New alert; high priced sports cars targeted by thieves; here is why


It has become a common trend now for thieves to steal high-priced sports cars. Noting the rising cases in Pembroke pine, both the residents and the police are raising eyebrows over the now common trend which is leading to remarkable losses.

The last incident in Boward county got people worried and marked a great loss for the owner after getting away with a heavily priced sports car. With the challengers and the dodge chargers being the main targets, the thieves have made it a new trend to get away with these vehicles. According to Pembroke pines police, there has been a remarkable increase in the theft cases associated with those two cars.

These incidents have however gotten many people thinking about what the reason may be. The dodge vehicles in particular are said to have a huge horsepower, especially in the hoods. The dodge scat packs and the dodge hellcats are under the main focus with the thieves being said to actually program the ignition. Several victims have raised alarm over the theft of their cars in what turns out to be a great similarity between the cases. It sounds like they plan the same thing.

The Pembroke pine police are investigating a lot of cases concerning the disappearance of several high-priced sports cars mainly the ones that have been highlighted. One victim reports to have been robbed of her car and decides to raise the alarm on the internet after presenting her case to the police just to find four other similar cases. With this area being mostly targeted, the sports cars involved are said to be easy to start and get away with from what is made out of the surveillance videos requested by the police investigation departments.

If these cases are going to stop, there should be an actual highly tactical way of stopping them. Victims express their shock at how easy those thieves actually get away with the vehicles shortly after stealing them and hope the police will be able to find a lasting solution to the situation, a highly calculated and intelligent solution.

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