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Price of Mercedes ml 350

The price of Mercedes ML350 ranges anywhere between Ksh. 3.5 million to Ksh. 6 million in Kenya. The ml 350 Mercedes is a luxury SUV that has remained in the market for close to four generations beginning from the year 1997 to today. The W163 ml 350 first-generation car was produced from the year 1997 to the year 2015.

The W164 ml 350 second-generation car was produced from the year 2006 to the year 2011. The W166 ml 350 third-generation car was produced from the year 2011 to the year 2019. The W167 ml 350 fourth-generation car was produced from the year 2019 to today. The price of ml 350 varies from generation to generation, as we are going to discuss down below.

New Mercedes ML350 for sale in Kenya

Mercedes M-class Transmission and Engine options

  • The diesel engine of 2.1 liters
  • Diesel engine V6 of 3.0 liters
  • Diesel engine V8 of 5.5 liters

Interior of the Mercedes ml 350

The ml 350 model is a comfortable and spacious car with a very luxurious cabin with a top-quality finish. The dashboard in the ml 350 is laid out neatly with all the buttons and dials easy to locate for the driver.

The ml 350 has one of the best legroom in the class. There is excellent space in the first row where the driver is together with the passenger seat. The seats in the ml 350 are usually electrically adjustable. In order for maximum versatility indoors, the ml 350 rear seats have adjustable headrests that can easily split.

Mercedes ml 350 for sale in Kenya

Exterior of the Mercedes ml 350

The ml 350 model has an exterior that is crafted well and imposes as a larger GL model class. The ml 350 has a large grille at its front that is fitted with modern headlights that can run throughout the daytime. This definitely adds to the price of the ml 350. On the rear end of the ml 350, the tailgate is flat with a chrome finishing. The ml 350 exhaust assembly is hidden perfectly from view.

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Maintenance costs and price of ml 350 in Kenya

The service parts present for the ml 350 model are easily accessible in Kenya at a good price. The body parts of the ml 350 are accessible though very expensive. The price of different models of the ml 350 class is summarized down below. You should remember that all the prices are negotiable.

ML 350
Price of new Mercedes ml350 in Kenya
ML 350 model typePrice
Ml 350 Mercedes Benz 2015Ksh. 6,600,000
Ml 350 Mercedes Benz 2014Ksh. 5,800,000
Ml 350 Mercedes Benz 2013Ksh. 4,500,000
Ml 350 Mercedes Benz 2012Ksh. 3,800,000
Ml 350 Mercedes Benz 2010Ksh. 3,200,000
prices of Mercedes M-class in Kenya

Reliability of the ml 350

When the Mercedes ml 350 model is new, it will perform well, although the performance goes down as the ml 350 ages. It is very important that you regularly maintain your ml 350 car even though it comes with a heavy price.

In case you want to purchase a Mercedes ml 350 that has already been used, you should be in a good position to ensure that the car is well inspected by a professional or a qualified car mechanic.

Buy used Mercedes ml350 in Kenya

Buying a used car in Kenya has now been made easy in Kenya. You can get the car by shopping online and having it delivered to you in the comfort of your house, however, with that, there also comes an opportunity for scammers to rob people of their money with false promises of selling them used car. That is why you ought to get careful with each step of the process and know where to buy your car from. In this section, we have summarized a step-by-step guide on how to buy a used Mercedes ml 350 in Kenya. Read more about legit online car dealerships

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Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Identify the right place to buy your car from

    Whether online or from a physical dealership, the most important thing to do is to identify the right one. There are many Mercedes outlets in Kenya. However, if you need a used ml350, it is best to go to an ordinary car dealership where you can find used cars.

  2. Weigh between the many available ml350 cars available

    Amongst the many cars paraded for sale, you should strive to select the best. It is usually advisable to have a trusted professional to help you select the car after a keen inspection. Since you can’t inspect all of them, it is advisable to narrow down and carry out a background check on the one that is most appealing to you.

  3. carry out a background check

    Background checks help you identify major and minor problems that might arise from the car’s history of use. It is a very important step that one should never skip especially when buying a used car. it is at this point that you might identify the possibility of buying a stolen car or being frauded.

  4. Ordering/purchasing the car

    Since we have indicated that some of these cars can be bought online, it is possible to order a car online in Kenya. After you’re satisfied with the car that you have selected, you can now proceed to purchase it. If it’s from a physical dealership, you can go ahead and visit their showroom to identify, purchase and have your paperwork done.

With all those steps followed, you would have purchased your used mercedes ml350 successfully.

Mercedes ML 350Commonly Asked Questions

How much is a new ML350?

The ML350 retails quite well in Kenya with a price of up to Ksh. 6 million for a new 2015 model. However, if you’re looking to purchase an older model, you might well as hope to get it at a cheaper price than that.

Is the Mercedes ML350 a good car?

Having been rated at 3 out of a possible 5 in efficiency and luxury, this car is quite good to own. Its annual maintenance costs stand at Ksh. 100,000 averagely, which means it is quite manageable for a midsize SUV of its cadre.

Is Mercedes ML350 an SUV?

Yes. The Mercedes ML350 is a mid-size SUV. It is an all-wheel-drive with defined luxury and capabilities. For an SUV its size, the car is well priced and rated.

Which year ML350 is best?

Judging from customer feedback and overall performance, the 2015ML 359 is generally considered the best among the M-class family. This SUV has received the least complaints and has had a lot of positive feedback from users over the years.

Is ML350 a 4×4?

The standard 4matic all-wheel-drive system seems to be consistent with all Mercedes SUVs. The ml 350 however is highly powerful and functional with or without the all-wheel drive.

Is ML350 a diesel?

most commonly, the Ml 350 comes with a complete heavy-duty diesel engine to match its heavy capabilities. The engine is usually a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produces 455lb-ft of torque and a massive 240hp.

Where is the Mercedes ML350 made?

The greatest production of this car is based in the North American market. It is manufactured in Vance, Alabama in the United States of America.

Does Mercedes ML350 have the third row?

The Mercedes ML350 for a good time now has ceased to provide the third row and leather upholstery options. However, some of these options can be pre-customized on purchase.

How many seats does an ML 350 have?

The ml 350 is one of the massive and beefy Mercedes SUVs in production. It has a wide interior space which can comfortably seat five and carry a lot of luggage too.

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