.

The Toyota Fielder is a versatile station wagon that can be used for both private and commercial purposes due to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and carrying capacity.

It is among the most sought-after vehicles as it offers a lot more in terms of performance, comfort, and general aesthetics.

It also features an AC, a double din stereo, fog lights, a heater, and roof rails. It has safety features such as airbags and traction control. It also has electrical retractable side mirrors, reverse sensors, and side mirror indicators. This article is a complete guide to the price of a Toyota Fielder in Kenya.

The Toyota Corolla Fielder has a saloon version known as the Toyota Axio. It comes with two engine variants; the 1.5L 1NZ engine and the 1.8L 2ZR engine available in both automatic and manual transmission. Its saloon version rivals the Toyota belta and the toyota premio which are very popular in Kenya.

The Toyota Fielder was introduced later in 2000. The space wagon is currently in its third generation development phase. The suspension of the vehicles has seen no improvements over past generations. It features a simple and virtually flawless design. Significant upgrades were made to the 4WD version with the substitution of the V-Flex system with a more advanced Active Torque Control.

The viscous coupling connects the rear axle electromechanically substituted and the control system automatically sustains the programmed rate transmitted to the rear wheels of the moment.

Toyota fielder for sale in Kenya

In terms of safety, the Toyota Fielder has various active and detective protection. The standard equipment for all models includes the ABS with EBD, which provides stable braking, as well as VSC and TRC systems that ensure the required maneuverability, hence, assisting the vehicle stability over time and improving its handling altogether.

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The newer trims have an automatic headlight regulator, gas-discharge headlights with auto-leveling, dimming rear-view mirror, extra indicators, and other safety features.

Toyota Corolla Fielder Grades

Toyota Fielder X

This comes with ;

  • 1.5L engine
  • automatic or manual transmission
  • 2WD or 4WD.

2. Toyota Fielder S

This comes with ;

  • 1.8L engine
  • automatic transmission only
  • 2WD or 4WD.


Legroom and Space

The Toyota Fielder has a minimalistic and functional interior that aligns with Toyota’s design style. In the first row, there is enough comfort even for tall people. In the second row, the outer seats have enough legroom but the middle seats feel cramped.

Cabin Storage

  • Glove box Centre Box
  • Door Side Pockets
  • rear seat pockets.

Boot Space

The Toyota Fielder is a practical car as it can carry passengers and luggage very easily. Folding the rear seats will provide additional space.

cheap Toyota fielder for sale in kenya


Depending on the trim, the Toyota Fielder comes with fog lights, roof rails, alloy rims and a spoiler.

Fuel consumption

Toyota Fielder 1500cc Fuel Consumption: 18.0 km/L

Toyota Fielder 1800cc Fuel Consumption: 15.0 km/L


The 1500cc Toyota Fielder accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 10.2 secs.

The 1800cc Toyota Fielder accelerates from 0-100km/h in 8.8 secs.

The car has a fuel tank of 50 liters.

Ground Clearance

The Toyota Fielder has a ground clearance of 6.3 inches when unmodified and works well even when the car is lightly loaded. When fully loaded the vehicle may fail to clear some bumps and you may need to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance.


Minor Service – After every 5,000km, requires Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Engine

Major Service – after every 15,000km, requires Air Cleaner, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Plugs, Front Brake Pads, Rear Brake Pads(If available), ATF Oil, Engine Oil, ATF Filter

Spare Parts

Availability, Cost & Where to buy

The Toyota Fielder spare parts are readily available all over Kenya. Service parts and suspension parts are easily available. The maintenance cost for the Toyota Fielder is cheap. You will require about sh.5,000 per month to cover regular maintenance costs.

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The most common engine on the Toyota Fielder is the 1NZ-FE (1.5L) has been in use on various Toyota cars since 1999. It is regarded as one of Toyota’s most reliable engines as it can run for thousands of miles without encountering problems. This is however achieved by regularly maintaining the engine, using quality oils, and genuine spares.

Failure to follow this will lead to excessive oil consumption, engine vibrations, and engine knock. The second engine used in the Fielder is the 2ZR-FE (1.8L) which has been in use since 2007. Similar to the 1NZ it is reliable, with proper maintenance. Popular problems with this engine include; excessive oil consumption, irregular idling, and engine knock.

Engine problems are quite common with any car. However, most of them can be prevented or fixed whenever they occur. It is possible to understand each of them and know how to tackle them the minute they arise. Read our guide about engine problems and their solutions to be well versed in that section.

Toyota fielder Kenya
New Toyota fielder for sale in Nairobi

The car has a good resale value.

The price of a Toyota Fielder in Kenya

Cost of Ownership

Purchase Price: Ksh. 1,200,000/-

Foreign Used Toyota Fielder in Kenya

  • 2007 & 2008: KSH 800,000 – KSh900,000
  • 2009 & 2010: KSH 1 million – KSh1.2 million
  • 2011 & 2012: KSH 1.1 million – KSh1.4 million
  • 2013 & 2014: KSH 1.4 million – KSh1.8 million
  • Locally Used Toyota Fielder in Kenya
  • 2005 & 2006: KSH 650, 000 – KSh750, 000
  • 2007 & 2008: KSH 700, 000 – KSh850, 000
  • 2009 & 2010: KSH 800, 000 – KSh900, 000
  • 2011 & 2012: KSH 1 million – KSh1.2 million
  • 2013 & 2014: KSH 1 million – KS1.3 million
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Ksh. 75,000/- Or
  • 3rd Party Insurance: Ksh. 7,000/-
  • Tires: Ksh. 20,000/- for 4 Tires
how much is a fielder old model?

Pros and cons of the Toyota Fielder


  1. Excellent fuel consumption
  2. Affordable spares
  3. Good resale value
  4. Good cargo capacity


  1. Sluggish acceleration on the 1.5L
  2. Shaky around corners

The Toyota Fielder is an ideal vehicle for business-minded people looking for a practical ride that provides value for money. It also has enough space to make for a good family car and long trips. Toyota Fielder’s excellent fuel economy coupled with good carrying capacities makes it one of Kenya’s popular cars. You can learn more about other fuel-efficient cars in Kenya and where to purchase them in this guide.

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The overall performance, functionality, and features of the Toyota Fielder added to its dynamism enable it to serve as a family car and cargo carrier, making it a great buy since it meets most modern car requirements and guarantees value for money.

What is the price of a Toyota Fielder in Kenya-FAQS

What is the price of a brand new Toyota Fielder

A brand new Toyota fielder costs Ksh. 2,000,000-Ksh.2,900,000 in Kenya. The price range is influenced by the model. Newer versions have better features and that’s why they usually cost more than the other older models.

Is Toyota Fielder a good car?

Yes. The Toyota fielder merits many of the features that people look for in cars. When it comes to fuel economy, comfort, and a spacious interior, this car becomes a very nice choice. It’s spacious nature makes it ideal for a family car. So besides the space, you can count on the Toyota fielder for your transport needs.

Is Toyota Fielder a 7-seater?

The fielder, also known as the space wagon, is known for its spacious interior. Surprisingly, the Corolla fielder seats a total of 8 people comfortably and still remains with pretty huge luggage space. However, the Toyota fielder has a maximum capacity of 5 passengers. The fielder is generally spacious inside and has enough luggage room which makes it an ideal family car.

Is Toyota Fielder a Corolla?

There is a Toyota Corolla Fielder variant which is quite long and more spacious than the ordinary Toyota fielder. Although not all fielders are corollas, the corolla fielder remarkably resembles the Toyota fielder.

Is Toyota Fielder fuel efficient?

To add to its reliability and spacious interior, the Toyota fielder is actually fuel-efficient and economical. That is why many people like it in Kenya. The fielder combines fuel efficiency with reliability, which is a good attribute for many buyers. Toyota offers a lot of options for fuel-efficient cars apart from the fielder which provides a wide range of cars to select from.

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