Should you buy a car in Kenya in 2022? Our take 

Movement is easier and more convenient when you have a car. However, cars also come with their own inconveniences and downsides. Besides, you need to have a stable income to maintain and fuel your car for you to use it efficiently. With all this in mind, you need to see if you are really ready to buy a car in Kenya car or not.

In Kenya, cars are quite expensive to buy and maintain as well. However, there has been an increase in the number of people who are buying either used or brand new cars. In 2022, the number went down a little bit, the main reason being the high cost of living in Kenya right now. Nevertheless, new cars are still being bought, and more and more are being sold out by car companies.

Buying a car in Kenya

cars for sale in Kenya

Before buying a car in Kenya, you need to assess the options you have before finally settling down on any of them. Importing a used one or buying a new one are the main options in Kenya. You have to weigh the options you have to see whether it is really workable. Keeping in mind the prices, the good approach is to do a check on which car you can afford and where you can buy it conveniently.

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A standard new car in Kenya costs from Ksh. 1 million- Ksh 7 million depending on the type. Of course, used ones would go for way less than that. Considering the features you want and anything else you would look at when buying a vehicle, this makes it quite hard for some people to afford a car. However, if you can afford one, what else do you need to know about cars? 

What you need to know

There are several things that you need to put into consideration before buying a car in Kenya. There are costs that might emerge in the process of buying while others might emerge when you are using your car. Issues such as insurance covers, maintenance costs, repairs, and fueling among other issues are things you should consider before you purchase a car in Kenya.

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Evaluating each one of them is a good move since you never know what to expect while others are absolutely necessary.  This is the key factor that will help you decide whether buying a car in 2022 is a good idea or not.

New and used cars

Cars are available as either new or used. You can find both options in the Kenyan car market. It remains up to you to decide whether you should go for a used or a new one according to what you have. We cannot really recommend any of them but we can advise you to decide according to what works well for you. 

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Should you buy a car right now?

Depending on how necessary it is you might be needing a car urgently. You might also be wanting a car for luxury purposes or even for commercial purposes. This makes it a wise decision. Of course, if it is for commercial or it’s necessary, you might have limited choices.

That leaves us with luxury. If you just want a car for luxury, you might want to decide depending on your money. On the other hand, gauging by the cost of everything in the country right now, if you are not sure it is possible, waiting a little bit or raising a little bit more might be an excellent option. The main thing you need to know is whether you will manage to maintain your car well if you buy it.

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