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How much is the London taxi fare on Sunday? You’re probably asking yourself this question. As you may already know, there is a slight difference in the taxi fare prices during weekends. 

The prices tend to be slightly higher on weekends and late nights. So it’s important to know how to estimate what you will be expected to pay after the whole amount and the extra charges are added. 

Since we have a lot of taxi services operating in London, it might be difficult for you to know all the fares, especially on Sundays or weekends and late nights. 

That is why this guide will help you understand most of the taxi fare prices in London on Sundays, Saturdays, and late nights as well as how they differ from the regular taxi prices. 

uk taxi fare

Summary of London Taxi prices on Saturday and Sunday 

DistanceFare on Saturday and Sunday
6miles£32 – £36
4miles£19 – £25
2miles£10.40 – £16
1mile£6.40 – £10
London taxi prices on Sundays

Note that when the taximeter reaches six miles, the rate changes. You might actually be charged more than you expected. 

It is also possible to negotiate with the driver when you are traveling anywhere outside Greater London. 

Therefore the fares you are seeing might not be the exact thing you will pay after your journey. You might pay more or less according to the place you select and the amount of time you travel. 

Are there extra charges?

There might be extra charges according to how you negotiate with the driver or the circumstances. 

However, the extra charges must be added to the cost at the beginning of the journey. Do not expect any extra charges within the duration of the journey.

You will only pay your fare and any other charges that were included in the beginning. Note that you should not be charged for the following;

  1. Assistant dog
  2. Luggage
  3. Extra passenger(s)
how much does a taxi cost per mile in UK?

Telephone booking and Heathrow airport drop-off regulations

The reason why we are talking about this in one section is that the two heavily depend on each other.

You are likely to order a Taxi or visit  HAL for a blue badge discount or call them over the moment you land at Heathrow airport. 

So, it’s important to understand that there are regulations that govern the two processes. 

Take note of the following when booking a taxi online or if you’re considering being dropped off or picked up at Heathrow airport. 

  • There is an extra £2 charge for booking online or via telephone.
  • There’s an extra £3.60 for all journeys starting from Heathrow Airport.
  • There’s an extra £5.20 charge for the taxi drop-off charge for all passengers dropped off at the Heathrow airport terminal.

HAL blue badge discount regulations

If you’re a blue badge holder, then you can apply for a discount for the taxi you are using. 

The discount will reduce the amount you are supposed to pay for the Taxi Drop Off Charge (TDOC). 

 There are details you are supposed to have with you to be able to request a discount from Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL). They include the following;

  • Your blue badge number
  • Your flight number
  • The taxi registration number
  • Your email address
  • Rear and front photo of the blue badge
  • The date you are being dropped off. 

If you are a blue badge holder, do not hesitate to request a discount at any time. 

London black cab fare on Sundays

London black cab

The London black cab seems to be operating differently but still, the fare on weekends remains high. 

For the London black cab, the simple rule is that the fare goes up by up to 10% on weekends and by 20% during early morning hours. 

It’s easy to estimate your expected price by just adding the extra charge to the normal fare rates for regular days. The regular fare for the London Black cab taxi is as listed in the table below.

Between 6 and 13 minutes (1 mile)£6.40 – £11.20
Between 10 and 20 minutes(2 miles)£9 -£17
Between 15 and 25 minutes(3 miles)£13 – £23
Between 15 and 30 minutes(4 miles)£17 – £29
Between 20 and 35 minutes(5 miles)£21.50 – £33
Between 30 and 40 minutes(6miles)£26 – £37
London black ab fares

With those prices, you can easily estimate the fare prices to where you are going.

London Taxi fare on Sundays-FAQs

Do London taxis charge by time or distance?

London taxis usually charge you according to the time the journey takes. The longer the journey takes, the more you expect to pay at the end. However, in some instances, the distance also matters and the fare might be based on both the distance and the time that the journey takes.

How much are taxis around London?

£6.40-£40. Most journeys by taxi around London usually last anywhere between 6 and 40 minutes. The charge is cumulative and it covers all the major destinations around London. However, if you have to connect between two destinations, the charges might increase and surpass the normal rates. The cost is also not uniform among all taxi operators in London. It tends to vary a little bit.

Is it expensive to take a taxi in London?

Yes. It’s quite expensive to take a taxi in London. However, taxis are considered the most convenient way of moving around London. The taxi fare prices are however just reasonably higher than the bus fares and the train fares. If you want to get to anywhere in London as fast as you can, then the Taxis might serve you well despite the slightly higher fares.

Is it cheaper to Uber or taxi in London?

Yes. It is actually cheaper to order a taxi if you’re moving around the city. However, if you’re going somewhere further than the city, you might want to consider other forms of transport. Long-distance taxis usually charge more than the regular buses going the same way and to the same destinations.

Do you tip London taxi drivers?

It is a common culture to tip the drivers 10-15% of the total fare. However, what most people do is round off to the nearest £1 and tell them to keep the change. It is however not compulsory to tip the drivers every time you are using a taxi in London.

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