Is Buying a used car in Kenya a good idea?

Is buying a used car in Kenya a good idea?

Over the past decade, the number of Kenyans buying cars has increased rapidly. However, the majority of these cars are used cars. Most of the used cars are not locally purchased in Kenya. A huge percentage of these vehicles are imported from other countries, with Japan being the leading.

With this situation, you might wonder if buying a used car in Kenya is a good idea. If it is, then why are most people opting to buy used cars from other countries? 

Used cars in Kenya

The first thing we have to look at in order to understand this is whether we have good used cars in Kenya. Of course there are a lot of used cars in Kenya and a lot of people are willing to sell them. However, why are few of them being sold out? It comes down to their conditions and the price tag that is placed against them. 

Most times, when you set out to buy a used car in Kenya, the price you are told is usually slightly lower than the market price. If you take a keen look at the price however, you most likely find out that it is way bigger than what you can buy an imported used car with. 

To save the money, most Kenyans would most definitely go for the importing option. Nowadays there are so many agencies that can help you import a car from anywhere in the world within a short time. You will most definitely pay less compared to when you decide to buy the car locally. 

Is the Kenyan market genuine?

This brings us to the main point why the cars are not being bought locally. There has been a huge increase in the number of scam dealerships in Kenya. It is easy to lose your money to fake car sellers or to find yourself in trouble after unknowingly buying a stolen car. This situation is another one that scares local buyers most. Of course it is possible to get scammed even with the import option but the chances are quite minimal compared to the local one. 

To add on, the dealers entrusted with importing cars into Kenya are well known and they have served well fir very many years. So instead of going to purchase a car locally from a dealer you don’t entirely trust, it sounds better to find one of the dealers who import cars into Kenya.

Imported cars in Kenya

Used cars in kenya

Are imported cars really cheap? Well, they might be in some instances but they are most definitely not in other instances. For example, the charges imposed on a car above sh.2,000,000 is more than that of a sh. 300,000 cars. So it becomes cheaper to import the sh.300,000 car as compared to the sh. 2,000,000 one. The best thing then becomes to weigh out your options and find the one that really works. 

Surprisingly, most brand new cars on Kenya roads are bought locally. It is because of  the cost. It is definitely very expensive to import a brand new car. Imported used cars and locally bought brand new cars remain the final options. 

After understanding this, Is buying a used car in Kenya a good idea? Well, I would say yes if you find a good deal and a trusted dealer. I would also say no if you are not familiar with the Kenyan market. You have to  find a trusted dealer to be sure of purchasing a used car locally.

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