Can Kenya reduce the number of road accidents happening every year?

Can Kenya reduce the number of road accidents happening every year?

Every year in Kenya, there is always a huge number of accidents happening on Kenyan roads. Very few of them are as a result of natural disasters.  This means that many of them emanate from careless driving as well as other inevitable factors that affect normal road use.

This brings us to our question, can we really reduce the number of these accidents or is it impossible? 

It comes down to the facts that we have on this. There has to be a major cause that can be fixed. If you notice, many of the accidents involve the public transport sector. This hints on a reckless system of traffic transport and something more. So, is it right to say that we can successfully cut down the number of accidents that happen on Kenyan roads per year? First we have to understand what the loose ends are before fixing them.

Common causes of road accidents in Kenya

Several deadly road accidents happen every year in kenya

We have several causes of road accidents in kenya. However, we can narrow down to what the main ones really are. Of course as the name suggests, they are accidents and no one intends for them to happen. However, there are common things that open up the possibilities of them happening. These are what we seek to elaborate here.

Some vehicles are not in perfect condition for use

When a car is not fully serviced or is not fully checked, chances of its failure during its use are quite high. There are a lot of those on Kenyan roads at the moment and you can agree with me that this sector has failed a little bit. The authorities seem to be quite lenient on the driver’s with such cars. If we make it thorough, it might help save some lives.

Reckless driving

Some drivers are either naturally reckless or choose to drive under the influence of drugs. These are some of the things that bring down a huge number of lives every year. A driver might be sober but very reckless and this may end up in a severe accident that ends up in loss of lives. Appealing to drivers to make sure they observe all guidelines and also remain sober while driving might perhaps help in fixing this situation. However, most importantly, there should be complete follow up on those who break traffic rules.


It is not the first time that we have had an instance of road accidents emanating from poor infrastructure. Might be poorly constructed bridges being swept away by floods or maybe overused roads with huge potholes causing cars to bump into each other. Fixing the basic infrastructure in this country might also be of help in making the situation right. This is an initiative the government should fully take to save more lives on Kenyan roads.

Those are just a small fraction of things we can fix to help save more lives on Kenyan roads. If more happens after we fix these things, it might be out of the natural possibility of getting involved in road accidents. However, these we can fix and yes, it is very possible for Kenya to reduce the number of road accidents that happen every year.

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