Should Kenya concentrate on manufacturing cars locally?

Should Kenya concentrate on manufacturing cars locally?

We have been seeing a great effort towards developing the local car industry in Kenya. Very few have however been successful. It is important to note that to some extent, Kenya has successfully placed its first locally manufactured car in the market.

Mobius is so far a huge success to Kenya’s car industry. Launched a few years ago, it is finally swinging into full blown production. Of course few units are already out after the pilot scheme but the official mass production is yet to be launched. Despite the success, there is still insufficiency in the local car market. There might be some other car companies assembling cars locally but they are still not entirely locally manufactured.

With over three different models, carefully tailored to match the Kenyan terrain, Mobius has successfully developed a nice plan to sustainability in the local car market.

Why we need locally manufactured cars

Locally manufuctured car in Kenya(Mobius motors)

Africa, and particularly Kenya, has relatively rugged terrain. With the import dependency at the moment, we might not be able to find a car that fully conforms to the nature of our land.

Of course there are excellent off-road beasts and SUVs with excellent capabilities but one that fully conforms to the nature of our terrain is particularly important.

This is why Mobius found it necessary to create their own Kenyan SUV to serve the Kenyan population what they really need. Looking at the nature of the car, it is a great leap towards success. As we look forward to even more success, we can embrace our local products.

Are Kenyans interested in locally manufactured cars?

Well, at the moment, there seems to be little interest in our locally manufactured cars. As you might have noticed, there is great interest in cars from overseas. It is thought to be cheaper, especially when buying used cars. However, given that most Kenyans buy brand new cars locally, boosting the local market might help.

The prices might match the interest if they are pushed to just about what Kenyans can afford to spend on brand new cars. It might sound quite difficult at the moment but if the Kenyan car market is made sustainable, it might well provide Kenyans with what they need at the prices they can really afford.

Kenyan car market

The Kenyan market is one that is quite complex to define and predict. However, so far, it still takes care of the interest of the majority of Kenyans buying cars.

To expand the locally manufactured car market, the government still looks forward to manufacturing more and providing enough to serve the Kenyan population sufficiently. In collaboration with the already available supply from overseas, there are now enough capabilities to make the production process even easier and produce more.

Generally, gauging whether Kenya is ready to mass produce cars is quite difficult at the moment. However, there is still hope for the expansion of the market and a good reception from the Kenyan population. With more resources being dedicated towards this initiative, Kenyans might soon have a sustainable local car market.

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