How much does Maybach cost

Mercedes Maybach price

How much does Maybach cost?

The Mercedes Maybach 2021 S-class model is around seventy-five thousand dollars more than the normal Benz model. This sounds like a very huge price tag. So how much does Maybach cost? well, In terms of Maybach’s price, the starting price of the model is around one hundred and eighty-five thousand, nine hundred and fifty dollars. ($185,950)

This means that the sedan with ultra-luxury benefits costs around twenty-five thousand dollars more compared to the Maybach SUV GLS-class too. The Mercedes Maybach 2021 S-class will arrive this summer at the US dealerships. The S-class sedan model has sport embellishment styles, a good decadent interior, and a long and reliable wheelbase.

It is also powered by the use of a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V-8 which is similar to any other Benz model with 469 horsepower.

Mercedes Maybach

Even though the Mercedes Maybach 2021 S-class is not among the most expensive models the Mercedes car offers, the asking price is fair. The starting price of one hundred and eighty-five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars has everyone excited.

The Maybach S class has a lot of equipment that includes the standard 496 horsepower V8 twin-turbocharged engine, and rear seats that have enough room due to the stretched wheelbase of the Maybach. The model also incorporates decadent features that include front seats that offer massages, a 30-speaker audio Burmester system, and plush pillow headrests.

Why is the Maybach expensive?

compared to any other Mercedes car, this car is particularly expensive. Not even the high-end Mercedes SUVs come close to their luxury features. Its rivals are the cream of the world’s luxury vehicles. This might hint at why you can’t compare a Mercedes Benz E350 or Mercedes Ml350 to this super beast.

For all of those asking how much Maybach costs, you should be aware that it is quite expensive as we will show you down below. The higher price tag comes along with the superior Maybach features that some act as reserve options that include executive massaging seats and an integrated cooling system for beverages with similar champagne flutes.

The Mercedes Maybach model offers the buyer a range of personalization options that allows the buyers to ride in a certain standard which accumulates the asking price. We are not sure of the final prices especially for the newly released 2031 Mercedes Maybach, as Mercedes haven’t released the full price.

Maybach S-class interior

Despite the six-figure price tag of the Maybach S-class, it still comes as a bargain as most ultra-luxury car models in the marketplace have hefty price tags. For example, the Rolls-Royce Ghost or rather the Bentley Flying Spur tends to cost more as opposed to the Mercedes Maybach.

The asking price of the Bentley is around two hundred and nineteen thousand four hundred and twenty-five dollars and on the other hand, for the Rolls Royce Ghost after some extra designs, the expected asking price of the model is around three hundred thousand dollars.

Mercedes Maybach specs and prices

So, how much does Maybach cost? to answer this appropriately, we have summarized the Mercedes Maybach specs and prices down below.

YearBody typePrice fromPrice toSpecs
2020Sedan$338,800$428,359PULP, 7 SP, 6.0L
2019Sedan$285,700$361,355PULP, 7 SP, 6.0L
2018Sedan$246,350$314,930PULP, 7 SP, 6.0L
2017Sedan$213,700$287,545PULP, 7 SP, 6.0L
2016Sedan$196,200$248,050PULP, 7 SP, 6.0L AUTO
Mercedes Maybach prices
the Maybach sedan

How much does Maybach cost-FAQs

How much is a Maybach SUV?

Being one of the most expensive SUVs in the world, the Maybach GLS400 cost a cool  $358,300. That’s quite a lot! It is actually more than twice the price of an ordinary Mercedes Benz-GLS400 and almost $300,000 less than the Cullinan from Rolls Royce. This is actually one of the most heavily priced SUVs in the world.

How much does a 2020 Maybach cost?

A 2020 Mercedes-Maybach S-class goes for a staggering $173,000. This is very high compared to any of the S-class beasts by Mercedes S-class available. It’s luxury and performance are something quite unmatched up to date. It actually marks the ultimate luxury sedan in the world. If you are looking to find luxury and performance all in one sedan, this is it.

How much is a Mercedes-Maybach price?

The Maybach new model 2021 costs $185,950. This actually $70,000 more than its Mercedes Benz counterpart. since it is actually the flagship of Mercedes-s-class Maybach ultra-luxury, this machine costs up to $25,000 more than its Maybach SUV rival. The s-class has been selling for a year and above now and it serves the true ultra-luxury of the Mercedes community.

How much is a Maybach most expensive?

Do you want the most expensive Maybach? Well, the Maybach Exelero is for you. It is actually the most expensive car on earth! This car goes for a whole $ 8 million. This already tells what you can expect from this high-end luxury vehicle. We are talking about the most exclusive features that you can ever imagine about luxury cars in the world.

How much is the 2022 Maybach?

The 2022 model retails at almost the same price as its predecessor. It goes for a cool $185,950. With that princely tag on it, this epitome of luxury can’t fail you when it comes to extra comfort and an ultra-smooth ride. This explains why it’s not friendly to the pocket and gives very little hope for fuel-efficiency.

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