How much is Mercedes E350 in kenya?

Mercedes Benz e-Class

How much is the Mercedes E350-price of Mercedes Benz E350 in Kenya

Most of us tend to wonder how much is Mercedes E350 and if it is easily affordable. The Mercedes E350 is a midsize car, very luxurious, and can hold up to five passengers. It goes for ksh.1.4million-Ksh.5.4million depending on the year of manufacture and the model. The sedan has different body styles and can be a coupe for four passengers and offers the user convertible options.

Mercedes E350 price in kenya

modelprice in Kenya
2014 Mercedece e350Ksh. 4,400,000
2013 Mercedece e350Ksh. 3,800,000
2010 Mercedece e350Ksh. 3,000,000
2009 Mercedece e350Ksh .1,900,000
2006 Mercedece e350Ksh. 1,400,000
Mercedes E350 models and their prices in Kenya

The E350 model has a very powerful engine. As you are well aware the Mercedes E class has had various trim configurations in the last generations that including from 2009 to 2016 and 2017 to 2019. The Mercedes E350 comes with 3.5L V6 engine power plus other superior feature that include simulated-leather upholstery and an eight-speaker audio system, that you can easily ride in comfort and style.

Mercedes e350 for sale in Kenya

Trim configurations of the Mercedes E350

As we have already discussed above, the Benz E350 is part of the midsize series of the Mercedes E-class. The recent Benz E350 model was introduced between 2014 and 2016. The Mercedes Benz model E350 has the following characteristics that include a V6 3.5L engine with 302 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, and a seven-speed car automatic transmission.

The Mercedes model, the E350 introduced in the year 2014, car model is usually offered in coupe, sedan, wagon, and convertible body styles. At the start of 2015, the E350 model was exclusively available in wagon and sedan styles. For each of the model years, the model e350 wagon and sedan are available in luxury and sport sub-trims. Based on the model year 2016, the standard features of the Mercedes Benz E350 include:

  • Simulated-leather upholstery
  • Eight-speaker audio system
  • 10-way front powered seats with available memory functions
  • Automatic climate control
  • Adaptive and reliable suspension dampers
  • Mercedes hood ornament
  • Alloy wheels of 17 inches
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Sport-tuned suspension
Mercedes e-class for sale

The interior

The Mercedes E350 has an infotainment system in that you can use a touchpad to control the car system. In case you prefer to use the touchscreen, it can be a good option. Most of the physical buttons present in the Benz e350 are easily accessible and understandable. The steering wheel can definitely be an issue. It is not that intuitive, as the hard buttons were ditched for capacitive ones.

It is very easy for the driver to dial while in a good and perfect driving position due to the steering wheel and seat adjustability. All the gauges and controls are easily accessible. Forward visibility of the Mercedes E350 is good although the narrow window is not that helpful that’s why the backup camera is appreciated. The model’s back seat is not that spacious enough hence taller individuals can struggle to fit in the car.

The exterior

The Mercedes E350odel has different ends that have a three-dimensional classic saloon radiator that has a three-louver approach and the Mercedes star at the bonnet. The exterior of the Mercedes E350 has a sporty look with a central star at the front. On the rear end , the bumper and the lights have been well revised using LED lights that are in a horizontal manner with a beautiful appearance.

mercedes e 350 exterior

Pricing of the Mercedes model e350

The market price of the E350 tends to change over time. Knowing the changing price per model might be very difficult at times. however, you got nothing to worry about anymore! We got you covered. Down below we have summarized the different models of E350 with their prices

  • For the 2020 new sedan type, the most popular e350 model goes for around $59,935
  • For the 2020 new sedan type, the E350 4MATIC model goes for around $63,925
  • For the 2021 new sedan type, the most popular E350 model goes for around $60,725
  • For the 2021 new sedan type, the E350 4MATIC model goes for around $63,850
What’s the price of a new Mercedes e350 in Kenya?

Maintenance costs of Mercedes Benz model e350 in Kenya.

As for now you already know the price of this beast in the market. They are fairly priced as opposed to the other Mercedes Benz models. The service parts for your Mercedes E350 model are easily available in most of the towns, particularly in Kenya and they are also fairly priced. The E350 body parts are expensive though can be easily found in Nairobi. You should be in a good position to inspect the e350 before purchasing it from a trustworthy dealer or from any Mercedes outlet in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mercedes E350

How much do a E350 Mercedes cost?

A new Mercedes Benz e350 costs anything from ksh.1.4 million-ksh. 5.4 million in Kenya. the prices are variable according to the model and the dealership you choose to buy from. second hand Mercedes e350 would go for even cheaper prices than the ones mentioned. However, they should not be too cheap since that could be a sign of a false price which might lead you to be scammed.

Is Merces E350 a good car?

The e350 is a good machine, especially when you look at its capability and its engine performance. The car is also fairly priced for its features and can be very nice if you want the ultimate Mercedes luxury sedan at a relatively lower price. So yeah, the e350 is a good car.

How much is a brand new Mercedes E350?

A new 2021 Mercedes e350 goes for 5.4 million Kenya shillings on average. this car is relatively expensive but it has all the value for its price. Despite, the high price tag, this car is priced quite cheaply;y when compared to other sedans of its cadre. This makes it an ultimate choice for anyone looking to buy a luxury sedan.

How much is E350 2019?

A new 2019 Mercedes E350 goes for 3.8 million Kenyan shillings. It is priced quite cheaply compared to other models before it. It still bears much of the luxury features and the high engine power output at a much lower price. The E350 2019 model is specifically embedded with one of the best features pertaining to info infotainment and audio systems.

How much does a 2007 Mercedes E350 cost?

It goes at an average price of ksh.1.8 million. The 2007 model of the E350 is one of the old models of this car. It bears a huge power output and some luxury features, however, it doesn’t match the newer versions of this car. It is the additional features that come with the other versions that make them quite higher in price.

How much does Benz E350 cost in Nigeria?

A new E350 in Nigeria costs around ₦19.1 million – ₦24.9 million. Being one of the most luxurious Mercedes sedans, that could easily be the price tag. This price is most especially for the 2019-2021 models of the E350. The price however greatly varies when it comes to Importing in comparison to local purchases.

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