Kayo media playback troubles fixing


Kayo media playback troubles fixing

Media playback issues are quite common on Kayo. In fact, they are experienced across all streaming networks as a result of issues such as internet connection or device compatibility. With that in mind, let us take a leap into the main kayo media playback troubles fixing techniques that might help you whenever you have a similar problem.

However, to know how to fix media playback issues on Kayo, we first have to understand what might be causing the problem. To get the easiest time doing this though, we will have to look deeply into the main issues that are associated with media playback on streaming services such as Kayo.

What causes Kayo media playback trouble?

how to fix issues on Kayo

We have different issues that cause media playback troubles on Kayo. they include the following;

  • poor internet connection
  • device incompatibility
  • server error
  • network overload
  • cache

All of the above are possible causes of media playback issues on Kayo. so, checking on each of them might help a lot in knowing the problem and fixing it.

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How to fix Kayo media playback troubles

As we have highlighted, we need to fix the issues for the media streaming to continue as normal. However, you need some knowledge to do this on your own. Here is how you can get your Kayo media playback issues fixed.

1. check your internet connection

The internet connection is usually the base of streaming on any platform. You need to have a stable internet connection for you to have a seamless streaming experience. Therefore whenever you experience such issues, the first fix should be the internet connection.

Check if all the internet cables are well connected if the internet speed is okay and if yore using a modem, you can also consider giving it a kickstart or rebooting it. A low internet connection will definitely affect your media playback speed or the general quality of your stream.

If you are using a wireless connection, check that the speed is alright and make sure you do not have too many people on the same connection, especially gaming devices.

2. check if you are using a compatible device

Device compatibility is the main issue in media playback and it can give you a hard time using Kayo when your device is not compatible with Kayo. Now, we have some devices which are not compatible with Kayo.

To be safe, however, you will need to upgrade to a device that has the latest operating system, and the latest features. Some are not allowed to access Kayo since they are many features that need up-to-date devices to function properly.

Since we are mostly streaming from TV and mobile platforms make sure that you have the latest, or preferably anything later than 2017. You can learn more about device compatibility on the Kayo help page.

If you are using a device that is specified as compatible with Kayo, you should have no problem streaming unless there is an additional issue with your device.

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3. Clear cache

If you have a problem with media playback, which does not involve internet problems or even issues with compatibility, then most probably you have a problem with cache.

Cache and usage data are of course very important in the operation of any online platform. However, when your device builds up cache and usage data, it might be a problem for your usage. Therefore you need to go and clear cache and usage data.

It is a simple process that you can take very few minutes to go through. Here is how to clear cache and usage data on Kayo.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to clear cache and usage data on Kayo

  1. Go to the devices’ settings

  2. Select storage settings

  3. select internal storage under storage settings

  4. select cached data

  5. select clear cache and data

  6. Tap ok on the dialog box to allow cache clearing.

The devices are different and the process might vary slightly. However, it is simple and you can do it in a matter of minutes.

4. Use a single device

This One easily solves the problem of network overload. If you are using the same app or account on a number of devices, it might be a problem. Which will clearly slow down the process of streaming.

Using a single device helps in saving the amount of data you will use. There might also be a problem if you are using a single internet connection with a lot of devices, especially gaming devices.

Generally using the same account on a number of devices is a bad practice and it can slow down the process incredibly.

5. Check the status of Kayo services at the moment

Some problems which deal with playback might be a result of a problem with kayo servers. Most of them would indicate a server error which can be easier to trace and resolve.

It is important to check the status of Kayo when you encounter such problems. If you find out that Kayo is down at that moment, it is best to wait a little bit for the problem to get resolved.

However, if the problem seems to persist long after, you might need to contact customer support at Kayo to check whether your account has a problem.

Best practices when using Kayo

How do I resolve kayo playback troubles?

When using Kayo, you need to make sure that you don’t overload the account or network you are using. As a result, you should consider maintaining best practices to have the best seamless streaming experience.

Try doing the following when using Kayo;

  • Using a single device to stream
  • Having few people on your internet network
  • Avoid gaming in the background
  • contact customer support if you experience any unusual problems.
  • clear cache and storage data regularly.

Kayo media playback troubles fixing-FAQs

Why does my Kayo keep glitching?

If your Kayo is buffering or keeps glitching, it might be as a result of a problem with your device. It might be because your device isn’t just compatible with Kayo or maybe you have low memory on the device or you need to clear cache.

Why doesn’t t Kayo work?

When you experience this, you might need to clear storage on your device. It is the main reason that your Kayo might not be working as required. However, it might be due to some issues with your internet connection. Check on the internet speed and resolve any issues that you might find.

How do I reset Kayo on my TV?

You can reset Kayo on TV by unplugging your power cables, waiting for two minutes then reconnecting them. You can also do hard resetting by running a HDMI signal test. You can do this by following these steps;
go to the settings,
click on support,
click on signal information,
Select HDMI test
then start test.

Why has Kayo stopped working on Samsung TV?

If your Samsung is a model earlier than 2017, it might not be compatible with kayo. You need to use a Samsung TV later than 2017 to enjoy kayo services without any problems.

Why does streaming keep buffering?

please check your internet connection and speed to resolve this issue. When buffering occurs, it means that you have a connection that is not stable enough to support streaming in real time. Therefore make sure your internet connection is stable.

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