New fuel price in Kenya; how to survive the fuel crisis;

New fuel prices

It’s not the first time that fuel prices are increasing. However, this time it is quite different since they have been up for a while and now they have been increased further. As from 15th of may 2022 to July 14th 2022, a litre of petrol goes for Ksh.159.102 This is an abnormal increase from the previous price of ksh.150 per liter. 

This might just be the peak of the fuel crisis in Kenya since there aren’t many plans to make the prices better soon. As a Kenyan driver, you have to know how to play along and how to save something little even with the high fuel prices in Kenya. Looking at the situation, it is quite limiting if you don’t want to spend too much on fuel. What then should you do? We have a few tips put together here to help you manage the situations until the fuel price storm subsides.

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How to manage the fuel price situation in Kenya today

Fuel Prices in Kenya increase again

Reduce the frequency of using your car, unless it is necessary

The more you are on the road, the more fuel you are likely to use. That means you are likely to spend so much on the fuel even on a single day. The best option is to use your car when it is necessary. However, if you are not going far, you can use alternative means to move around when you have no rush.

Try public transport

It might sound somewhat difficult but public transport vehicles get around pretty quickly and they demand less. When you do not have to use your car, you might want to hop into a matatu and enjoy the ride to where you want to go. It would help you save much more.

You have multiple cars? Try the one with least fuel consumption rate

If you have multiple cars, you might want to take the one that uses the least fuel. This will save you so much during this time. The amount of fuel you will need to move around with a small car with medium or low fuel consumption might not be much compared to your big SUV that consumes heavy amounts of fuel.

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Fill up your tank

This too might sound a little bit unrealistic but trust me, it will save you. If you have enough to fill up your tank, it might be better to do that than having to put in small amounts of fuel after a few kilometers if driving. Once you have a full tank, it might take you for a while before you fill it up again. This will save you the little amounts you have to purchase along the way.

Check your engine health

With the hike in fuel prices in Kenya, the least you want is a faulty engine, especially issues relating to fuel consumption. You Might just need to have the car checked up properly before you use it. Consider a fuel leakage for example, you will have to pay double or triple with such a defect. That might be too expensive at the moment. Service your vehicle and make sure it is in proper condition.

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How much more will we spend on fuel?

Kenyans will spend more on fuel this season

When it comes to fuel prices, it is already a difficult situation. However, it is important to notice the trend and know how much more you need to spend on fuel. This will help you calculate and know how to adjust to the new prices while saving something. The fuel prices might be up for a little longer than you expected. Therefore, knowing how to keep the consumption at the minimum will help a lot. Our tips above might really help with that. What do you think?

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