London Taxi prices 

Taxis are the most convenient way to get around in London. It’s very usual to stop a taxi and rush over to where you are going at any time of the day in London. However, sometimes the prices vary and it might be just as important to know some of the London Taxi fares to be well prepared.

This is a full guide to all the London Taxi prices for all times of the day, long-distance taxis, the back cab, and mini-cabs as well as all the prices for weekend and early morning hours. 


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We will also be looking at the few tips that will help you use less in taxi fares, later on, so be sure to stick around.

Common Taxi companies in London

To know how much we expect to pay for taxi fare in London, we must first understand the companies that operate taxis in London since fare varies according to the company as well.

The following are the main London Taxi operators.

  • London back cab tours
  • London minicab service
  • London transfers
  • Patrick Egwu transportation
  • White eagle transfers
  • British airport transfers
  • Mason and green
  • Ibero transfers
  • Umbrella transfers
  • Minicabit
  • Waterloo cars 

These and many others offer some of the best taxi services around London.

London Taxi prices

credit card payment system in London taxi

Now that we know some of the best taxi companies in London, it’s important if we move on to understand the fare prices on different days of the week.

The table below summarizes all the London Taxi prices for different durations and distances.

DistanceFare on weekdaysFare on weekends
1 mile£6.40-£10£6.40-£10.20
2 miles£9-£15.40£10.40-£16
4 miles£17-£25£19-£25
Beyond 6 miles£52-97££52-97£

Note that the fare for the weekends is the same as the fare for all the weekdays from 20:00-22:00.  London Taxi fares however might be subject to a little variation depending on the company you are using.

The minimum you can pay for taxi fare stands at £3.80 at all times in London.

Maximum distance taxis go in London

Taxis tend to have a limit as to the distance they can travel within London. It might not be a rule but it is common for taxis to abide by that limit.

The maximum distance the cabs in the UK can go is usually around 100miles. The destinations they offer services for are usually within this range.

It might not be a rule but most taxi companies in the UK, in general, tend to be limited to this for convenience. In rare cases, they might go for longer than 100 miles but it’s never common.  

However, that might not be the case with Long distance taxis. They usually operate quite differently and their pricing is different as well. 

Long-distance taxi prices from London

black cab London
DestinationFare price range(depending on the vehicle and time of the day)
New Romney£22-£32
Ashford East£22-£35
Ashford west£26-£32
William Harvey£18-£24
William Harvey(from town)£20-£26
Canterbury North£26-£40
Canterbury South£24-£38
long distance taxi prices from London

The above are the main prices for the long-distance taxi from London to other areas of the UK. However, these prices are not fixed and they do vary a lot depending on the circumstances and the time of the day. 

Now, there’s a difference between the regular taxi service in London and the long distance taxi operating from London to other parts of the UK. 

Here are a few differences between the taxis;

Long distances as we might have mentioned, has all their vehicles dedicated to going for long distances.

They are basically an alternative to the regular buses since they tend to be quicker than them. They can maneuver quite faster through the traffic as opposed to the buses.

The main difference is that some of the regular taxis only operate within the cities while the long-distance taxis mainly operate both within cities as well as from one city to the other. 

While they are not entirely cheap, you can be sure to save a few pounds if you use the long-distance taxis to go if you’re traveling relatively long distances.

How to spend less on taxi fares in London

As promised, we have gathered a few tips to help you reduce the amount you spend on Taxi prices in London;

Take note of the following to save a little bit of cash when using taxi service in London;

  • Select the nearest pick up station near you if you’re booking online to reduce the time you’re travelling.
  • If you’re on the street near any rail station or airport, stop at a Black cab, they’re the fastest and therefore you will take the shortest time and pay less.
  • If possible, travel during daytime hours to avoid the extra charges.
  • If you’re travelling as a group, select a taxi that charges cumulatively.
  • Choose a taxi company you’re familiar with or a recommended one since they usually work well. 

London Taxi prices-FAQs

How much is a 10-mile taxi ride in the UK?

£22.00-£29. Under every normal circumstance, the fare is not likely to go anywhere above this price. However, for a few instances, you might be charged less or more depending on what it is. Remember the are fr late nights is 10% more than the normal fare, so estimating first might help you know how much to pay. Use or free UK taxi fare calculator to know your taxi fare price.

Do London cabs take credit cards?

Yes. All credit card payments and other cashless methods are allowed in the payment of taxi fares in London. There is a Tfl fixed card payment device in the passenger compartment that is approved for credit card payments. Please note that handheld payment devices do not meet the required conditions and are therefore not used in the cabs. Upon payment via the device, the driver should provide you with a printed receipt.

How do taxis charge UK?

£5.20. Depending on the taxi you are using, you might pay anywhere between £4.00£5.20. However, long-distance taxi charges differently per mile, preferably cheaper than a regular taxi. This price is not fixed and it is likely to vary a little bit according to the time as well as the day. However, the variation might not be as huge so you can estimate it and know how much you need for your journey.

How easy is it to get a taxi in London?

It is easiest to get a taxi in London compared to anywhere else. There are so many of them on the city streets and they are allowed to pick up passengers on the streets. You can also call to order one or even book one online with a London taxi company. Alternatively, you can walk up to a taxi rank and pick one for your journey.

How late do taxis run in London?

Most of the taxi companies in London provide 24 hours service every day. What slightly varies is the charges for the fare. You can get a taxi early in the morning or even very late into the night. Be sure to hail the right taxi company for you to get the best services at any time of the day.

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