How to buy Japan used cars online in Kenya


How to buy Japan used cars online in kenya

Japanese used cars are essential when it comes to buying a car. Sometimes, buying a new car in the country could be a bit more expensive. That is why you might want to opt for imported used cars. However, you have to find trusted dealers to help you in the process lest you lose your money.

This is why we need to know how to buy Japan used cars online in Kenya.This is a complete guide on all the essentials of buying a used japanese car online in Kenya which include the following important points to note;

  1. How to buy a Japan used car online in kenya
  2. Legit online sites to import Japan used cars from
  3. Is it cheaper to buy a used car online
  4. Best car Japan used car brands to buy online and their prices
  5. The approximate price of buying a used japan car in Kenya.

Remember that you need to be thorough with the processes and the sites. We give you as much information to guide you through the process.

Legit online sites to import Japan used cars from

There are several sites that have a list of cars you can import from Japan. However, not all of them are legit. Some of them might have fake dealers while others re just inefficient.

When you have enough information on it, you will have a smooth time ordering and buying your Japan used car online. The following are some of the most legit online Japan used car sellers in Kenya.

  • SBI motors Japan
  • Autocraft japan
  • Befoward motors Kenya.

One common thing with the above listed online car marketplaces is that they are all verified as legit marketplaces. Most of them cover all the logistics as given by the Kenyan system. This could mean that you can import the car at a cheaper price when you order it online.

However, it is advised the cars below the price of Ksh. 2m in Kenya could be cheaper to buy within the country. Most of these sites would link you to large scale sellers who import cars in terms of hundreds.

Is it cheaper to buy a japan used cars online?

There is not a specific answer to this question at the moment. However, when you look at the cost of buying a car online, you should also thake note of the logistics and the duties that are payable during the process. If you compare it with the price of purchasing it directly in Kenya, it should be cheaper for you to settle on that option.

There will be prices and descriptions of any conditions attached to any of the cars you wish to import from Japan on the sites. Read them well before making an order to avoid surprises during the process. However if you are not satisfied with the information given on the site alone, you can always reach out to the customer support through the contacts given.

Best Japan used car brands to buy online in Kenya and their prices

There is a whole lot of Japan used cars available online. However, not all of them are economical to buy. Some might also be not as good a choice as others. To simplify this situation, we have selected a few of the best recommended car brands to import from Japan. In terms of fuel consumption, their prices, their durability and many other factors, you might want to look at them first in the course of your decision making process.

Used car companyapproximate price (Ksh)Fuel consumption
Toyota Prado TXToyota2,471,6118L/100km
Honda CRVHonda446,0977L/100km
Nissan X-trailNissan460,2055L/100km
Subaru Forester XTsubaru429,6007.5/100km
Examples of cheap used cars online

Those are some examples of Japan used cars we found on different online car dealers in kenya. The information about them will guide you know where to start if you are looking to order a used car from Japan online.

The approximate price of buying a used japan car in Kenya

This would greatly depend on the type and brand of the car as well as the site you want to buy the car from. Some seem cheaper while others seem just the same price as when bought in Kenya. Before you finally decide on the option, you should check on some of the factors we have highlighted above.

On the approximate, buying a good used car from Japan would cost you anywhere between ksh.200,000- Ksh.3M. This price range is more specific to used SUVs. However other categories can go way below or high depending on the company and type.

How to buy Japan used cars online in Kenya- buying guide

car dealership in Kenya

Selecting the ultimate used japan car to buy in Kenya can be hectic. Sometimes, it might end up in an unasatisfactory process which is obviously not value for the money one offers for the deal. To avoid landing in this ditch, we have prepared a precise buying guide for you, just to make it simpler to land on the best Japan used car at the nearest dealership or site if you prefer online.

The following are the most important points to watch out for when buying a Japan used car in Kenya.

1.The price

Before you settle on any car, you need to know that you can afford it. You also need to know that it will be value for your money in the long run. Check the car properly, with the help of a professional such as a mechanic to help you determine whether it is fit for it’s price. The reason why the pricing is extremely important is that sometimes the used cars end up having a problem which might take more than it’s buying price to rectify or keep repairing. Get to understand whether the pricing is realistic. If you get satisfied with the price, you can go ahead and buy the car.

2. The process involved In buying a car from Japan

imported cars at the port

So many processes are involved. If you ordered it from a good online site for example, the site is likely to cater for the importing costs and duties during clearence. However, if a site or dealer does not cater for this, it is important to understand that the process is on you. You might end up having some extra costs on the price if the car.

Now, depending on the site or dealership you select and how they undertake the process of fulfilling orders, you will need to be prepared enough to handle the process if you are required to. In other cases, if you order a Japan used car from a non-kenyan site online, when it gets to the port, you might have to do the clearing before you take the car home. This as well needs you to understand the process.

3. The type of car

Before settling on a car, the type is always a key factor to think of. Different Japan used cars go with different prices. So, you need to be prepared for the kind of car you go for so that you make sure you afford it and service it. SUVs would go for higher prices while crossovers and sedans would cost relatively cheaper. In addition, when you are sure of the kind of car you want, you will be able to know what to look out for in order to select the best among them.

3. Where you buy the car from

There are many car online dealerships nowadays. Almost all of them have used cars for sale. However, not all of those have the best deals and cars. You might land on a few that are not legitimate while others could be having problematic cars. So before you go for a car dealership or adealership site, make sure you have information about them. Some are well reputed for their good services while some have very nice cars. Find such dealerships or sites to buy your used car

Buying a Japan used car in Kenya will greatly depend on your preciseness in selecting your dealership, the amount of money you have and how well you understand the process of importing a car from Japan. If you make a good selection on your dealership, you won’t even have to deal with the clearence yourself. Best ranked Japan used car online sellers are well reputed for handling the importing process for you at an affordable cost since they import them in bulk.

This is why you need to know how to buy Japan used cars online in kenya.

How to buy Japan used cars online in kenya-FAQs

How can I buy a car from Japan to Kenya?

if you want to buy a car from japan, find a legit online site to buy from, select a car of your choice on the site, get the details of the car, link up with the dealer, follow all the legal processes as discussed above and then you can pay for your car and have it shipped to you.

How much is it to import a car from Japan to Kenya?

when importing a car, apart from the selling price of the car, you have to pay for the following; 25% of the retail price in Kenya to the K.R.A as import duty, 25-30% of the sum of customs value and import duty as customs fee, and 2% of the C.I.F amount as the declaration fee

Is it cheaper to import a car from Japan to Kenya?

most people would tell you that it is difficult to answer this question. however it is best advised that cars below the value price of Ksh. 2 million in Kenya are better bought within the country.

How long does it take to import a car from Japan to Kenya?

as it is, importation has never been a one day thing, so the process depends on a lot of factors. it could take more or less than you approximate. approximately, the whole process can stretch through 43-45 days maximum when well executed.

How much does it cost to import a car from Japan?

if you want to approximate the amount you need to import a car, use its valued price on its seller platform and add it the taxes to get the approximate amount you need.

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