kayo-login-error-codes-and working-fixes

Kayo login error codes and working fixes

Are you unable to log in to your kayo account? Well, logging in to your account should not be a problem at all. It should be an easy and straightforward process. However, sometimes you can experience problems that bring you error codes when you’re trying to log in to your account. This guide helps you know all Kayo login error codes and working fixes for them.

Before we go any further, it is important to understand that kayo can be used on mobile, via the web, or on TV. When logging into your account from any of these devices, you are likely to experience different errors. We will handle the errors for each and how to go about them.

Causes of log-in errors on Kayo

how to fix login error on kayo

Before we go to the fixes, we will need to understand why we are receiving an error message when trying to log in to kayo.

Surprisingly, most of the time it’s the little things that cause problems. When you get an error message when trying to log in, you’re probably having any of the following issues;

  • You might be using an outdated version of the kayo app
  • You might have an old version of the web browser you’re using
  • You are using a device that is not compatible with kayo
  • The browser you are using is not compatible with kayo.

Any of those could be the issue, affecting both the kayo app and the web browser. With that in mind, we can be able to troubleshoot and come up with a fix for the problem.

How to fix login error on Kayo

We have a few fixes that come in handy in this situation. They are simple to execute and they help instantly.

How to fix login error on Kayo
  • change your browser
  • Try using a different device
  • Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it
  • Check whether your device is compatible
  • Use the latest version of your browser
  • Try using a private or incognito browser
  • switch off VPN
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1. change your browser

It is possible to find that the browser you are using is not compatible with Kayo. Therefore if you try to use a different browser, it might help. However, to be on the safe side, make sure you regularly upgrade your browser to the latest version since Kayo is compatible with the latest version of almost all browsers.

Alternatively, you can check first if your browser is compatible with Kayo. If not, you should find one that is and use it to access Kayo. If your browser was the problem, it should log you in without much trouble. However, if the browser is okay and you still can’t log in, there is probably another issue that you need to check.

How to log in to kayo

2. Use a different device

Some devices are not compatible with Kayo. So, if you are using a device that is not compatible with Kayo, you might not be able to log in to your account properly. In this case, you will have to use a different device that is compatible with Kayo.

Note that Kayo is compatible with most of the latest devices and platforms. For example, if you have a Samsung TV model earlier than 2017, you might have problems using Kayo since they are not compatible.

Check devices that are compatible with kayo below to know which one to use.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the app

If you are unable to log in to kayo from the app, it means the application might be having a problem. Sometimes, it is the version that is outdated while sometimes there are further problems that are not easy to troubleshoot.

The best way to handle a login error on the app is to uninstall the application and reinstall it before trying to log back in. Alternatively, if you have an older version of the app, you can consider updating it to access the latest features.

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If you try updating air reinstalling your app and it still doesn’t work, you might have a different problem that may or may not be associated with the app.

4. Use the latest version of your browser

For kayo to work properly on your browser, you need to have a proper version of the browser you are using. It is recommended that you use the latest version of your browser when accessing Kayo.

Older versions might not be compatible with Kayo and therefore they might bring up such errors. Updating your browser to the latest version or installing the latest version might help out here.

However, it is not easy to tell whether your browser is the problem. Therefore it is something you just try out in the process of troubleshooting. If it was the problem, it should definitely work when you change to the latest version.

Note that apps and browsers work differently on different devices. It is important to check the compatibility of the browser as well as its compatibility with Kayo.

5. Switch off VPN

Apart from slowing down the speed of your stream, using a VPN with kayo might bring up a login error. It is best advised that you use your browser normally when trying to access any program on Kayo.

Again, there is no specific way to identify that VPN is the problem, so you might need to check for some more causes if you switch off the VPN and still get the same error.

the best thing you can do is use a private tab to browser privately. If there is some data that is kept in your regular browser as a result of using it every time you log in, the effect will not be realized when you use a private or incognito tab.

You should be able to log in without any issues when you use a private browser tab if it was the problem.

how to reset kayo on your TV

There are more problems that you might experience when using Kayo, some of which are not associated with logging in. It is important to know some of them and how to fix them. Learn more about kayo errors and how to fix them here.

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Kayo login error codes and working fixes-FAQs

Is there a problem with Kayo?

occasionally, you might encounter problems that are not caused by your device or browser, or application. Most probably, these errors arise as a result of issues from the Kayo servers or system maintenance. However, you will be notified of any outages or maintenance breaks by kayo customer service.

Why has Kayo stopped working?

There might be a problem with your device or internet connection. However, in most cases, it is the internet connection that brings the problem. Try pausing for a while or refreshing your stream to make it stable. Preferably, you should try refreshing your stream every two hours for the best streaming experience.

How do I update my Kayo account?

It is easy to update your account on kayo. Just open your kayo app or visit the kayo platform on the browser. Click on settings then manage the account. From there you can be able to update any of your details regarding your personal information, payment details, your password, your subscription, and your preferences.

How many devices can you use on Kayo?

Depending on your subscription, you can stream with up to three different devices. For Kayo One, you can only stream on a single device. With the basic plan, you are allowed to stream on two devices while on Kayo premium, you have an option of streaming with up to three different devices. You can not exceed the limit of devices that are specified by Kayo.

How do I log out of Kayo on my smart TV?

From your home screen, tap up to reveal the main menu. Tap on my kayo. You will see a number of options, select logout. You will have logged out of your account successfully. You can log out and log back into kayo at any time, especially when you have a problem logging in or generally using Kayo.

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