Fuel pricing has really gone up over the past year or so. The price of a liter of petrol could go up to 130-170 Kenyan shillings in a few months. This really sends a strong message to Kenyans looking to invest in vehicles. Fuel economy has been a great challenge and it would still be even in the near future. At Move it Kenya, we took some time to do a deep search in order to find out some of the Low fuel consumption cars to buy in Kenya below.

However, going forward, as technology and infrastructure advance, drivers tend to upgrade to electric vehicles more than fuel-powered cars. These are not so common in Kenya at the moment, which makes it the best option to seek the fuel economic cars.

Manufactured and supplied by a number of companies in Kenya, the aforementioned cars form the most fuel-economic class of vehicles in Kenya. Their prices and fuel consumption is summarized in the table below;

low fuel consumption cars to buy in Kenya

carprice[Ksh.] brand new in Kenyafuel consumption rate
Honda fit1,000,000-2,500,0006.4L/100KM
Mazda axela1,300,000-3,000,00010-30KM/L
Volkswagen golf1,200,000-3,100,0006L/100KM
Nissan note1,000,000-1,500,0005.1L/100KM
Toyota passo1,000,000-2,500,0004.4L/100KM
Toyota corolla800,000-3,200,0005.0L/100KM
Toyota Prius1,100,000-3,700,00034KM/L
Toyota vitz600,000-1,000,00022.5KM/L
Mitsubishi mirage600,000-1,600,00027.2KM/L
Honda insight800,000-3,270,0004.4L/100KM
Mazda Demio750,000-1,800,00020.6KM/L
Nissan Juke900,000-1,500,0006.3L/100KM
Mazda verisa500,000-800,0005.5L/100KM
most common low-fuel consumption cars in Kenya
Best fuel-efficient cars to buy in Kenya

List Of Vehicles That Use Less Fuel In Kenya

  1. Honda fit
  2. Mazda axela
  3. Volkswagen golf
  4. Nissan note
  5. Toyota passo
  6. Toyota Corolla
  7. Toyota Prius
  8. Toyota vitz
  9. Mitsubishi mirage
  10. Honda insight
  11. Mazda demio
  12. Nissan juke
  13. Mazda verisa

1. Honda fit hybrid

Honda fit hybrid

Attesting to its high capability and speed, the Honda fit hybrid servers for many Kenyans today. It is light and very fuel-efficient rendering its high capability. With its highly streamlined body, it is able to move at high speed and yet use less fuel. Unlike its counterparts, the Honda fit stands out because of its unique design which makes its exterior and interior likable.

Being small, it is able to maneuver through traffic as well as roadworks which are quite common in the city. With all these capabilities, the hybrid can successfully cut down the fuel budget to almost half what other vehicles like the SUV s could use in the same situation. For a Kenyan who is looking to invest in a fuel-efficient car, the Honda fit can be one of the best selections. You can find both brand new versions or used versions of this car at any car dealership in Kenya.

2. Mazda axela

mazda axela

Looking at the fuel tank with a smile is quite a difficult concept in Kenya. Mazda axela can however let you do that without any problem. The axela is not as popular as some of its counterparts like the Mazda Demio. Surprisingly though, this car bears one of the most amazingly efficient low fuel consumption engines in Kenya.

Apart from its fuel economy, the car bears other amazing features that complement it’s exterior and interior alike. With its engine, the car can run up to 17 km on a single liter. The mid-sized hatchback provides a lot of space for storage and an ample capacity for a car of its size. This car can also be accessed brand new or used at any car dealership s in Kenya. You can also find it online on sites like Befoward. Find more about purchasing cars online here.

3. Volkswagen golf

Volkswagen golf 2022

Volkswagen is among the most reputed car brands in Kenya. As a result, they produce a number of vehicles stretching from SUVs to small vehicles like the golf, specifically meant for fuel efficiency. The golf bears a lot of beauty in its structure, shape as well as functionality. Again, its small size automatically makes it light and the shape makes it streamlined both of which help it to move at great speed.

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This car boasts a large interior space for cars of its cadre. Being fuel-efficient, it caters for long journeys on reasonably small amounts of fuel. You can source this gem from a dealership anywhere in Kenya. The vehicles are supplied in Kenya by Volkswagen, Kenya a branch of the German-based company. Despite its huge German label, the car is proven to be highly fuel-efficient. The Volkswagen Golf GTI comes in both fuel and electric options for you to choose from. With a clean 6 liter per 100 km fuel capacity, this can be afar much better option. This guide enlightens you fully on the car brands, suppliers, and prices in Kenya.

4. Nissan note

Nissan note

Being one of the most outstanding types of vehicles on the Kenyan roads, most Kenyans prefer the Nissan note because of its fuel efficiency. With its almost boxy shape, this car offers a lot of carriage and passenger capacity. The note is one of the most affordable cars on the Kenyan market with a range of Ksh.1M- Ksh.1.5M brand new.

Besides its affordability and efficiency, this car has a raised sitting which makes it very easy to get in or out. The car’s capability rivals that of its highly valued counterparts such as the Nissan Juke or the Ford B-max. Depending on the year, the note can be accessible at different price ranges at different car dealerships and outlets in Kenya.

5. Toyota Passo

Toyota passo

The Toyota Passo, often compared to the Toyota Vitz is quite different from others. As you might realize, it has a slight height advantage over the Vitz. Now, besides all that, this model boasts a high engine efficiency, a very great fuel economy, and very sufficient space. The shape and features of this car specifically match its efficiency in moving around. The Toyota Passo matches some of its all-time rivals such as the Nissan Note, the Toyota Vitz, and the Mazda. Demio both inefficiency and the fuel economy.with anything between Ksh. 1000,000,000- Ksh. 2,500,000 you can get a brand new version of this car from a dealership in Kenya. You can as well import with up to 10% less the cost.

6. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Toyota dominates the Kenyan roads because mainly it offers low and medium-fuel consumption cars that are suitable for many people. Toyota Corolla is one of the most common vehicles driven around in Kenya. The Corolla is a sedan type that has a lot of space both for storage and passenger capacity.

Under the hood of the Corolla, sits a medium-power engine with literally low and very efficient fuel consumption. Keeping this in mind, the Corolla serves well both economically and aesthetically. It has nice interiors and exteriors which complete its total capability. Being well-loved in Kenya, the Toyota company is set to bring more of this later this year. It will be a corolla SUV tagged the “Corolla cross” which is eagerly awaited for.

7. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Prius is a Toyota hybrid powerhouse that marks the most celebrated hybrid worldwide up to date! This car not only boasts a huge investment in space but also a very smooth driving experience and a nice infotainment system. All those features are served by this hybrid on a low fuel budget which comes in handy in the Kenyan steady rising economy. Kenya, being a country that cherishes Toyota vehicles, has seen a rise in the demand for this hybrid vehicle. On a pocket-friendly budget, you can easily land one of these magnificent Toyota machines.

8. Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz

Affordability and efficiency mark the values of this little Toyota beast. With up to 42L of fuel tank capacity, this amazing compact hatchback offers a long distance of travel around the city and very high maneuverability through the city. The Vitz is highly appreciated by women all over Kenya. Though there had been some concern over the Vitz not building up speed in good time, when it stabilizes on the road, no one has to worry about its speed anymore.

Like its counterparts, the Vitz offers a huge cargo space as well as carrying capacity for a vehicle of its size. Its small size makes it light enough to move around at high speed. Most of them are equipped with great infotainment systems to add value. Lastly, this small beast is equally very affordable in Kenya.

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9. Mitsubishi mirage

Mitsubishi mirage

Mitsubishi cars are not as common as vehicles of this type in Kenya. However, the Mitsubishi company could not be left behind in the quest for providing a fuel-efficient car in the Kenyan market. This car comes with a 1.2 L engine and stable consumption of 5.47L per every 100km. Unlike other city cars, this one offers a massive boot for storage as well as a nice shape and structure that favors both efficiency and aesthetic value.

This car is pointed out as one that is quite different from the other common ones. So if you are looking forward to being a little different but have the same fuel economy as the others, you can trust in the mirage. Additionally, the mirage is affordable and easy to drive around.

10. Honda insight

honda insight 2019

The insight is a highly conventional hybrid that is getting its root in the Kenyan market. Its shape and aesthetic values are not so much celebrated but its fuel efficiency is more than celebrated. This car offers ample cargo packaging with its large boot as well as comfort while driving around.

Despite its hybrid tag, this car has higher performance compared to other hybrid vehicles. It is quite faster than any other hybrid in the market. Bearing in mind that it has a highly efficient capacity and it takes care of the performance, the not-so-good structure might not deter you from purchasing one. However, this vehicle is often most alternated with its Honda civic cousin.

11. Mazda Demio

Mazda Demio

Apart from being cheaper than some of its counterparts, the redefined compact hatchback is getting even more popular in Kenya. The Mazda Demio or Mazda 2 boasts a high fuel efficiency unlike many of its counterparts. This car is edgy, curvy, and sleek which makes it a beautiful ride both inside and outside the city.

Besides its beauty, the Demio has enough cargo and carriage capacity which makes it more likable to many people. To add to its aesthetics, the vehicle presents high performance compared to a number of its counterparts. The Mazda is also readily available anywhere in the country.

12. Nissan juke

Nissan juke

The Nissan juke was specifically built as an alternative to small cars. As a result, Nissan came up with this sub-compact crossover that almost looks like a small SUV. Its beefy and heavy build makes it look nice to drive in and introduces a change from other little cars on the road. This car boasts high aesthetic value as well as nice infotainment technology on the interior.

However, the car has a small boot which could be quite insufficient at times. The car is economical in terms of fuel and relatively cheaper for its features. The most beautiful thing about this car is the grip it has on the road both on and off-road. It’s amazing to drive a car of its size off-road and be comfortable. This is what makes this vehicle stand out.

13. Mazda verisa

mazda verisa

The market price of this car will amaze you. With only Ksh.500,000- Ksh.800,000 you can take this car home. Under the hood is where we get its real favourability and why it’s cherished in Kenya.

The Mazda verisa has a very efficient fuel consumption engine with high performance unlike many of its counterparts. Many people have described this as Mazda’s own attempt to recreate the mini-cooper. It looks really nice with its classy and quite boxy exterior and a well-made interior. It has enough cargo space and high performance on the road.

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How To Buy A Car That Uses Less Fuel

There are a few things that you ought to look into when purchasing a low-fuel-consumption vehicle in Kenya. This ranges from the price to the performance and the consumption rate itself. With these in mind, you can successfully select a vehicle that will serve you well while taking care of your pocket in terms of fuel economy. Let’s find out what to look for in such a vehicle;

The price

The price is key in determining the type of low-fuel-consumption vehicle you purchase. In the long run, the car that you can afford is the one that you can confidently buy without straining your budget too much. Most cars of this caliber range from Ksh. 500,000- Ksh. 3,000,000. If you can comfortably secure anything between there for a car, you can be confident that you will find any of the above-reviewed cars. The price of the car is therefore very important to consider.

The fuel consumption rate

Most of these low-fuel consumption vehicles bear engine capacities of 1.2L – 3L of fuel tank capacity. They can run up to 15 Km on a single liter. Therefore owning one such car could save you a lot of money on the fuel economy side. With this type of car, you will not have to worry about fuel so much since they can travel long distances on a low amount of fuel. Check out the specifications before you are convinced to purchase one of these little vehicles.


In our review, we have been highlighting the capabilities of the cars we discussed above. It is important to know whether your car can go off the city or off the road in some cases. These vehicles may run on low fuel but some terrains might be disappointing for them. Therefore, learning about the capabilities of the car you are purchasing could be of great help in knowing how to handle your car. Additionally, in gauging whether the car is worth its price, knowing its capabilities could come in handy.

The year of manufacture

The year of manufacture is important to know since it can determine its price. The number of years the car has been on the road might also determine its state if you’re looking to buy the car secondhand. Additionally, more recent versions of the vehicles tend to be more developed and as a result, they become more expensive compared to the initial versions

low fuel consumption cars to buy in Kenya-FAQs

Which car has the lowest fuel consumption?

Honda fit
Mazda axela
Volkswagen golf
Nissan note
Toyota passo
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Prius
Toyota vitz
Mitsubishi mirage
Honda insight
Mazda demio
Nissan juke
Mazda verisa

Which is the cheapest car to maintain in Kenya?

the cos of maintaining a car in Kenya greatly varies depending on where you are driving it and how much care you take for it. First off, look at the fuel consumption rate since this is mainly the costly part. a fuel efficient car will generally cost you less to maintain. other factors will also come in in the course of your daily use of the car.

What is the most affordable and fuel-efficient car?

Honda fit, Mazda axela, Volkswagen golf, Nissan note, Toyota passo, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota vitz, Mitsubishi mirage, Honda insight, Mazda demio, Nissan juke, Mazda verisa. all those cars have proven to be very efficient in terms of fuel on Kenyan roads.

Which car is lightest on fuel?

the following cars are the lightest on fuel consumption.
Renault Kwid 1.0 Expression,Kia Picanto 1.0 ,Datsun Go 1.2,Suzuki Celerio 1.0 GA,Mahindra KUV100 

Which Toyota car has the lowest fuel consumption?

the Toyota Prius hybrid is the most fuel efficient Toyota car in Kenya. on average, this car can run up to 34 Km on a single litre of a fuel.

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