New jobs at the Nairobi Expressway

New job opportunities at the Nairobi expressway

 The  Nairobi expressway is one of the biggest mega-projects that Kenya has seen so far. The main aim of the initiation of this job was to decongest the city. The government pointed out the traffic jams as the main issue that led to the development of this project. 

The expressway is one of the projects that have taken the shortest time to be completed. It is one of the best ways to save on time especially when one wants to access the Kenyatta Internation Airport. 

 Development of the project

Throughout its construction, the project has attracted many different personnel, both skilled and unskilled to aid with its development. With relentless engineers, surveyors, craftsmen, and many others, this project has been undertaken to near success. Actually, the greatest part has been completed and the expressway is functional at the moment. One has to pay toll charges every time they pass through the expressway.

New jobs

Toll centre at the Nairobi expressway

With the completion of the project, it came along with new employment opportunities. Most jobs were offered during the construction process. However, even after the completion, new personnel are being required to finish up the project and others to work on a regular basis for the normal functionality of the project. 

Most of the workers on the expressway right now include personnel for maintenance as well as the toll centre personnel who watch on the traffic and confirm payments. 

Most of the personnel for these positions are still being recruited. 

The qualifications needed for the different positions vary depending on the kind of work one is supposed to undertake. More importantly, some of them would need a lot of experience for one to be considered.

Toll charges

Each driver is expected to pay a charge of between ksh.100-310 each time they use the expressway. This is a good way for the government to raise revenue from the project. The charges were officially gazetted and the rules took effect as soon as the project was opened for public use. 

According to the gazette notice, the charges will differ according to the distance one intends to cover on the expressway. However, the most one can pay us Ksh. 310 per trip. The size of the vehicle does not matter, only the distance is considered. 

The revenue generated from these charges goes back to the personel who work here as well as helps the government push other projects.

Is it effective?

The initial plan of developing Ng this project was to create an alternative means of decongesting the traffic around the city. With its strategic placement, it is possible to navigate the city without being trapped in messy traffic jams. However, as of now, we cannot actually tell if the project has been successful or not since very few people are using it. The traffic situation in the city is still quite messy.  

It happens there is now an imbalance between the people using the  regular roads and the ones using the expressway. However, with the need to get to specific places in good time, the driving population might soon be compelled to use the road more often.

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