How to clean a carpet stain-quick quide

  1. quickly wipe off the excess liquid or solid from the spill spot
  2. apply your selected stain remover
  3. clean off the stain gently
  4. repeat the process if the stain is stubborn
  5. let the spot dry off
  6. check for any residues
  7. blot away any tiny spots to leave the carpet clean

carpet stains can be very stubborn, whether they are immediate or old. It can be very stressful sometimes to deal with them and you might end up not even getting them off your carpet clean as it was. It is especially painful considering how you possibly remind people to take off their shoes and how you struggle to keep the carpet clean. The immediate cleaning solution should be water. It’s okay to grab a bottle of water and dry cloth and start wiping off the stain. However, as you might realize later, this might leave a little bit of a stain.

It is therefore important to pay keen attention to the special tips that we have prepared in this simple guide. To help you work this off in a few minutes, we have kept this really short and informative. Depending on the stain that we are dealing with, it might be a little difficult sometimes. it is therefore very important to understand how to clean different common stains.

It is a matter of seconds before you know that you tripped on a chair or something and your coffee went flying, or your new adapter pet went misbehaving while you were away and boom, you open the door to sauce on your once clean white carpet. where do we start? as we already mentioned, if it’s not old, grab a piece of dry cloth and some water. Wet the stained area with a little water and blot the stain gently. Note that blotting up the area leaves a little neat than scrubbing over and over. this would make a good start to get the stain sorted first before you get to your carpet stain remover.

There are different stain removers that can be efficient in cleaning up carpet stains. some of them are DIY solutions, made at home while others are purchased for that purpose. Below is our best selection of five top carpet stain removers that really work well to remove the stain.

List of best five stain removers for carpet cleaning

  1. TriNova Carpet Spot Remover Spray – Cleaner for Stains
  2. Spot Shot Professional Carpet Stain Remover
  3. Resolve Professional Strength Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner, Red
  4. Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain remover with cleaning applicator/brush
  5. Resolve Ultra Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Now, with your chosen stain remover, you can have your carpet stain removed in a few minutes with the following step-by-step guide below.

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Quickly wipe off the excess liquid or solid from the spill spot

If the spill or stain is instant, you can quickly wipe it off from the surface of the carpet. In the case of a sticky liquid or solid, you might want to use a flat object like a knife to get the greater part of it off of the carpet. be careful however not to make a greater mess than you found if you decide on wiping off the extra solid or liquid. if the spill is something that can be scoped off, you will be better off doing it than wiping it off. after you are well convinced that it is well removed you can now worry about the remaining stain and how to clean it.

In the case of an old or already dry stain, it might be better to remove it without adding any water to it. Dry stains can be dealt with quite easily. After removing the excess completely, the stain will neatly remain giving room for removal.

Apply your selected stain remover

Whether it is baking soda, commercial stain remover, or any other DIY homemade solution, the way you use it will determine how clean a carpet you will have in the end. The first thing to do is to spray the carpet with your selected remover. however, if you do not have a ready-made home-based stain remover, you can use vinegar. Here is a quick guide on how to prepare a vinegar solution for stain removal;

  • add a teaspoonful of dish-washing solution into a quarter cupful of warm water
  • add a half teaspoonful of white vinegar
  • shake well to get a finely mixed solution.
  • put it in a spray bottle

spray this or any other solution you are using for stain removal over the stain and let it sit for ten minutes or so before proceeding with the rest of the process. make sure you do not overspray the spot with the solution to avoid damage

clean off the stain gently

After the stain sits for ten minutes or more, you can now embark on cleaning the stain off. Note that you should avoid rubbing on the stain to remove it. This might make the stain worse and you might not end up with the required results. Use a piece of absorbent cloth to blot up the stain together with the dirt in the stain. if this is done right, you will have the carpet clean. Repeat the process if the stains are persistent. this should leave you with a pretty clean carpet without the stain. alternatively, you can have some little weight over the absorbent cloth to speed up the process and improve the efficiency.

check for any residues

It is only possible to check for any residue if you let the spot dry off first. a keen inspection of the area will reveal remains of the stain if any. Inspect the area well to make sure there is nothing left of the stain. if any, apply some more stain remover and blot it away.

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common carpet stains and how to remove them

There are different stains and it is important to handle them differently for efficiency. below are the most common and how they should be tackled.

coffee stains

Quick tip: No matter the type or color of carpet you have, immediately you encounter the spill, make sure you blot up a good amount of it until you’re satisfied it wont cause any further damages.

use a sponge soaked in cold water to clean up the area a little before. blot up some more of the wet liquid from the carpet.

If you have a stain remover, apply it evenly to the spot before blotting it up frequently to clean up the area. Alternatively, you can quickly make your stain remover from vinegar as we highlighted earlier.

Blot up the stain remover in small amounts, adding dis soap solution if need be. After you’re done with that, you can now rinse the area with cold water and let it dry, leaving your carpet sparkling clean.

pet stains

pets are very good companions. However, sometimes, when they decide to soil the place it is never that good. This will obviously need thorough cleaning. here is how to clean a carpet stain from pets;

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. use a carpet stain remover with enzymes

    stain removers with enzymes are the best for pet stains as they deal with the odor too.
    pets would therefore not be soiling the same spot over and over again.

  2. wet the soiled area with the selected stain remover

    its preferable to have a spray bottle from which you will apply your stain remover. Spray until you’re satisfied that it is well covered.

  3. thoroughly work it in with a clean damp cloth

    use a damp but clean cloth to thoroughly work in your carpet stain remover until you’re satisfied the area is well covered.

  4. cover the same spot with the cloth for 8-12 hours.

    This is just enough to take away the odor and leave your carpet clean.

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Note that using a stain remover with enzymes such as the Bissell pawsitively Clean Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator, will have an added advantage of training your pet that it is wrong to stain the carpet. The carpet will not have any odor, which usually makes them come to the same spot every time.

Red wine stains

Red wine stains aren’t the worst of stains, but they can be pretty disturbing when they’re not well dealt with. Do the following whenever your wine galss decides to take an unannounced tumble;

soak your absorbent clothe with a suitable wine stain remover and blot the stain gently. Apply some weight if possible or even stand on it. do as much blotting as you can until you’re satisfied with the results. After that, gently clean the area with the satin remover until the stain is completely gone.

how to keep your carpet clean

After learning how to clean a carpet stain, we now ought to catch something on how to keep the clean carpet clean. Here are quick tips that you should take keen consideration of when trying to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet.

  1. keep the dirt outside the house as much as you can. Aside from the stains that occur from spills, there are those that come with dirt in the house. by maintaining a no shoe in the house rule, you can at least manage constant dirt in the house elimination. you can also consider having a door mat near the entry way and a vacuum stick to deal with the dirt before it gets in.
  2. clean your door mats regularly. If you’re gonna keep your door mats clean, the interior of the house, especially your carpet will have a chance of remaining clean. Degrit them in a regular sequence and make sure they are always clean.
  3. Heavily clean your high traffic areas. Make sure every part of your house that has everyone passing through is kept as clean as possible. Use your preferable foam carpet cleaner to have a good job done on them.

You now know how to clean a carpet stain at home, how to keep your carpet clean and a number of many other things that will help you keep your carpet and the entire house clean!

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