• Matatu drivers could possibly be relieved of competence tests in new amendments
  • This move could potentially open loopholes for reckless drivers.
  • The traffic bill 2021 seeks to drop the competence test amongst other directives.

Matatu drivers could now possibly be relieved of their biannual competence test if the traffic laws will be amended as proposed. The traffic bill 2021 proposes to lift the competence checks in what could possibly spare the drivers but yet land the public in the danger of being driven around recklessly.

The traffic amendment bill seeks to amend section 103 A (4) of the sixth clause from the principal act of 2013 which directs that all drivers go through a competence check every two years. Matatu drivers are likely to be excluded if the new amendment bill passes.

Tiaty Mp Hon. William Kamket forwarded the bill which also seeks to remove a section of the principal act of 2013 which directs that exceeding speed limits by 20km/h is punishable by 3 months imprisonment or Ksh. 20,000 or both. According to tye memorandum of the bill, the implementation of the principal act will be easier by the removal if the named sections.

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Being so detailed, the bill will amend several sections of the principal act of 2013 considering that some of them have been misinterpreted as stated in the memorandum of the bill. In the bill, the current fine penalty of Ksh. 100,000 will only stand if the involved driver exceeds the allowed of alcohol on the gauge. Otherwise, the “subjective judgement” of the drivers control capability will not be subject to the directive.

Finally, the bill is expected to allow for outsourcing of vehicle inspection personel. This will do away with the sole restriction to the NTSA when it comes to vehicle inspection.

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