• Dubai bans inbound flights to the country from Ethiopia
  • The ban came with an indefinite extension of the ban imposed on Kenyan flights.
  • Flights from Dubai to the affected countries will however remain unaffected.
  • The airlines say customers who had already booked will have to stay with the tickets until the airlines are reopened.

The Dubai government on the 24th of December announced that the ban on flights inbound for Dubai from Kenya will still stand indefinitely. This comes at the same time when the government also banned inbound flights from Ethiopia. This will see a massive inconvenience on the transit and passenger flights until when the government lifts the ban.

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In the latest notice given by the Emirates Airlines, The New directive takes effect today, the 26th of December 2021. Flights from Tanzania will also be banned. Tis means a major inconvenience to people with travelling needs to tye same country.

An Emirates airlines plane

The airlines also directs that customers can still keep their tickets until the time is due for reopening and that there is no need to call in for rebooking immediately. In addition to that, the country says it regrets any inconveniences caused.

on the other side, the passengers to Dubai appear to be disappointed by the move but they have to cope until the country reopens up for their flights.

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