How much does it cost to use the Nairobi Expressway

After completion, the Nairobi Expressway was finally opened partially to public use on the 14th of May 2022 by the transport cabinet secretary. The focus on this road was now shifted to functionality rather than the development. 

Three wheeled and two wheeled vehicles would not be allowed to use the expressway

Its full functionality was recently gazetted and made known to the public. To use this road, one has to pay toll charges according to the distance they plan to cover on the road as well as the vehicle they are driving. 

How much does it cost to use the expressway?

The Nairobi Expressway connects Mlolongo to the Nairobi-Nakuru highway via the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The road connects to different sections of the city where motorists can join or drop off the expressway.

The standard charges range from sh. 100-sh.310 for ordinary vehicles of medium size. The charges may vary according to the size of the vehicle too.  The average cost of using the expressway from Westlands to Mlolongo is ksh.260 and vice versa. 

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How it functions

The expressway is expected to be like a shortcut of passing through the city without using the ordinary roads. This is specifically geared towards cutting traffic congestion to zero in the near future.

All the construction is nearly done now and what remains is the fully functioning of the expressway. Toll centres and checkpoints will offer new employment opportunities to the public. The new personnel will guide the traffic and confirm the payments made to use the expressway. 

It is important to understand that there is still some construction work going on in some parts of the road as well as final touches for aesthetic functions. This might be what is holding back the full opening of the expressway to the public.

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Do you have to pay every time you use the Nairobi Expressway?

The Nairobi Expressway

Yes. You have to pay at the toll centres every time you use the Nairobi Expressway. The specified charges affect a one way trail from one end to the other. You might have to pay double if you want to get to the other side and come back. 

The charges affect every vehicle that is using the expressway at any given time. The good thing with this project is that it will ease congestion at any time not depending on the time of the day or the weather. On the ordinary roads within the city, congestion is usually at its peak in the morning and the evening. By using the expressway, the rush might be reduced and the congestion eased out regardless of the time of the day.

Being one of the largest mega projects that Kenya has had within the past few years, a lot was put into it. This explains why there are charges placed for its use. The revenue raised from its use will help support its functionality by paying up the employees at the toll gates as well as the personnel charged with maintenance of the road. 

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