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What is the price of a Toyota Auris in Kenya?

The Toyota Auris is a family hatchback that is spacious and practical, offers decent value, and is very reliable. This article is a buyer’s guide to the price of a Toyota Auris in Kenya. The Toyota Auris comes in petrol; diesel and hybrid forms. If you’re after an affordable and dependable car with an easy ownership experience, you should consider purchasing the Toyota Auris. It costs an average of KES 1,250,000 to around KES 1,850,000. Let’s go to the features.

It was launched in 2006 as a replacement for the Toyota Corolla. The Mk1 was then replaced by the Mk2 in 2012, with a facelift in 2015. It compares pretty well to the Toyota fielder

Toyota Auris for sale

Engine choices begin with the entry-level 1.33-liter petrol, producing 98bhp and 94lb. It emits 125g/km of Carbon dioxide. The Toyota Belta’s engine offers the potential for extremely low running costs, although a reasonable effort is required to wring reasonable speeds out of town as compared to other small petrol-powered cars.

Turbocharged 1.2-liter petrol is also available and it is much more capable. It offers 113bhp and 136 lb-ft, whereas Toyota claims 52.3 mpg is possible on the combined cycle, equating to carbon dioxide emissions of 112g/km.

The oil-burning options include a mechanically updated 1.4-litre turbo diesel that produces 89bhp and returns carbon dioxide emissions of 99g in certain specifications and a 1.6-liter unit which produces 109 bhp and 199lb of peak twist The motor’s distinctive rattle from cold hardly changes even when the engine is up to temperature.

It’s not massively intrusive but it’s hardly the quietest. It is an integral part of the hatchback’s range, accounting for about a third of the total Auris sales, sharing the market equally with petrol and diesel equivalents.

The engine also has an eco mode that gives you control over fuel economy, though it is unlikely to reach 700mpg. It also has up to 1.2 low-speed miles in EV mode. Learn more about fuel-efficient cars and how the Auris compares to them here.

toyota auris for sale in kenya

Toyota Auris Mk 2

The second-gen Auris reached UK showrooms in January 2013 with an option of 1.33 or 1.6- liter petrol engines, alongside a 1.4-liter diesel and 1.8-liter Hybrid model. At first, there was a five-door hatchback style only, but in 2013, a Touring Sports estate joined the range.

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In June 2014, the Icon Plus replaced the available sports trim, with privacy glass and heated front seats. A revised Auris hit showrooms in July 2015. Interior and exterior designs were refreshed too, and the cabin was fitted with higher-quality materials. Entry-level Active trim features climate control, electrically adjustable, heated door mirrors, and powered front windows. The Icon adds 16-inch alloys, a DAB radio, touchscreen multimedia, Bluetooth, a parking camera, and powered rear windows.

The Auris Hybrid claims 74 mpg but is closer to 50mpg, and in cold conditions, the economy can drop closer to 45mpg. The 1.2 petrol model may struggle to meet 40mpg, while the 112bhp diesel claims 67.3 mpg but just like the hybrid trim, take it with a pinch of salt.

How much is a brand new Toyota Auris?

The seals for the rear light clusters and tailgate can fail, allowing water to get into the booty leading to misting up of windows. The dash is easy enough to use but some of the interior materials do not feel upmarket. The car has plenty of rear space, though and the 350-liter boot expands to 1,200 liters with the backseats folded.

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The Auris needs to be serviced every 10000 miles or 1 year. Here are minor, immediate, and major schedules. All Auris engines are chain-driven, so there’s no cambelt to replace, but the brake fluid should be renewed every two years at about sh.4500. The coolant has to be changed every 10 years 100,000 miles, for about sh.7500.

Toyota Auris price in Kenya by model

to help you have a smooth time selecting the model that will cater to your financial needs, we have summarized all the recent Toyota Auris models and their prices in Kenya. The models vary in price because of the features. older models are cheaper because they lack some features that come with newer versions. That should explain the prices in the table below;

ModelPrice in Kenya
Toyota Auris models and their prices in Kenya

Toyota Auris pros and cons


  • Fuel efficient
  • highly affordable
  • comes with a sporty version
  • Enough space inside
  • Considerably cheap.


  • less vibrant to drive
  • The cabin is not as appealing

Price of Toyota Auris in Kenya -FAQS

How much does Toyota Auris cost in Kenya?

It costs an average of KES 1,250,000 to around KES 1,850,000. This price depends on a number of factors. When you opt for a used one, however, it is possible to get it way cheaper than that. It is important to compare how it’s priced at different dealerships before you finally decide to purchase it.

Which is better Yaris or Auris?
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When the two are compared, the Auris gets better reviews than the Yaris. Its design is specifically what makes it gain more favor with the user. The design absolutely favors a noticeably soft ride which is enhanced by a better shock-absorbing system. The Yaris on the other hand has less of the refined ride capabilities but still matches well with the others.

How much is a brand new Auris?

A brand new Auris goes for up to ksh.2.9 million. For its features, it’s quite affordable compared to other cars with its capability. However, there is a little bit of variation of price when it comes to the model. the older versions would go for up to KES 1,250,000 which is reasonably lower than the newer models’ prices. The features are really what matters when it comes to pricing.

How many CC is Toyota Auris?

1,196 – 1,797cc the 1.6 Liter engine is quite fuel-efficient which makes this car a good choice for fuel efficiency in Kenya. We can say it is modest in fuel consumption and it gives some hope for fuel economy. The capacity confirms how efficient it can be on fuel. However, there is just more than fuel economy to look for in this car.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Auris?

The car comes in two versions. There is the petrol version and the hybrid version which bear quite different consumption options. The petrol version is marked at 40.9 – 42.8 mpg while the hybrid version is marked at 40.9 – 55.4 mpg. Those are the main options available though there is a diesel engine option as well as an EV model to cater to everyone’s needs.

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