Peacock keeps freezing? Here is what to do

There are these situations when you’re watching your show on peacock tv and the video freezes midway. It could be annoying especially when it is not happening once or twice. Does your peacock keep freezing? Here is what to do;

Before getting to the real ways you can troubleshot your peacock in case it starts freezing, we need to understand how it actually works.

When you are streaming a video on peacock, essentially the data packs that make up your video come in as a continuous stream, hence the name. Therefore when one of the data packets delay, your video is interrupted to allow it to load first.

This is what usually causes the freezing, which is normally referred to as buffering. There are a number of reasons which can cause this. The main one among them is your internet connection. Let’s check out the main reasons why your peacock keeps freezing.

how to fix peacock freezing

Causes of peacock freezing video

There are several causes why your peacock tv video stream might be freezing or buffering. Each of them is a potential cause and it should be considered as a possible cause. They include the following;

  • poor internet connection
  • Using multiple devices at the same time
  • Having huge uploads or downloads or games in the background
  • Your router might be faulty
  • You are probably using VP to stream
  • Peacock servers might be down

Those are usually the main ones you should check as soon as you notice your peacock video freezing. Sometimes you have to do more checks even after troubleshooting those ones since there could be something more.

Make sure that every time you are streaming there are minimal activities in the background. This saves a lot of data or reduces the load you have on the same internet connection or network.

How to fix freezing video on peacock

1. Use a single device to stream

If you are having trouble trying to watch videos on peacock since they keep freezing midway, you probably have a load on your internet connection. When you use several devices with the same app or network, you are likely to have trouble watching.

It is therefore advisable to use peacock on a single device when streaming. If you use more than one on the same network, it might be slower than when you use one.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be the internet connection. The fact you are using the same app to stream a video to two devices, might be a little problem.

2. Disable VPN

VPN is another potential cause of freezing videos on peacock. We might have mentioned how the process of streaming occurs between the peacock tv servers and your streaming device.

Since the data packets making up your video are being transmitted in a stream from the servers, using VPN introduces additional servers that the video must go through before it can teach your device.

Due the extra servers introduced in between the network by the server, switching them off might help reduce freezing and significantly increase the speed at which you can stream.

3. Check your internet connection

Your internet connection matters a lot when you are streaming videos off of peacock. If internet connection is unstable, your stream quality becomes significantly low or you are likely to experience a lot of freezing on the video or buffering.

You can try disconnecting the internet cables before connecting them back. If you are using a hotspot, you can disconnect from the network before connecting back.

Since most if the videos on peacock are streaming on HD and UHD, you can expect to have a good video quality if you have a stable internet cinnection. We recommend you have anything like 8mbps of Internet speed to be sure you won’t have your videos freezing midway.

Ensure you have stable internet to stream quality videos on peacock

4. Try restarting your device

Sometimes, restart the device when the videos keep freezing midway. The problem might not just be with peacock servers or the network.

However, you need to make sure you restart the device properly. Do not force stop your device especially if you are using Mac or your mobile.

If the problems isn’t with peacock itself, the app should work properly, and hopefully there won’t be no more freezing. You can do it more than once and see if it persists before trying other remedies.

5. Check whether peacock servers are down

This is not that common, however, you might find out that once in a while, the peacock servers are down, probably due to maintainance or other internal issues.

It is important to check if the problem is coming from anywhere within the peacock servers or if it is with the device you are using or your internet connection.

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To check whether the servers are down, you should head over to the peacock app or website and visit their downdetector to check if peacock is down at that particular moment.

Alternatively, you can just google it and you will be redirected to get proper information. If at all the server rae down, you can only wit for the problem to be fixed.

6.Try clearing cache on your app or browser

Cache are forms of data stored in your browser to help it the app to function properly when you are using it. When the data gets corrupted, you will need to remove them completely to allow new ones come in.

This is what we do by clearing cache. It is aa simple process and it might take less than five minutes to finish. The following is a simple guide to help you carry it out if you do not know how to go about it;

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to clear cache and storage data on peacock app

  1. Go to your device settings

  2. select apps

  3. select peacock app

  4. select cache and app data

  5. Tap clear cache

By following that process, you would have cleared you oeacock app data and cache. Note that after this, you might need to log back in afresh since even the login information you entered is cleared.

how to clear peacock app cache

If all those fixes fail, you might want to get some help since you could have a problem with your subscription or there might be another issue with the account you are using. You can visit the peacock customer support help page to get help.


Peacock keeps freezing? Here is what to do -FAQs

Why does my Peacock keep freezing?

You are probably gaming or having large downloads in the background. If not, you should probably check your internet connection and see that you have a stable connection. Be sure to cross check your app settings and clear cache and storage data as well. If all those are not the problem, the peacock servers might be down for a while, you should reload and give it some time for the servers to be fixed.

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What do you do when a Peacock is frozen?

Since we have different issues that could be affecting the video quality, you will need to troubleshot slowly and get to the bottom of it. Try doing all the following to see whether it gets better.
Remove your internet cable and put it back
Try clearing your app cache and data storage
Use a single device to steam
Stop any huge uploads or downloads in the background
Pause or quit any games in the background.
Doing all those might help a little bit. Hopefully, one if the might be the problem and your video might continue streaming normally after you troubleshoot.

How do I change the streaming quality on Peacock?

This is absolutely eady to do. You have a number of quality options to select from. To change or select between them, go to the app or website and click on any movie or show. When the video starts playing, navigate to the top of the screen othe right side. Select the settings options then select quality. Select between the given quality options given. We have, auto, medium low and high quality to choose from.

How do you clear the cache on a Peacock?

To clear peacock app cache, visit your settings app and then select apps. Select the peacock app and navigate the menu down to app settings then select storage data and cache. Select clear cache and storage data. You would have cleared cache successfully. You can restart your app and log back in .

Why is my Peacock not working?

If your peacock app is not working at all, you are probably having a problems with your internet, the peacock servers are down or maybe you have issues with your subscription. Check any of those issues to see if if it starts working. If not, try restarting tring the app or the device and try again. If you had issues with subscription you might have to call the customer service to help you. Learn more about the customer support contact here

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