There are many forms of dirt that can inhabit the headlight and make it difficult to see at night. We have put together a number of tips and a quick guide on how to clean any form of dirt on the headlights and make them sparkling clean.

We will also recommend a number of headlight restoration kits that are handy in the process. Precisely, make sure there is completely no dirt on the headlight screen.

Before you start driving at night, it is important to check on the headlights and make sure they are clean to enable you to see clearly. Before you get there, it’s important to start the check-up early enough and do the necessary clean-up on the headlights. When the headlights turn foggy it is important to know how to clean them up.

Quick guide; how to clean car headlights at home;

  • Clean any debris off the surface
  • Dry off the cleanser using a towel
  • Apply headlight restoration solution
  • Thoroughly brush off the cleaner until it’s clean
  • Clean off the residue from the restorer.

Foggy headlights

To start with, you might want to know what we exactly mean by foggy headlights. Once you observe that the amount of light emanating from the headlight becomes less, it means you have foggy headlights.

This means that you need to think of how to clean them. In other cases, you can conclude that the light is getting foggy when the light emanating from it slowly starts to become yellowish with a slight dingy tinge to it.

There is a little bit of simple science behind the foggy headlights, especially, modern-day plastic headlight screen lenses which also act as lenses. When the plastic lenses are continually exposed to UV rays from the sun, they develop a tendency of light filtration. Over time, the lenses absorb blue light and let through yellow light which results in less light. This type of headlights is foggy.

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How to clean foggy car headlights

how to clean car headlights at home

Tools you should have;

  1. Headlight restoration kit
  2. A dry, clean towel
  3. An ordinary cleanser
  4. Some water
  5. A brush of your choice

How to clean car headlights

We are dealing with dirty car headlights, turns out most of them are foggy headlights. This simple How-to guide will help you clean out your car headlights in just a few minutes!

Clean the debris off the surface

The first thing to deal with is always to get the debris off the surface. To do this, gently apply a reasonable amount of cleanser to the headlight surface. This will help make the cleaning process a little easier. The cleanser would make the dirt come off with ease. After applying( maybe spraying) the surface with the cleanser gently clean it to remove any dirt from the headlight surface.

Completely dry off the surface with a towel

With a dry towel, thoroughly wipe off the excess cleanser together with the debris from the surface of the headlight. This is important to make sure the debris that came off does not end up sticking back on the surface of the headlight.

Apply your headlight restorer

This is the most important part of this process. The restorer could be any cleanser from your headlight restoration kit. Many times, it could be baking soda or toothpaste. In the case of baking soda, be sure to mix it with a little bit of water to make a relatively heavy paste. Now with the help of something like a rag, apply a fair amount of your cleanser to the surface, making sure it gets to every part of the headlight. After you are satisfied that it is well covered, let it sit for a while.

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Thoroughly brush off the headlight cleaner

With a clean brush, you can now thoroughly brush off the now dry cleaner. After you have done this for a while, the headlight lens will now appear cleaner. However, this would not get everything clean as it should be. It is therefore important to make sure that every part of the cleaner is of the headlight.

Gently cleanse the headlight

The brush alone might not get all the residue out. So you need to have something extra to deal with the remaining few spots of residue. With some clean water and a rag, clean off any residual cleanser on the headlights until they are now sparkling clean. Spritz the spots thoroughly to ensure every single bit of it is clean.

After you are satisfied with the result, you can now dry off any water on the headlights until it is totally clean and dry. Now look at it carefully and note the big difference. You got it right! That’s how to clean car headlights.

how to clean car headlights

What to use when cleaning car headlights

In an auto spare part store, there are a number of products, specifically designed for cleaning car headlights. They are usually marked as car headlights restoration kits. Now, most of them are affordable and they work pretty well.

Some people might find it nice to use some baking soda or toothpaste for the cleaning process. They are strong enough to have your headlight cleaned without having to scratch and damage any part of your headlight. There are a number of headlight restoration kits from the stores.

However, not all of them might be as effective. This is why we have included our best pick for the five best car headlights restoration kits. Note that these are just recommendations and you can select the one that works best for you.

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Five best restoration kits to use

  1. CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit
  2. Chemical Guys GAP11516 Headlight Restore and Protect, 16 fl. oz, 1 Pack
  3. 3M 39195 Ultra Headlight Restoration Kit, Easy Heavy-Duty Restoration
  4. Plextone Headlight Restoration Kit
  5. Chemical Guys Flex_443_9 Wet Sanding and Restoration Kit, 32 fl. oz

How to clean car headlights FAQ

What is the easiest way to clean car headlights?

You can use a toothbrush and baking soda or toothpaste to clean off the dirt from your car headlights leaving them sparkling clean.

How do you clean cloudy headlights yourself?

mix a little amount of vinegar and baking soda to make a paste. use the mixture with a brush in a circular side-t-side motion to clean the headlights. wipe it off and rinse it clean.

How can I make my headlights clear again?

use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar or toothpaste with a piece of cloth to rub your headlight lens until it’s clean.

What household items can I use to clean my headlights?

you can use baking soda, and warm water, mix them in a bowl, add some vinegar, and then use a clean piece of cloth to rub them on the headlights.

What is the cheapest way to clean headlights?

the cheapest way to use is to clean using toothpaste and a clean piece of cloth. in fact, it is cost-free if you decide to use locally available materials.

Will WD-40 clean foggy headlights?

WD-40 can be safely used to clean your headlights. it is a quick way to defog your headlights.

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