UK long-distance taxi prices 

To get to know the UK long-distance taxi prices, we first need to know how they operate.


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Long-distance taxis are not so common in the UK. Taxis come as a convenient way of moving within the city.

 However, if you’re on a business trip or vacation and you don’t know your way around the UK, these help a lot. So, it’s important to understand the rates and how you can get one.

Most of the long-distance taxis in the UK operate between London, Bristol, Weymouth, Dorchester, Manchester, Devon, and Cornwall cities. 

Connecting between those cities will require you to pay a high amount of money if you use a regular taxi and therefore, it’s relatively cheaper to use long-distance taxis.

 Common long-distance taxi companies in the UK

There are several companies operating long-distance taxi services. 

Sometimes, it’s regular taxi companies that have the option while others have all their vehicles dedicated to long-distance taxi services. 

The following are the main long-distance taxi companies in the UK.

  • Richard’s taxi
  • Admiral express
  • Sixt ride
  • A-class drivers
  • Bluebird Cars 
  • Nidirect
  • Minicabit
  • Premier taxis

A summary of long-distance taxi fares in the UK

long distance taxi prices in the UK
DestinationFare price range(depending on the vehicle and time of the day)
New Romney£22-£32
Ashford East£22-£35
Ashford west£26-£32
William Harvey£18-£24
William Harvey(from town)£20-£26
Canterbury North£26-£40
Canterbury South£24-£38

Difference between long-distance taxis and regular taxi

You might be asking about how you can know if it is really economical to use the long-distance option.

Well, there is a little bit of confusion there. However, overall, a regular taxi would charge you more than a long-distance taxi.

Long distance as we might have mentioned, has all their vehicles dedicated to going for long distances.

They are basically an alternative to regular buses since they tend to be quicker than them. They can maneuver quite faster through the traffic as opposed to the buses.

The main difference is that some of the regular taxis only operate within the cities while the long-distance taxis mainly operate both within cities as well as from one city to the other. 

While they are not entirely cheap, you can be sure to save a few pounds if you use the long-distance taxis to go if you’re traveling relatively long distances. 

Which is the best long-distance taxi in London 

There are so many long-distance cabs in the UK. Most of them have a lot of nice reviews from satisfied customers.

It means most of them to offer exemplary services and their rates are affordable to most people in the UK. However, they do not offer the same services and some of them seem to be liked more than others.

Generally, Sixt ride tends to have more positive reviews and seems to be the best to many people. However, there are still many cab companies that offer equally good services.

Maximum distance taxis go in the UK

The maximum distance the cabs in the UK can go is usually around 100miles. The destinations they offer services for are usually within this range.

It might not be a rule but most taxi companies in the UK tend to be limited to this for convenience. In rare cases, they might go for longer than 100 miles but it’s never common. 

Taxi prices, including long-distance taxis, vary and might go higher at night, in the morning, or during weekends. Learn more about taxi prices at those times in our guide here.

How to book a long-distance taxi online in Uk 

how to book long distance taxi online

It sounds easy but sometimes booking a long-distance cab in the UK can be quite stressful if not done well. 

It is important to know how to do that without going through much trouble. 

The following is a simple step-by-step guide on how to order long-distance taxi services in the UK. 

  1. Identify the taxi service you want to use
  2. Do some simple background checks preferably by looking at customer testimonials.
  3. Select your best taxi service
  4. Visit their application or website to book online.
  5. Log in or sign up if required.
  6. Take a look at your terms and conditions to know how to book.
  7. Do the booking according to the terms and conditions.
UK long distance taxi price

UK long-distance taxi prices-FAQs

How much is a 10-mile taxi ride UK?

£22.00. A 10-mile taxi ride might cost just about £22.00 on average. however, when it gets late at night, the price could rise to £29.00. The prices vary for each taxi and for each distance. Note that if you connect between two areas, 5 miles or more each, you might pay more than this. It is, therefore, better to use a long-distance taxi when going such distances.

How much do UK taxis cost?

£4.00-£6.60 PER MILE. UK taxis have a price range of £4.00-£6.60 for every mile you go. Though most of them charge according to the time you have taken on the journey, the charge per mile is the base for the calculation of your taxi fare. You might travel a longer distance but pay less because your journey was short.

Do UK taxis charge by time or distance?

London taxis usually charge you according to the time the journey takes. The longer the journey takes, the more you expect to pay at the end. However, in some instances, the distance also matters and the fare might be based on both the distance and the time that the journey takes.

Can taxis do long distance?

Yes. There are taxi companies in the UK that specialize in long-distance service. However, you can also use any regular taxi for long distances as long as they have specified that they offer the service. Long distance taxi might charge you a little less than the ordinary taxi service for the same distance. Long distance taxi operates at several destinations including airports, seaports, events, and many other places.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in UK?

For shorter distances and closer destinations in London, it could be cheaper to use a taxi. However, when you are going outside the city or you need longer rides, you might find out that uber is a little cheaper. Note that if the distance is longer, it’s better to consider long distance taxi. However, if it is not as long, uber will serve you just as well.

How much is taxi from Birmingham to London?

averagely £276. With a good taxi, a trip from Birmingham to London can cost anywhere between £276-£360. Most taxis operating that route have no meters or surge pricing and you can expect fair charges for your trip. There are basically no taxis that charge any cheaper than this for the same distance.

How much is a taxi from Birmingham to Manchester?

£94.04£126.464. Basically, we have two options for this, you can take a minivan or a saloon with the Manchester To Birmingham Taxi. £94.04 for the saloon and £126.464 for the 8-seater minivan. both have almost the same services and they are reliable as well.

How much is a taxi from Birmingham to Coventry?

Anywhere from £36.81£34.896. this is a one-way trip and it is offered by most Birmingham-Coventry taxi companies. You can use either a saloon or a minivan for your trip and you will pay anything ranging between the mentioned price.

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