Tiaty MP Hon.Kassait Kamket pushes for Alcoblow return

Tiaty MP pushes for return of breatherlyzer popularly known as alcoblow


  • The 2021 traffic Amendment seeks to restore the breatherlyzers that were scrapped in 2017.
  • The Tiaty MP clarifies on who a drunk driver is and why they should not be behind the wheel
  • Clause 4 of the amendment bill pushes for the use of the “Alcoblow” as an objective test
  • If successful, the amendment will manage to enforce a stricter punishment on overspeeding.

In his Bill to amend the constitution on matters to do with traffic rules and regulations, MP for Tiaty constituency Hon. William Kamket has been fighting for a number of issues. Among them is the return of the Alcoblow. The breatherlyzers were once popular with traffic police units until they became extinct on the roads following a ruling by the court of appeal. The breatherlyzers were finally scrapped off after being declared illegal in 2017 by the court of appeal of Kenya.

The Traffic amendment act 2021 seeks to do away with all the ambiguities that saw the illegalization of the Alcoblow back then. Tabled by Hon Kamket, he says he is confident that if they are put to the right use, they will be of full importance to our traffic units. The Mp seeks to further clarify on who a drunk driver really is and what measures should be taken when one is found by the traffic unit.

cars stop at a traffic police checkpoint for inspection

” Any person who when driving or attempting to drive or in charge of a motor vehicle on a road is under the influence of an alcoholic drink or a drug beyond the prescribed limits, shall be guilty of an offense, ” a section of the bill reads. Through this section and other explanations, the Mp clearly defines who a drunk driver is and gives several reasons why they should not be allowed on the road.

In clause 4 of the Amendment bill, the MP further pushes for the device to be used as an objective test to quantify scientific implications such as the prescribed limits. The test shall only be administered by the officers from the National transport and safety Authority and officers from the traffic police unit.

If this bill passes, all the drivers convicted of the offence will face a Ksh. 100,000 fine or a two year imprisonment or both. As a Measure of caution, their drivers licences will also be suspended for minimum of 1 year.

The bill holds much more than the push for return of Alcoblow. If this amendment bill gets to pass, the punishment enacted on drivers who exceed speed limits will be more severe and might lead to irresponsible drivers facing severe consequences. Such drives might have their licenses invalidated for up to three years. In addition, this offence comes with a minimum imprisonment of six months and a minimum fine of sh. 20,000.

This bill might see an active improvement in actually enacting the traffic laws and imposing strict punishments to the offenders, a move that might lead to a better experience on the roads.

Traffic police enforcing the law on the road

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