Is the Nairobi Expressway open?

After a year or so of development, the Nairobi expressway is finally complete and ready to take up its full functionality. It has taken a lot of work to come up with the full infrastructural developments that pertains to this mega project. This mega project is one of those built within the shortest time in Kenya employing several people throughout the course of it’s building.

Being complete, the project was officially gazetted alongside its costs and functionality. The sole purpose of initiating this project was to ease the congestion on the roads along the city. The expressway might be able to achieve exactly that as soon as more people begin to use it.

Is it fully functional

The Nairobi expressway is now fully functional in its full dimension. The road runs from Westlands to JKIA on the furthest end. It is now easier to connect through between the two points but at a small cost. The Expressway was opened officially on the 14th of may 2022 by the transport cabinet secretary. 

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 Before being fully open to the public, the Nairobi expressway went through a series of trials to confirm its functionality. It was then gazetted and opened to the public. Since then, it is open and being used by motorists around the city. 

Despite its opening, the Nairobi expressway has not received the appreciation that was expected. Up to now, very few people are using it. The numbers are expected to scale with time. 

Nairobi Expressway Eastlands terminus


The expressway has specific entrance points and drop off points as well along the way, covering all the main strategic entrance and exit points. There are charges that are paid at each of these points every time a motorist uses the expressway. The charges range from ksh.100-ksh.310. What you pay really depends on where you want to go. The size of your vehicle does not determine the charges in any way. You are supposed to pay at any of the toll centres depending on where you join the traffic on the expressway. The charges do not vary in any way depending on weather or time. This makes this expressway a nice option for those who do not want to be caught up in the rush.

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Has it been effective

The fact that the roads under the expressway are still congested and constantly held up by traffic jams makes it quite ineffective. However, the main reason why not so many people are using it might be the fact that they have to pay to use it. The effectiveness would then be judged based on how good it is to the users and how well it has achieved its purpose. It might be a little bit too early to make such a judgement. The project is picking up and it is doing relatively well. More motorists are expected to use the road more often.

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Why you should the Nairobi expressway

The Nairobi expressway is the only way to get to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport without having to make many turns and moving around the city a lot. In simple terms, it is the fastest way to get to the JKIA from Westlands without running late! Anyway, this road makes the movement around the city easier. Even though you will need to pay to use it, it could save you some time and the problems that are associated with congestion within Nairobi. The number of people using it are constantly increasing each day and soon it might just be able to achieve its purpose.

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