How to replace a birth certificate in Australia 

A birth certificate is a very important document and losing it can be really stressful. You actually have to replace it because it is always needed for identity. Let’s find out how to replace a birth certificate in Australia.

Changing birth certificates in Australia is not out of losing the original one only. You might want to change your name, maybe there is an error with the current one. 

When do you replace your birth certificate in Australia?

Australian birth certificate
  • When you lose the original
  • WhenI’ll there is something you need to correct
  • If you are changing your name.

Learn more about what to do when you lose your birth certificate in Australia in this guide.

Replacing your certificate is quite a process. The process is usually done online via the Australian Government registry of births, marriages, and deaths. So, how do we go about the whole process? Let’s find out below. 

Process of replacing a birth certificate in Australia

As we have mentioned, this process is best done online via the official registry of births, marriages, and deaths in Australia.

You can also call the NSW agents via 131882 to have the process done for you. The following is the step-by-step guide on how to replace your birth certificate online in Australia.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to replace a birth certificate in Australia step by step guide

  1. Visit the registry’s official website to access the replacement form.

  2. Download it and print it if you want to fill it out and send it via post. Fill it out online if you want to apply online.

  3. Review the details you’ve entered to make sure they are okay.

  4. An email is sent to you from the registry.

  5. Choose your payment method.

  6. Choose your payment method.

  7. Submit or attach your proof of identity documents.

  8. Submit it online or mail it via post to the NSW registry service. You can also drop them off at any NSW service office near you.

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Note that the process above must be paid for if you didn’t lose your certificate in specified disaster areas in Australia. 

However, if you prove that your birth certificate was lost in distinct disaster areas in Australia, then you can have it replaced for free.

Cost of replacing a birth certificate in Australia

how can you get a birth certificate online in Australia?

It is directed that you can only replace your birth certificate for free in Australia if you have it damaged by the disaster in proven disaster-struck areas. 

If not, you will have to pay certain charges to order your birth certificate. We have different costs for different certificate types we have in Australia.

Remember that once the birth certificate is delivered to you via post, all the damages done on it will be on you and the NSW shall not be held liable.

It is therefore important to take care of your documents well. The following is an outline of all the charges you are likely to incur when ordering a replacement for your birth certificate. 

Priority/urgent service$31.15
Australian birth certificate replacement costs

Note that for all the above, the standard postage fee is included in the total cost. 

Methods of payment for birth certificates in Australia

There are a number of payment methods you can use for this process in Australia. They include the following.

For online application

  • Visa /Mastercard

For overseas

  • Only use a credit card

For in-person submission

  • Money order
  • Bank cheque
  • Credit card
  • Business account cheque 

For post submission

  • Money order
  • Business account cheque
  • Money order
  • Credit card
  • Bank cheque
Australian registry for births and deaths

Processing Time

Once you have submitted your replacement application form, you will have to wait for a certain period before you can have your certificate.

The processing time frames vary according to the type of order you placed and how you want to receive it. 

For overseas delivery by mail, you should anticipate delays since it takes some time. 

Below is a simple outline of the processing times for replacement birth certificates in Australia.

ServiceProcessing time
Standard submission5 days
Urgent submission1 day
Australia birth certificate processing time

Make sure you do your submission on a registered mail since it is always easy to track and for other privacy issues.

How to replace a birth certificate in Australia-FAQs

How much does it cost to replace a birth certificate in Australia?

$31-$68. You can be charged more if you request urgent or priority service. The fees include a postage and handling fee, so you don’t expect to pay for postage and handling separately. Since we have three different types of birth certificates you can order in Australia, there are different charges for them as well. Select the one that suits your situation best. sometimes, replacements could be free of charge when you have evidence to show that you lost it in a disaster.

How do I get a copy of my Australian birth certificate online?

If you need a birth certificate online, you may apply through the official registry of births, deaths, and marriages portal online. The charges remain and you will still receive them through the post. Application for the certificate is easy and simple when done online. You need to have copies of your scanned proof of identity documents for you to upload during the application process. Make sure you have all your details entered correctly so that you don’t go through a correction process afterward.

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How do I get a copy of my Australian birth certificate NSW?

The NSW Registry for births, deaths, and marriages requires you to have registered the birth that you want a certificate for before application. The birth registration number is a necessity when applying for this certificate. If you have it alongside other required documentation, you can then apply for the certificate online or by visiting the registry service center in person. If it is a replacement certificate, You will need to fill out a replacement form before and go through the whole process as required before it can be sent to you via post.

Can you get a digital birth certificate NSW?

A digital birth certificate has not been actualized yet but it is a plan by the government of Australia. Thoughtworks was recently selected to develop what might be the first digital birth certificate in the world. If all the plans succeed, we might soon have a digital birth certificate in Australia. However, for now, you must receive the document from the registry after going through all the application processes.

How do I find my Australian birth certificate number?

Your birth certificate number is usually on the top right-hand side of your birth certificate. The number is usually a standard unique number that is different from any other. Note that the format and the number differ according to the state you live in. It can also be different in format according to the type of birth certificate. Generally, it’s an identification number unique to you and only you.

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