How to apply for a birth certificate in Australia


How to apply for a birth certificate in Australia 

A birth certificate is one of the most important certification documents that a person must have in Australia. It serves as part of the proof of identity. However, to acquire one you must go through a process of application and verification. Therefore, it’s important to know how to apply for a birth certificate in Australia. 

This article is a full guide on how to go through the whole process of applying for a birth certificate in Australia. We shall also include a few tips to help you get an easy time doing it. 

We will also look into the different birth certificate types we have in Australia and how much you expect to pay for them as well as the process involved. 

Types of Australian Birth certificates

australian birth certificate

We have the following two main types of the Australian Birth certificate;

  • The standard birth certificate
  • Commemorative birth certificate

Standard birth certificate

The standard birth certificate is one issued on application by any parent for their registered newBorns or under other defined circumstances.

Note that you can only order a standard birth certificate if the birth or adoption was registered under the NSW government registry for births and deaths. 

You can also order a standard birth certificate in case you need to carry out family history research. 

You can order a birth certificate for your baby during their online registry.

Standard birth certificates are sent to the owner via post after processing.

Commemorative birth certificate 

A commemorative birth certificate is a more casual form of a birth certificate that people order for other purposes other than basic identification.

You can keep it for yourself or even have it framed as a gift for someone. The application process is quite easy compared to the standard one but you have to give the required proof to apply for one. 

Requirements for applying for a birth certificate in Australia

To qualify for the application of a birth certificate in Australia, you must have registered with the respective regional registry of births, deaths, and marriages.

If you are already registered, the following requirements are necessary for the application;

  • Credit or debit card for the payment
  • Proof of identity (have the documents saved on your phone/computer)
  • All the details of the person applying
  • Contact and personal information
  • Any additional documentation (applies to solicitors)

If you have all the above requirements, you can then proceed to apply for the birth certificate. Remember you can also do it online when registering birth with NSW. 

How to apply for a birth certificate online in Australia-step by step guide

The following are the few steps you should follow when applying for an Australian birth certificate online;

  1. Visit the registry of births, deaths, and marriages website  to access the application form to apply 

  2. Confirm birth registration on the NSW

  3. Fill in your details as required

  4. Upload all the required scanned documents

  5. Submit your complete form.

how to apply for a birth certificate in Australia

The online application is the most efficient and the fastest way to apply for a birth certificate in Australia.

If you do not want to use the online application process, you can as well follow the following process;

  • Download the application form
  • Print it and fill it out as required
  • Scan, print, and attach the required proof of identification documents
  • Send it over to the NSW via post or submit it in person to the NSW service center.

During the application, you should have all the required documents with you in the form of scanned photos which you will upload when needed.

If you experience any trouble during the application, call 13 77 88 for help.

Birth certificate charges in Australia

When ordering a birth certificate in Australia, it comes with certain charges which are necessary if you have to receive your birth certificate. 

Each birth certificate costs a different amount and there are usually some additional charges for postage when you’re in a different country. 

Below is a summary of the birth certificate charges in Australia;

Birth certificateCost(priority service)Cost (standard service)
CommemorativeNot available$41
Standard and commemorative$115$87
birth certificate charges in Australia

Extra charges include;

  • An extra $9 for international post
  • An extra $44 if you need it to be sent to a passport office

All the original charges include postage and handling. You should not expect any extra charges unless advised under the two cases above.

Birth certificate processing time in Australia

So, how long will you have to wait after applying for a birth certificate for you to receive it?

Depending on how you applied and the type of birth certificate you applied for, it might take up to six weeks for you to receive your birth certificate. 

However, if you order your certificate under priority service, you might receive it in just under 2weeks. 

The following is an outline of the processing time for Australian birth certificates by type;

Standard birth certificate

apply for australian birth certificate online now
Birth certificateProcessing Time(standard service)Processing time (priority service)
Standard(online application)3 weeks 1 week
Standard NSW agent1 month2 weeks
Standard submitted by post6 weeks1 month
Commemorative online application1 monthNot available
Commemorative NSW agent5 weeksNot available
Commemorative submitted by post2 monthsNot available
Australian birth certificate processing time

Handling errors on an Australian Birth certificate

If you find out that there is an error on the birth certificate sent to you, you should do the following to have it corrected;

  • Make sure to return the original birth certificate through the post
  • Fill out the correct entry form to provide the correct information
  • Send documents for proof of identity as required.

The following is the information that should be contained in the birth certificate. So in case one of them is missing, be sure to follow up for correction;

  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Name sex
  • Parents information
  • Registration number
  • Date of registration
  • Sibling information

 How to apply for a birth certificate in Australia-FAQs

How do I get my Australian birth certificate?

If you’re an Australian citizen and wish to obtain a birth certificate for any reason, you can apply to your state’s registry of births, deaths, and marriages to get one. Remember there are different charges and different types of certificates in Australia, so you should be sure to order the right one. The application can be done fully online. There are documents that are needed as proof of identity during the application. Be sure to have them as requested.

How much does a full birth certificate cost in Australia?

$41-$87 for standard service and $88-$115 if you need it on priority. The costs always vary depending on the territory and the service as well. The prices we have specified are just the standard cost that you can expect to pay under normal circumstances. In some cases, you will have to pay some extra cash for postage and handling while in other cases it is added cumulatively to the total charge.

How long does it take to get a new birth certificate in Australia?

14 working days to 1 month. Depending on if the certificate was ordered on priority service or just standard service, you might expect to get it sooner or anticipate delays. If you use to post, it will definitely take some time. For international post, it is possible to take even more time. If you want a replacement certificate, however, it might take a little less time compared to the process of getting a new one.

What is the requirements to get birth certificate?

The main requirement for a birth certificate is basically the proof of identity of the applicant, the applicant’s parent or the solicitor, and the registration number of the birth. Upon birth, the doctor should report to the Local Civil Registry Office and file for the registration of the birth. The birth registration number or reference should be provided upon application for the birth certificate.

How do I get a certified copy of a birth certificate?

To get a certified Birth certificate, you should make sure that you apply for the birth certificate. Apply to your respective territory’s registry of births, deaths, and marriages to get the certificate. You should follow all the guidelines for you to obtain the certificate in good time. Note that there are different charges for the different certificates in Australia.

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