How much does an Australian birth certificate cost? 

How much does an Australian birth certificate cost? Well, it varies so much depending on how you apply and the type of birth certificate you want.

To order a birth certificate in Australia, you have to pay some charges to the NSW registry of births, marriages, and deaths. 

Since the costs vary, you will have to select the one that best suits your situation and the one that can be most convenient for you. 

australian birth certificate

Here is a summary of the cost of a birth certificate in Australia;

Birth certificateCost(priority service)
CommemorativeNot available
Standard and commemorative$115
cost of birth certificate in Australia

Note that there are extra charges that accompany this for postage and they are as follows; 

  • An extra $9 for international post
  • An extra $44 if you need it to be sent to a passport office 

In case it is a replacement birth certificate you applied for, the following charges will apply;

Priority/urgent service$31.15
how much does an Australian birth certificate cost?

Note that the NSW has guidelines on how one should pay for the birth certificate order. 

When the applicant is overseas, there might be some restrictions and the only payment method is via credit card and in Australian currency only. 

For other cases within Australia, the NSW is flexible enough and you have a number of payment options to select from. 

To save you the hassle of paying more or paying through the wrong channel, we have combined the summary of payment options as outlined by the NSW service below;

For online application

  • Visa /Mastercard
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For overseas

  • Only use a credit card

For in-person submission

  • Money order
  • Bank cheque
  • Credit card
  • Business account cheque 

For post submission

  • Money order
  • Business account cheque
  • Money order
  • Credit card
  • Bank cheque 

What you basically pay for is the process and the postage fee. Remember the postage fee is usually included in the total fees you pay when applying. 

NSW Australia registry for births, deaths, and marriages

A note on fake application brokers

Beware of scammers who pretend to help you during the application process. Most of them would place a charge against the application form, which you will have to pay before you access it.

The Australian Registry for births, marriages, and deaths only offers online service through its official website. 

Any other might not be as legitimate as it looks and you might end up losing some extra cash. 

If you do not trust the online process, you can visit the NSW service center for more information and in personal application.

Australian birth certificate postage fee

As we have mentioned, the postage fee is always included in the total fees that you pay during the application. However, it is important to notice that there is always an extra charge attached to it for postage.

The following is a summary of the postage fees for birth certificate applications in Australia.

Registered post$5.55
Express post$7.45
International registered mail$17.70
Australian birth certificate postage fee

Note that you can either have your certificate sent by express post or registered post at the above-shown costs. 

Australian birth certificate cost waivers

At times we have financial downtimes but we still need such services urgently. That is why there is a possibility of having the cost of your certificate waived.

To get a waiver on this cost, visit the NWS registry website and review the waiver policy. If you qualify, you can then proceed to apply for a waived certificate as required. 

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International fees

It is possible to apply for an Australian birth certificate from another country provided you have the necessary documentation. 

The application fee is pretty much the same as the ordinary application. Since it is done online, you will pay the charge that is paid by others when applying online. 

The extra fees come from the postage fees that are paid when delivering your certificate to where you want it. 

If you want it delivered through the passport office, the charge is $44 while if it’s through the post, the fee would range anywhere between $9-$17. 

The cheapest way to apply for your birth certificate in Australia is by downloading the printable form, filling it out and attaching the details that are needed then proceeding to submit the documentation yourself. Learn more about how to apply for a birth certificate in Australia here.

The documents will then be mailed to you through the post, which does not cost that much.

apply for a birth certificate online

How much does an Australian birth certificate cost-FAQs

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate Australia?

To get a certified Birth certificate, you should make sure that you apply for the birth certificate. Apply to your respective territory’s registry of births, deaths, and marriages to get the certificate. You should follow all the guidelines for you to obtain the certificate in good time. Note that there are different charges for the different certificates in Australia.

Are birth certificates free in Australia?

No. Birth certificates have a service fee that you must pay in order for your copy to be processed. However, apart from the service fee that you pay for the registry for postage and handling, you should not expect any other charges to arise. Both registration and replacement of a birth certificate have charges, which of course differ but must be paid to the registry for your certificate to be delivered.

How long does it take to get a copy of a birth certificate in Australia?

It takes a minimum of 1 week and up to six weeks depending on the service you registered for. If you registered for urgent/priority service, you are likely to receive it earlier than someone who applied for standard service. some birth certificate types however do not have a provision for the priority service. Check for the provisions before applying.

How much do I pay for birth certificate?

You are likely to pay anything from $31-$68 for a birth certificate in Australia. Birth certificates in Australia have a charge which you must pay for you to get the service. Apart from the mentioned charges, you might pay something more if you need urgent service. All the postage and handling service fees are payable in the total charge and they are therefore combined.

How do I get a certified copy of a birth certificate?

Birth certificates are issued by the Australian Registry for births deaths and marriages. If you either want a new one or you want to replace a lost one, head over to their official website or service centre where you can apply. At a small processing fee, the birth certificate will be issued to you via post to an address of your choice.

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