List of scam car-buying sites in Kenya 

Car scams you should watch out for include;

  1. Stolen cars
  2. Forged identity
  3. Abnormally huge discounts
  4. Fake car auctions

The car market is undeniably one of the most incredibly thriving markets in Kenya right now. The fact that there are more and more people selling their old cars and others buying them makes the market even bigger. The most scam-struck section of the car industry is used cars. Due to the weak protocol that is there, it is easy for car thieves and scammers to successfully con people in the name of selling used cars. Here is how you can identify a scam car-buying site in Kenya as well as a list of scam car-buying sites in Kenya.

Why scam car-buying sites survive in Kenya

identify car scams in Kenya

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of cases of scamming in the car sales industry. Surprisingly, the scammers are either buyers or sellers. The highest number of victims claim they sent their money to dealers overseas but never delivered their cars. The digital systems available have not helped that much. With the haste that Kenyans often buy cars with, it is possible for loopholes to exist in the sales process. There are also multiple clone websites, posing as real ones, some of which usually sell out accident cars, cars with falsified mileage, and stolen cars.

To be on the safe side, you should learn to identify car sale scams at the first incident and avoid further transactions whatsoever. In order to successfully do that, you will need to learn what to look for in a site in order to identify whether it’s a scam or not. The following section has a full guide on how to identify scam car-buying sites in Kenya.

List of scam car-buying sites- how to identify them

Just looking through the cars posted on the sites or their services would not be enough for you to identify scam car-buying sites. It needs you to be patient and look further into the sites and what they claim to offer. There are a lot of fake cars that are posted online for sale just for people to send money then the dealers disappear with them. Identification of such issues could be difficult unless you know the following car scams to watch out for;

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1. Stolen cars

Many people have ended up in custody for stolen cars even though they never stole them. You would find someone with full documentation for their car yet they have a stolen car. What happens is that the scammers steal these cars overseas and ship them illegally via the coast. They would then go ahead and provide you with fake documentation for the car as you buy it. When the investigation is done, these cars would then come out as stolen cars. In such dealings, the dealer is usually quick to close the deal and disappear. So, to be safe, when you find someone online claiming to sell you a car from abroad, be keen on every detail, especially documents. This will save you a lot of money as well as help you avoid trouble.

2. Forged identity

The documents that are used in selling stolen cars are often forged. Oftentimes, the person who sells the stolen car would disappear after some time. On follow-up, their identity would lead you to someone who doesn’t know a thing about the stolen car. To cause this confusion the scammers usually use other people’s Identities. Looking for a trusted seller would really help a lot. Companies like

a trusted car dealership
  1.  Be forward
  2. SBI motors
  3.  cars for sale in Kenya
  4.  auto check Africa 

provide the best car sale services in Kenya. It’s worth going to them for cars, either brand-new or used ones.

3. Abnormally huge discounts

Discounts exist in sales. They can be quite generous sometimes. However, when they become abnormally huge, this is the first sign that you might actually be getting involved in a dangerous transaction. Since the scammers have less to lose, they would create clone accounts and place very huge discounts on their car sales to lure their victims. That fair price might be quite costly in the end.

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4. Fake car auctions

Car auctions are the widest market for used cars. Good car auctions can let you have an ice car at a very good price. However, some people go ahead to fake car auctions and lie to people about available cars. In fake car auctions, you might end up with someone’s car or no car at all. When it comes to auctions, especially the ones conducted online, you ought to be careful about the deals you get involved in. Avoiding such is one step to fighting car fraud. There are trusted auction sites that have served people for a long time. The Japan car auction is one of them, among many others that you can trust with your money and car ownership ambitions.

legit car seller in Kenya

How to avoid scam car-buying sites in Kenya

Since online purchasing has become the ultimate host for car fraudsters, there is a real need to know how to avoid them at all costs. Most of them look very genuine. Of course, they do sell a few genuine vehicles to build up the trust before they get to the real scam business.  Here are a few tips that could help you deal with fraud and avoid being stolen from you at the end.

Involve a trusted mechanic

In terms of physical buying, you might wanna involve a mechanic you trust to help you with your search. With their knowledge, you might end up finding some minor problems that later turn into big problems. It is a good idea to involve a mechanic but they should be only the ones you trust. A mechanic will also know a car that has ever been involved in a bad car accident. This saves you a lot of issues.

Make use of the collateral registry search

The collateral registry helps you find out the registered owner of the car you are about to buy. In conjunction with NTSA and KEBS, you might find out a lot of details about a car you are looking to buy from a given dealer. You might also find information about the dealer you are buying from. Doing a background search might also help in finding out a car that is not registered to the person claiming to own it. This way you will be able to safely avoid being scammed in car deals.

List of scam car-buying sites in Kenya-FAQs

How can I buy a car online without getting scammed?

Here are some tips to safely buy a car without getting scammed.
make sure you have the car inspected by a mechanic you trust, perform a background check for the car, do not trust any dealerships online until you confirm their services, and test-drive your car when you are buying it.

How can you tell if a car is legit?

watch out for the following when buying a car;
dealers who are in a hurry, anyone asking for gift cards, abnormally huge discounts, negative reviews, dealers who cant meet in person and those who can’t let you test your car, and finally, registration numbers that don’t match. This could help reduce the chances of getting scammed when buying a car.

What is the best car buying website?

There are several trusted car-selling websites online. Be forward Kenya tops our list as the best in Kenya at the moment. You can also buy the cars locally from verified dealerships if you do not trust the online marketplace very much.

How do you know if a buyer is scamming you?

The first red flag you should watch out for is any dealer who is asking for several other charges that are outside the deal they offered at first. Stopping at this point would be advisable. Most importantly, however, make sure you have checked the history of your dealer well before purchasing from them.

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