London black cab fare 

The following is the most updated price list for the London back fare per mile. Note that the fares normally go up but up to 10%during late nights or during the weekends. 


how much is London taxi fare

London black cab fares vary a lot. London black cab is popular and it works quite differently. 

Unlike many others, you are required to pay according to how long the journey has lasted and not the distance you have traveled.

In the early mornings, you can expect to pay up to 20% higher than what you would pay normally. The prices included in the table below include the highest and lowest prices you can be charged for a black cab in London.

Between 6 and 13 minutes (1 mile)£6.40 – £11.20
Between 10 and 20 minutes(2 miles)£9 -£17
Between 15 and 25 minutes(3 miles)£13 – £23
Between 15 and 30 minutes(4 miles)£17 – £29
Between 20 and 35 minutes(5 miles)£21.50 – £33
Between 30 and 40 minutes(6miles)£26 – £37

London black cab fare policy

The following are the main points to note about the London back cab fare policy;

  • For Christmas and new year holidays, there’s an extra £4 as from 8 Pm to 6 Am on Christmas Eve and new years eve to Christmas and 2nd Jan respectively.
  • The booking fare differs according to the taxi company you choose
  • There’s an extra £2 for every journey you pre-book via the phone. 
  • Sometimes there’s an extra charge on the meter to cover the parking cost. 
  • The black cab fare is always 10% more at night and 20% more during weekends. 

The London black cab also operates from several airports within London. 

Now, according to the time to take on the ride from the respective airports, you could pay more or less for the same journey. 

There is no fixed rate for the London black cab fares.  The following are the charges for the London black cab according to the time it takes from the different airports.

London taxi prices
Average journey time(minutes)Airport(to central London)Price
35-50London city£30-£90

Minimum black cab fare

The back cab minimum fare stands at £3.80 at all times.  However, you can expect more than this if any other circumstances arise at any given time. 

The rates of the taxi fare calculator are also different and they vary according to the time you have traveled.

For journeys that extend outside the great London, there’s a possibility of negotiation with the black can driver before you begin the journey.

You can expect to pay the minimum fare for up to six miles. However, after the six miles mark, the rate starts to change and it increases.

For the black cab, what is shown on the taximeter at the end of your journey is what you are expected to pay. However, if you agreed on the rates earlier on before the journey, then that’s what you will pay.

london black cab

Advantages of using the London black cab 

With the London black cab, you can access relatively more features compared to the minicabs.

The following are the main pros and cons of using a black cab in London;


  • The black cab can carry 5 people
  • Black cabs are allowed by law to pick up passengers on the street.
  • When traveling as a group, you can expect to pay a little cheaper because you can pay cumulatively for one cab
  • Black cabs are a little quicker since they can be allowed to move on the bus lanes.
  • The black cab taxi fare is constant. They never hike them even during the busy season.
  • Black cab drivers might just be the best drivers in London. They go through thorough training to qualify for the job. 


  • The black cab taxis are the most expensive in London.
  • Black cabs charge according to the time and not the distance, disadvantaging passengers when there is a bit of traffic

How to hail a black cab on the street

Black cabs are always driving around London. However, they do not stop anywhere and they do not just stop. You have to make a sign for them to stop. 

It’s important to know the few rules taxis follow and when and where it’s best to hail a taxi. 

First, you have to be in a strategic position for the cab to stop in case it’s open to carry passengers.

If the taxi sign is lit up, then it means the cab does not have a passenger and it is vacant. If the sign is not lit, then it’s probably already hired.

If the sign is on, stick your arm to the road to signal the driver to stop.

At night, the taxi drivers are often selective on who they pick up to avoid picking up drunks and other stubborn people, so the light might be off but the taxi is available for hire. 

London black cab fare-FAQs

How much is a black cab in London?

£6.40-£37 for rides within the city. However, you can pay so much more when it comes to other destinations outside of London. However, if you’re looking to purchase one of the vehicles under the black cab, you should have anything between £1,000 to £20,000. It is quite cheaper in terms of fares when compared to other taxi companies.

How much is a 30-minute cab ride in London?

£26 – £37. A 30-minute ride in London with the London black cab costs anywhere between £26 – £37. Depending on the pickup, however, the ride could cost more or less than this. Other taxis may also charge less or more also depending on the destination. check our free taxi fare calculator to find out your taxi fare.

Do you tip black cabs in London?

It is considered polite to tip a London black cab driver with 10-15% of the taxi fare for your journey. However, it is not mandatory. Since it is considered a polite sign, it is common for most people to tip their black cab drivers. However, the tip is not part of the fare charged.

Do you tip a black cab driver?

Yes. You can tip your cab driver 10-15% of your total taxi fare price. However, it is not mandatory or officiated. It is just considered a polite sign to tip your driver. In most cases, any amount can be a tip but as a common practice, drivers are tipped with up to 15% of the fare.

Can a black cab refuse a fare?

Yes. It is fully within the rights of the cab driver to refuse a fare if you tend to bridge the stipulated regulations or want to pay less than the agreed amount. The journey can be terminated if you want to be taken outside the agreed destination for the same amount. So it is very possible to have your fare refused by the driver.

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