Kenyans spend more as fuel prices rise again:new fuel prices today;

This marks one of the most difficult times for Kenyans than ever. The cost of living is going up every day. 

The cost of fuel is usually one of the best highlights of a steadily rising cost of living. After the recent increase in the price, Kenyans are now set to spend even more, not only on fuels but also on the day to day commodities as fuel prices rise again.

Fuel prices in Kenya right now

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New fuel prices in Kenya today

The fuel prices in Kenya have been fluctuating for a while now. However this time, they have marked a steady rise and reached its peak. As of now, the fuel prices continue to rise again up to sh.159.120per litre of petrol after the first price hike. 

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The Energy and petroleum regulatory board (EPRA) issues the prices regularly. Until now, 159.120 per litre of petrol in Kenya is the highest in a long time. The EPRA announced recently that this price change takes effect from June 15th to July 14. In its latest statement, the Authority said that the price hike is as a result of high landed petrol prices.

Prepare for higher fare prices; matatu operators warn

Matatu fare set to hike amid fuel price increse

Normally, the most stricken part of the Kenyan system is the transport sector. With every single rise in the price of petrol, matatu operators are set to hike their fare prices too. The price of fare in Kenya depends on the prices of fuel at the time. Kenyans will now have to pay more for almost every service and commodity due to the price increase. 

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What to expect

Unless the landing petrol price goes down, Kenyans expect even more tough times ahead. The increase in fuel prices is active for the next month, starting on 15th of June. Within this period, Kenyans who own vehicles will pay much for fuel. 

For the average Kenyan, there is still going to be a possibility of paying even more for the services and commodities, not forgetting transport. Normally the prices would go up for a while then subside with time. However, the signs show that this time the high prices might hold for a while.

The fuel subsidy

The only way that motorists have been surviving the shock of abrupt price hikes is through government subsidies. The subsidy is derived from the levies that the government imposes on petroleum products. However, this time there is a high chance of losing the cushion to the removal of these subsidies. This means that motorists have a very tough time ahead of them. Considering that the cushion is removed, the motorists might have to pay more for fuel than ever before.

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Overally, the general prices of services and commodities in Kenya might go even higher in the few coming months if the prices of fuel do not go down soon. The only way the cost of living will ease out is through the reduction of the fuel prices. The only determinant of this is the landed petrol price which is still high. The Kenyan living cost might continue to be strained as long as the prices of fuel remain high.

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