UK taxi fare table

Taxis are an important part of life in the UK. You will obviously need one at some point in your day-to-day errands. Knowing how much to pay for the journeys you make on a taxi is important. For that reason, we have put together a UK taxi fare table as well as some tips to help you when using taxis in the UK. 


UK common destinations and their taxi prices 

DestinationFare price range(depending on the vehicle and time of the day)
New Romney£22-£32
Ashford East£22-£35
Ashford west£26-£32
William Harvey£18-£24
William Harvey(from town)£20-£26
Canterbury North£26-£40
Canterbury South£24-£38

The above fares are mainly from London to the named destination and they usually vary a lot depending on a number of factors.

However, there are taxi services dedicated to specific areas and cities in the UK. We have different taxi services in the UK and they usually operate differently and have different costs.

Main taxi companies in the UK

how much does a taxi cost in the Uk

We have many taxi companies in the UK. The following are just a fraction of the most commonly used taxi companies in the UK;

  • Richard’s taxi
  • Admiral express
  • Sixt ride
  • A-class drivers
  • Bluebird Cars 
  • Nidirect
  • Minicabit
  • Premier taxis

As we have mentioned, they operate differently. However, the prices and charges are almost similar because they operate in the same areas. 

When selecting the taxi service you want to use, it is important to have done a comparison between them and other services in the UK. 

Long-distance taxi services in the UK

Apart from the normal taxi services within the cities of the UK. There are taxi services that do operate within long distances, probably from one city to the other or from airports to different areas of the UK.

They usually have separate charges for long distances but they operate almost the same way when it comes to services within London and other cities in the UK. 

It is usually more convenient to book the taxi early enough especially if you are planning to travel over long distances and from the airports.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to book a taxi online in the UK.

  • Identify the taxi service you want to use
  • Do some simple background checks preferably by looking at customer testimonials.
  • Select your best taxi service
  • Visit their application or website to book online.
  • Log in or sign up if required.
  • Take a look at your terms and conditions to know how to book.
  • Do the booking according to the terms and conditions.
manchester taxi service

UK taxi fare table-Manchester 

The following are the taxi fares in Manchester by distance;


Manchester has specifically one of the highest taxi tariffs in the UK. As you might have noticed, they vary a lot from the ones we listed above for other areas, especially near London. 

Manchester has a number of taxi companies operating within the city as well as those which connect to other cities as well.

Here is a list of the most common Taxi companies in Manchester;

uk taxi
  • Manchester taxi service
  • Streetcars Manchester
  • MMA transfers
  • Cabzilla
  • Manchester airport taxi service
  • Taxilo manchester

There are many other taxi services in Manchester that you can always book at your own convenience.

UK taxi fare table-Liverpool

The following is a summary of taxi prices in Liverpool by time;

DestinationDurationPrice by nightPrice by night
Lime street9minutes£9£11
Liverpool airport35minutes£40£48
City centre from the airport25minutes£30£35

Important Taxi tips to use in the UK

  • Select the nearest pick-up station near you if you’re booking online to reduce the time you’re travelling.
  • If you’re on the street near any rail station or airport, stop at a Black cab, they’re the fastest and therefore you will take the shortest time and pay less.
  • If possible, travel during daytime hours to avoid the extra charges.
  • If you’re travelling as a group, select a taxi that charges cumulatively.
  • Choose a taxi company you’re familiar with or a recommended one since they usually work well. 

In this article, the details about taxi prices in London are missing. This is because we have dedicated a full guide to that. If you want to learn more about taxi fares in London, visit this guide for information.

UK taxi fare table-FAQs

How much is a 4 mile taxi ride UK?

£17 – £25. On a normal day, a taxi ride for 4 miles would cost approximately
£17 – £25
. However, since these prices are not fixed, you can pay much less or more depending on the circumstances. The taxi you’re using might also be charging slightly more or less than the others. If you are not sure how much you might spend on your journey, use our Uk taxi fare calculator to determine your fare at any time.

Are UK taxis expensive?

Yes. UK taxis are one of the most expensive in the world. You can pay up to £3.73 per km on a normal day or even more during late night hours and weekends. The taxis however are efficient and can help you get around the cities quickly. Their operation systems and schedules are also admirably organized, which might be why they charge so highly. Their prices vary and you might get a taxi that charges less than £3.73 per km.

Do UK taxis charge by time or distance?

The taxis in the UK mostly use time as the base for calculating your fare. However, distance is also important since the taximeters use both time and distance to put together your fare. It means that you can pay very different amounts for the same distance or even the same journey. That is why it is important to estimate or calculate your fare to know how much you need for your fare.

Why is London taxi so expensive?

London taxis are really expensive compared to anywhere else. This might be because the drivers have to go through very tough training that takes a long time to qualify or even the price of fuel in the UK. Most of them would charge almost the same price, so a taxi is generally expensive to use in the UK. However, it is cheaper to use the tube or any other form of travel if you are not in such a hurry.

Is it illegal to throw up in a taxi?

We cannot say is actually illegal to vomit in a taxi in the Uk. What happens is that you will be charged a soiling/cleaning fee for that. It is usually not much but it’s extra and charged separately from the normal fare you are supposed to pay for the journey. You cannot be arrested for vomiting in the cab but you might get in trouble for evading that charge. It does not go beyond there if you comply with the taxi rules and pay accordingly.

How much is Hackney’s carriage price?

Around  £3.00. However, the fare per kilometre varies a little bit according to the time of the day. Generally, expect to pay an average of £2.30 per kilometre. This cost however depends on a number of issues which cause a variation.

What is the difference between a taxi and an Uber?

The main difference between the two is that uber does not rely on the time your journey takes to charge you while taxis do. However, during rush hours, there is a little charge known as a surge charge which is charged on top of your fare. Additionally, people consider uber faster than taxis.

Are cabs expensive in London?

Yes. Cabs are especially considered an expensive form of transport in the UK, leave alone London. However, they are the most efficient way to move within the city. If you are looking to move swiftly over short distances, then a London taxi would be the best choice. For long distances, especially when connecting between two cities or areas, taxis might not be a good option since they charge more.

How much is a taxi from Heathrow to central London?

 £45–£70. If you did not book a chauffeur or minicab earlier, a London taxi might be of great help. They are usually available outside each terminal. The journey between Heathrow and central London takes approximately 1 hour and costs  £45–£70.

How do you pay for taxis in London?

The main method used to pay for taxis in London is card payment through a Tfl device mounted in the passenger compartment. All drivers must accept contactless payments and the device must be fixed on the vehicle.

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