Owning a car is amazing. I mean who doesn’t want to own one? However, the process of buying one and all the others that follow might be complicated and tiring at times. Now look at it this way, you order a car online, like any other commodity, and then it’s delivered right to your doorstep. It is important to know all the legit online second-hand car buying sites in Kenya before thinking of buying a car online.

How simple! All you need is a legitimate site to order from to have your car delivered to you in no time. The only problem is that some sites take advantage of this feature and people who do not have enough information to con them their money.

Legit online second-hand car buying sites in Kenya

  1. Befoward Kenya
  2. Autocheck.Africa.ke
  3. Used cars.co.ke
  4. Bestcarsforsaleinkenya.co.ke
  5. Jiji.co.ke
  6. pigiame.co.ke
  7. Carbazaar.co.ke
  8. KABA.co.ke
  9. Motorshop.co.ke
  10. Sbimotor.com

Buying a car online is also accompanied by some extra costs if the car is being imported to the country. This might include taxes and excise duty at the port when your car arrives in the country. It is also important to check on the whole process before proceeding to order a car online.

Cars are expensive and if you make a small mistake you might regret it for a long time. The following are some of the best and most trusted car sellers online. Make sure you understand their terms and conditions before proceeding to order the car.

Befoward Kenya

be forward

Befoward Kenya is one of the largest online car dealerships in Kenya. Its huge online presence allows you to encounter a number of the best available used cars from Japan delivered right to your doorstep. They have several locations in Nairobi and Mombasa that you can visit in case of any inquiries. The logistics are handled for you and you as well as the import duties are covered. You will also get the latest registration plates in accordance with the government guidelines


autochek africa

This used car site is really cool. It featured both used and brand new cars which you can purchase at any given time. On top of that, you can apply for a car loan and get your car delivered to you at a deposit before proceeding to pay slowly as per the given terms. Autocheck Africa features cars from trusted car companies which you can also buy from the site. Apart from the personal and utility vehicles, you can also purchase a truck or lorry from the site. Listing your used car for sale as well as car maintenance services are also offered on the site.

Used cars.co.ke

Used cars.co.ke

This is a buying and selling site that allows you to navigate through your used car buying and selling hassle. If you want to own a used car, you can successfully order one from the site. It covers all counties in Kenya and you can get the car delivered to you anywhere in Kenya.

If you are a seller, you can also post your car and its specifications there to get a buyer more easily. The site features a number of cars by location, price, and type. Going through the cars can somehow be hectic and might require simplification.

The site has a search section where you easily enter your preference to see car suggestions. All their terms and conditions appear on the site and you can go through them to know how they work.

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best cars for sale in Kenya

Best cars for sale in Kenya is a reputable site that mainly deals in imported Japanese cars in Kenya. If you want a new or second-hand car from Japan, this site is your best.

The best thing about them is that they will handle the logistics for you. With this site, you are bound to get the latest plate number, you will avoid the trouble of showrooms, you will have a wider selection of cars at the comfort of your seat and finally, you will be able to save up to 20% of the cost.

Since they are reputed for importing, you will get the car imported for you and delivered to you whether you are a car seller or an individual buyer. For your best specific interests, the site will provide a variety of cars and all the information and costs for you to decide before finally ordering a car.



Jiji is an online marketplace that sells a variety of goods online. However, they have a section of car dealerships where one can list a car for sale or buy a car from among the listed ones.

Jiji has a variety of vehicles that are well organized according to the available categories, price ranges, size, etc. On Jiji, you can also fetch car maintenance services and a number of other vehicle-related logistics.

The best thing about this site is how organized the listings are. You will find your preferred car within a short time and get to order it. This will save you a lot of trouble looking for a legit second-hand car and all the processes that accompany buying it.

Being one of the legit second-hand car buying sites in Kenya, they have their terms and conditions too. It is important to go through them and understand how they work and how you can be able to order a car.


pigia me.co.ke

Pigiame is also an online marketplace with a lot of goods. Like Jiji, it has a section purely for vehicles and other related goods and services. This is where you visit their website to order your used car online.

Just like a lot of other sites, this site has a number of car listings that are well-categorized. It is also one of the trusted used car online sellers in Kenya.

Pigia me list cars in terms of their value, there are several categories such as gold, silver, etc which guide you on the type of car to buy. The prices are listed as well as the specifications. You can also list your second-hand car on the site to sell it faster.

Quite similar to the best cars for sale in Kenya, you can order a car from abroad and again have all the logistics handled for you from the comfort of your seat.


Carbazaar is a purely automotive sales website. Here, you will find a list of used vehicles, with legitimate postings and contacts to call in order to complete your order. Your order will be serviced in good time and your car delivered to you.

The difference with this site is that it lists the car according to the time they were posted. You will find a number of the latest featured cars that you can buy from the sellers available on the site. Check out their services on their official website car bazaar.co.ke



Kenya Auto Bazaar Association (KABA) has one of the largest networks of used cars for sale in Kenya. You can be able to order one of their cars online.

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They have a variety of used cars for sale that you can buy and have delivered to you across the country. Fortunately, their process of physically buying a used car is easier and you can visit them at their offices off Ngong road, Nairobi.



Motor shop.co.ke is one of the best-selling online used car dealers in Kenya. With the motor shop, you can select your region to see the vehicles that are available for sale around you.

Once you have selected a vehicle of your choice, all the required processes will be executed in good time and your car delivered to you. You can also order a brand-new vehicle as well as a used car from Japan.

All the processes run smoothly and efficiently. Yours is to pay up the required amount and wait to receive your car.

SBI motor

Sbi motor Japan

SBImotor.com has a wide Japanese used car outlet that has a good online marketplace in Kenya. They offer importing services and a wide variety of cars that you can buy at any time from the comfort of your seat.

SBI motors is a Japanese company but it offers legit imported used cars for sale in Kenya. The processes are easy

The above is the most legit online second-hand car buying site in Kenya. You can visit any of their sites to buy your second-hand car at any time.

However as we have insisted, you should be able to abide by the availed terms and conditions before considering buying with them. If you are satisfied with their services, you can then follow the process through to the end. With these sites, you can purchase a car from anywhere, including abroad, and have it delivered right to your home

How to buy a used car online in Kenya

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to buy a second hand car online in kenya-quick guide

  1. plan and budget for the car you want to buy

    You should plan accordingly for the purchase you are about to make. Gauge the available cars and their prices in Kenya across the online dealerships.

  2. Do a background check on the vehicle

    A background check is important to identify any problems with the car if any. Since there are many cars to choose from, this is where you eliminate the cars that don’t seem like good options for you.

  3. Identify the best vehicle

    It is important to eliminate the options that don’t seem viable and make a keen selection until you come up with the best among them. Make sure all your preferences as well as the factors that determine whether your car is good are taken into consideration.

  4. check the vehicle and test it

    Before you make any purchases or negotiations, you should first make sure the car you are selecting is in perfect condition. That is why you should you need to perform a test before we decide if we can buy the car.

  5. Due diligence checks

    since you have to enter into an agreement, you will need to have due diligence performed on the car. It is an important step that you should not skip.

  6. Agree with the owner

    After you confirm that the vehicle is in perfect condition, you can move forward with the process and agree with the owner on the price. Many of these cars are usually listed on online sites with a price tag. After the above processes, you can still have an agreement with the owner on how much you can pay for them. However, in other cases, you only have to pay for the car and pick it up from the dealership or have it delivered to you.

  7. Payment

    This finalizes the exchange. After all the processes have been gone through, you can now be comfortable making the payments according to the specifications of the seller. Again, if you are buying this from a dealership online, the company deals with the payment and all you have to do is to pick up the car or wait for delivery.

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Legit online second-hand car buying sites in Kenya- FAQ

What is the best site to buy a used car?

depending on the country you are in, there are a lot of sites to select from. Based on some of the factors we have outlined above, as well as the few sites we have recommended, it could be easier to decide on which site to buy a used car from in Kenya.

How can I buy a second-hand car in Kenya?

It greatly depends on whether you want to buy your car online or from an open dealership near you. however, in either case, be sure to do a very good check-up on the cars available and get to know about them before settling on any of them. also, find a well-reputed dealership or site to buy from.

Where can I buy cars online in Kenya?

Motor shop.co.ke
those and many other sites have plenty of cars to select from as well as exclusive deals for used cars online.

Which app is best for buying 2nd hand car?

There are many apps and sites for buying second-hand cars online. In Kenya, the most popular site to buy from is Befoward Kenya. It is most reputed for importing used cars from Japan to Kenya.

What is the best website to buy cheap cars?

Motorshop.co.ke,Sbimotor.com,Befoward Kenya,Autocheck.africa.ke,Used cars.co.ke

Which car is best for second-hand used?

The following are the most commonly used cars that are best for second-hand use;
Toyota Corolla, Subaru forester, Volkswagengen golf, Nissan march, Toyota Vitz, and Nissan x-trail. all those are easy to maintain and are very available in Kenya.

What is the most reliable used car website?

be forward tops our list as the most reliable used car website. It has the best deals when it comes to used cars in Kenya. most people like it because it is easy to import a car with them. They also have a good customer support system and they are highly trustworthy

Which is the most reliable car in Kenya?

The following cars are the most reliable cars in Kenya; Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan x-trail, Toyota succeed, Toyota corolla, Toyota HI-ace, Honda Fit, and Nissan NV-200.

How do I buy a second-hand car in Kenya?

buying a second-hand car in Kenya few steps;
plan and budget for the car you want to buy
do a background check on the vehicle
identify the best vehicle
checking on the car and testing it
Agreement with the owner
Do the due diligence checks
Pay for the vehicle
The actual exchange

What is the most reliable car brand?

Toyota tops our list as the best car brand in Kenya. It offers one of the most reliable cars in Kenya and it is the most liked brand in Kenya. other brands include Honda and Nissan which are also liked in Kenya.

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