The situation of kenya’s Transport sector

In the east African region and Africa at large, Kenya has taken a top spot on infrastructural development. Some of these infrastructural developments touch on improving the transport sector in Kenya. 

We might say, it has dramatically improved over the years and it is yet to improve more. However, are we there yet? Is it positively improving the transport situation in Kenya?

Road transport in Kenya

A majority of Kenyans depend on road transport in Kenya to move around and carry out their daily activities. It is also a great part of the Kenyan economy that raises much of the revenue yearly. Business wise, we can say it is one of the sectors of the economy that are rapidly developing and generating more. 

There has been an initiative over the past decade or so to improve the basic road transport infrastructure and fix the roads, bridges, tunnels, and every access way that connects to the main road system in Kenya. It is a major investment that has necessitated a few debts on the government side. However, it is something we can say has positively improved the situation of transport in this country drastically. 

As more and more Kenyans invest in purchasing cars either for commercial or personal use, it is possible to hope for a better infrastructure to support their use in the next few years.

Revival of other transport systems

Kenya’s new safari train

Kenya has recently pitched a move of reviving all its railway lines across the country. A few months after the completion of the first standard gauge system, the government has set to open up parts of the main railway lines that lead to the western part of Kenya. Mostly, the Kisumu port and Busia border.

The Kisumu-Nairobi railway line is one of the most recent lines that have been opened up to public use. Others include the Nairobi-Nanyuki, and the Nairobi-Nakuru railway lines with commuter trains taking one or two trips a day. There is really an improvement  compared to what it was a few years ago. This still gives hope for more openings in the economy that will definitely raise the standard of living of the common mwananchi.

More use of the local Air transport system

Besides international flights, Kenyans are embracing more use of the local flights. The Jambo Jet and other local flight providers have come together to improve Air transport in Kenya, making it more affordable and friendlier to use.

In the recent past, the Kenyan government has taken an extra initiative to develop Kenyan airlines as well as air transport infrastructure across the entire Kenya. With more people also investing in the plane networks, it will soon be a huge part of Kenyan transport.

Overally, Kenya has achieved a lot in the transport sector. It has improved both from the private and the public sectors. More and more people are investing in transport means and the government is also working to improve the transport infrastructure. Though it is not that perfect, there is a huge possibility of making it better in the near future.

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