in summary:

  • tesla plans to expand supercharging network
  • the stations allow only vehicles with the combined charging systems[CSS]
  • tesla crossed $1TN last week.
  • electric vehicle demand on the rise

Tesla company finally opens its electric vehicle supercharging network to other electric cars.  due to this change, some of the BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz class electric cars can now be charged in Tesla supercharging stations in the Netherlands.

 This however is a program on pilot and Tesla strongly anticipates opening up their network to the mainstream. Being the most valuable carmaker in the world right now, tesla looks forward to fully inculcating electric vehicle usage into the mainstream. The program is to be tested by the tesla company in the Netherlands through ten main Tesla supercharging stations across the Netherlands. The company says other Dutch non-Tesla electric vehicles will also be able to access the services via the tesla application.

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Expanding the supercharging network

Being an addition to the normal superchargers capacity, the company says it will closely monitor the stations remotely for any congestion. Up to now, the tesla company has a total of 25000-tesla supercharging stations across the world. The success of this program is expected to expand them to a larger network. Tesla has the greatest supercharging network in the world which gives the company an upper hand in the electric vehicle market. Apart from Tesla, other electric vehicles have had a challenge providing adequate supercharging stations to their customers in the world. This has led to other companies investing in startups or forming alliances to make supercharging networks.


The tesla supercharging stations however can only serve vehicle which has a combined charging system, which favors the Daimler, BMW, Ford, and Volkswagen made vehicles which include Porsche and Audi. The vehicles are expected to pay higher charges which include extra costs meant to support the program by allowing site adjustments and expansion. As for the Tesla vehicles, the normal charging costs will remain normal.

Tesla has hit the highest capitalization threshold and has managed to supply over a quarter of its car deliveries in time. This makes it a huge company that historically beats the supply chain issues and the global chip shortages. The Tesla supercharging network expansion is set for even further success for the company.

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