Is it worth investing in the Matatu business in Kenya?

The Transport industry is one of the biggest industries in kenya. People travel each day from one point to the other. This makes matatus a necessity for those who do not own cars in Kenya. As a result, it has become a booming business in the country.

Before investing in any business however, one has to gauge the pros and cons and see whether it is worth investing. Matatu business is no exception. That is why we have to look at how viable it is in Kenya right now. Is it worth investing in?

The state of the transport industry in Kenya in 2022.

The Transport industry is one that is expanding rapidly in Kenya in 2022. With those expansions, transport, especially on the road has become even more efficient. Our Kenyan roads can now accommodate more cars.  This means that there can be more people investing in the public transport sector. However, this means that there might be even more competition for the trust of Kenyans. 

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Is it profitable?

More people are investing in the Matatu business in kenya

The Matatu transport sector is one of the most profitable in Kenya, especially in the cities. Many opt to invest in the city because there is a large number of people who need the services throughout the day. It is also very profitable because less is spent on fuel as the distance covered is often small.

Matatu business is however very widespread throughout the whole country. Despite the increasing competition, more people are still investing in it. This is because it is a necessity that would never cease to be of importance to people. However, as years advance, there are more challenges arising in the transport industry which unless considered, there might be losses being accrued in the business.

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About profitability, a lot of factors must come into Play for the investment to be profitable enough. Before investing, consider all the factors that would help you get the trust of as many people as you can. You can register with a well known sacco to help you with this. The more vehicles you have, the more profit you are likely to get. It’s not guaranteed that it will be very profitable but there are higher chances of getting more profit compared to other businesses.


Like any other business, there is always challenges that come with the investment you make. Some of them are issues that emerge and cannot be foreseen. Given that the vehicles are operating on the road, mistakes are bound to happen and sometimes, they result in loss of life and loss of capital as well. Taking into consideration such issues is important before you invest in the Matatu business in Kenya.

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On the other hand, fuel price trends are also an important factor to consider. They are part of the reason why fare prices could be higher than normal, which could have very few people travelling. It’s possible to make losses at such times and it is therefore part of the challenges that come with the Matatu business. 

Generally, the Matatu business in Kenya is one of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya. That should explain why more people are investing in them lately. We can say it is worth investing in the Matatu business in Kenya today.

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