• All inbound passenger flights to Dubai banned for 48 hours.
  • Cargo flights will not be affected
  • Dubai imposed the ban as a precaution measure against the new variant of COVID 19 rapid spread in the country.
  • All passenger flights from Dubai to Kenya will not be affected.
  • Kenya continues to face more cases of covid 19.

Dubai has today given a directive that bans all passenger flights from Kenya to Dubai. The ban took effect as from today morning. All other flights including those inbound for Kenya from Dubai will however be allowed. The ban stands for 48 hours.

Dubai says it has taken the step as a precaution against spread of COVID 19 that whose spread has surged over the past few weeks. As a result any flight from Nairobi to Dubai will not be available for 48hours. Dubai’s main carrier, the Emirates Airlines will not have any flights to the Emirates of Dubai from any point of the republic of Kenya as directed.” Customers will not be accepted for travel on Emirates flights at Nairobi during this time” the airline directed early this morning.

Kenya will however not the the first ones to face this ban from Dubai. Kenya therefore joins Nigeria and others in a similar ban. The virus had been spreading rapidly over the past few days which makes it a red zone. The surge has continued to be a great cause of worry to Kenya as the cases continue to increase each day. The country is however taking all the necessary measures to control the further spread of the virus. 3.73 million Kenyans have been fully immunised since the covid 19 vaccine landed.

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