Common Kenya traffic offenses and their penalties

The following is a complete guide to the common Kenya traffic offenses and their penalties to help you avoid them when using the road.

Road safety is very important. As a result, the government through the National Transport and safety Authority (NTSA) has put in place a number of rules that govern road use to avoid accidents arising from recklessness in road use.

A summary of Kenya traffic offenses and their fines

Traffic offenseFine
Failure to have properly working seatbelts in the vehicleksh.1,000 per seat
learner driving without “L” plate on front and rearksh.1,000
Driving a vehicle without being the designated driverksh. 5,000
PSV conductor failing to keep seat belt in clean, dry and wearable condition ksh. 500
lacking warning signs(lifesavers) on boardksh. 2,000
Driving PSV or commercial vehicle with tinted windscreen or windowsksh. 2,000
using a mobile phone while drivingksh. 2,000
Failing to fit the required speed governors in commercial vehicles and PSVsksh.10,000
Failure to have functional re extinguisher and re kit on the vehicleksh. 2,000
PSV owner employing unlicensed driver or conductor ksh.10,000
unlicensed individual acting as driver/conductor of PSV vehicleksh. 5,000
passenger knowingly obstructing passage of vehiclesksh. 500
motorcycle carrying more than oassengerksh. 1,000
Driver driving on a pathwayksh. 5,000
deliberately allowing vehicle to remain on the road so as to cause obstruction to other vehiclesksh. 10,000
Not using lifesavers to indicate emergency that causes vehicle to obstruct others in the road ksh. 3,000
Failure to follow directions given by a traffic officer in uniform executing their dutyksh. 2000
Failure to follow any traffic directions given by traffic signsksh. 3000
Driver picking up or dropping off passengers at undesignated placesksh. 3,000
passenger alighting or boarding a matatu at an undesignated placeksh. 1,000
Failure of conductor to refund the remaining portion of the fare to a passengerksh. 5,000
Travelling with part of your body outside the vehicleksh. 1,000
Toutingksh. 3,000
motorcycle passenger riding without proper protective gear onksh. 1,000
Driving without a valid driving licenseksh. 7,000
Failure to renew a driving licenseKsh. 1,000
Driving without number plate affixed in the designated areaksh. 10,000
Driver letting unauthorized person’s driveksh.5,000
Exceeding speed limitksh. 3,000
Not wearing a seatbelt when the vehicle is in motionksh. 500
traffic offenses and their fines in kenya
traffic rules in kenya

Passenger traffic offenses and their penalties

Traffic rules apply both to drivers and passengers alike. So it’s important to understand the Common Kenya traffic offenses and their penalties even if you’re not a driver.

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The following are the most common offenses passengers and pedestrians commit that might get them in trouble.

  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Deliberately causing obstruction of passage of vehicles
  • Not wearing protective gear when using motorcycle
  • Alighting and boarding PSVs at undesignated places
  • crossing at undesignated areas
  • Walking on the vehicle designated parts of the road
  • Standing in a moving matatu

Common vehicle registration, licensing and insurance offences

As a driver or vehicle or vehicle owner, you need to be very keen with the registration, documentation and the registration of your car to be on the safe side.

Ranging from renewing your driver’s license to the vehicle number plate and registration certificate, you can be fined if any of those are not in order. The following are the common traffic offenses that fall under this category;

  • Driving without the vehicle number plate in the right place-ksh. 10, 000 fine
  • Driving without a valid vehicle inspection certificate -ksh. 10,000 fine
  • Failing to carry and produce your driver’s licence when required-ksh. 1,000 fine
  • Failure to carry special badge and wear uniform-ksh. 2,000 fine
  • Driving without a valid insurance certificate – Ksh. 100,000 fine or serve a jail term
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What to do when found with a traffic offense

It is important to comply with the directives of the police officer performing his/her duty to avoid escalating the situation. Most of these offenses are small and they might not reach the court hearing stage.

As a result, you will be required to pay a cash bail which is usually channels through the KCB mtaani, KCB bank near you or even your M-pesa. You will be directed as far as the pay bill and accounts to channel the funds to are concerned.

In case you do not agree with the officer and you deny the charges, you will be issued with a date to appear in court. Failure to appear in court might lead to an arrest warrant being placed on you.

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otherwise, before the date, you will be allowed to continue with your journey and your activities as usual. It is important to comply with these rules to avoid being fined.

Download the Kenya Traffic act CAP 403 below for more detailed information;

What to do when caught in a traffic offense


What are the Offences of traffic?

There are many traffic offenses. The most common ones are over speeding, disobeying traffic control personal and not carrying the driving license. It is important to watch for these small mistakes and many others thqta re specified by the traffic rules to avoid landing in trouble. As a passenger, it is also important to make sure you have your seatbelt on at all times as this is the most commonly committed minor traffic offense in the country.

What are minor driving Offences?

Any misconduct during driving is considered a minor driving offense and it can get you fined. Watching the traffic signs and being on the designated areas at all times will help you avoid minor driving offenses. You should also make sure that you do not exceed the speed limit a assigned to your vehicle class.

What is the charges for careless driving in Kenya?

If at any point careless driving leads to death of passengers on board, that is treated like murder and one can serve a minimum of ten years in jail or a fine ok Ksh. 500,000. If you are driving while drunk, that is considered careless driving too and you can be fined or sent to jail for that.

What is the traffic Act in Kenya?

The traffic Act of Kenya is a set of laws that govern the conduct of vehicles on the Kenyan roads. All the drivers are required to be mindful of them all at all times. The traffic act is all contained in CAP 403 of the Kenyan constitution. Not abiding by any of the lead contained in this act is punishable by the relevant law.

What does 20 points mean in Ntsa?

Upon receipt of your driver’s license, the NTSA configures it with 20 points. The 20 points will then be renewed each year for a s long as it is valid. However, note that you subtract a point fir every offense you commit. Too many mistakes might end up in having your driver’s license invalidated.

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